About Supreme

There's no denying that Supreme is the most influential skate/streetwear brand of all time. Each season thousands of die-hard fans line the streets of Soho, eagerly waiting for their time to step into the store and try and “cop” some of the most desirable streetwear pieces on the market. Supreme has come along way from humble beginnings at 274 Lafayette St to stores in London, Tokyo and Paris. Supremes rise to the top is the ultimate underdog story.

History of Supreme

Supreme was established in 1994, New York by James Jebbia. The first store was opened on Lafayette Street in downtown Manhattan. Designed with skaters in mind, the clothing was arranged around the perimeter of the store. This left enough floor space for skaters to roll in and dump their stuff in the middle without feeling uncomfortable. Originally stocking a selection of skateboarding brands as well as a small collection of Supreme’s own brand T-shirts and hoodies.


Unlike most brands which will release a collection of clothes each season, Supreme drops a small selection of garments every Thursday at 11 am for both SS and AW. This is the key to their success of keeping the brand exclusive and the demand always greater than the supply.


One of the things that has made Supreme so prolific in the fashion industry is that they are the master of the collaboration. Long before the likes of Vetements started churning out collaborations wherever they saw possible, Supreme was linking up with like-minded brands and artists to combine cultures in a way that had not been done before. Collaboration drop days are some of the most frantic as they produce some of the rarest and most ‘hyped’ products of the season.

Products from Supreme

One of, if not, the most recognisable pieces Supreme has to offer is the Box Logo. Adorning itself on tees, hoodies and hats in a variety of colour schemes and patterns, these don’t come around very often and when they do they are hot property. This is partly due to them being the most recognisable of all Supreme’s products but also because it’s what started many peoples love affair with the brand in the first place.


It's easy to forget Supreme’s juvenile years of Louis Vuitton lawsuits considering the fashion powerhouse ironically asked to collaborate with the cult skate brand in 2016. Louis Vuitton displayed their Supreme collaboration to millions via social media marking a monumental change in the fashion landscape. High-end fashion has now realised that to grasp the younger generations attention they need to be associated with street/skate wear, and who better to do this with than Supreme?

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