Trainers & Plimsolls

About different types and brands of Trainers & Plimsolls

We are very selective with all our trainers, leading to the most classic and versatile styles being selected for our shop. Whether you’re someone who refers to them as trainers or that person who calls them sneakers, we all know there's nothing is more popular from a classic standpoint than Converse. We have a huge range of the famous canvas footwear including the traditional high top Chuck Taylor's and the festival favourite low top, all in lots of different colours to style in any which way you want. Vans continue to be a fantastic choice, providing reliable options with their classic authentic collection, old skool and the easy slip-ons. If looking for a more colourful but retro look Asics and Saucony have the style that you require. Blending great modern footwear technology and style, Asics and Saucony have both created comfortable and trendy trainers for the active man.

How to wear and style Trainers & Plimsolls

It’s more often than not you will pick up a pair of trainers or plimsolls to go with your outfit. Comfort and practicality are two of the many reasons they’re top of everyone’s list, as you can walk all day in them and can be worn with anything from joggers to smart trousers. Joggers will always match trainers due to their sporting connections. Asics and Saucony will always match well with joggers due to their more athletic shapes but work well as a commuters shoe when getting to work despite being matched with a suit. Vans and particularly Converse are the versatile trainers, adaptable to nights out with jeans and chinos as well as denim shorts at festivals. Their plain styles will pass off as a smart casual option when going to most bars, making them the perfect university student trainers for those student nights.

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