Formal Shoes

About different types and brands of Formal Shoes

A good pair of formal shoes can be the finishing touch to any smart outfit, and whether you’re keeping things simple with a classic pair of leather brogues, or going for a modern twist on a traditional design, there’s something for everyone. Go for an alternative twist with your dress shoes with a pair of Dr Martens, brogues, or keep things classic with a pair of quality Hudson shoes. Whether you’re dressing for work or you just need a good pair of evening shoes for a fancy event, we’ve got you covered. 


How to wear and style Formal Shoes 

When you’re dressing up a smart suit, a classic option is to pair it with some good quality patent leather brogues, adding a touch of shine and sophistication to the overall look. Brogues in a matte material will give a less intense finish, while still complementing the formal look of your outfit. If you’re planning on dressing up a more casual look with some formal footwear, keep things streamlined with some simple slim fit or skinny jeans and match them with a crisp shirt. If you’re keeping your leg wear black or navy, keep your shoes in a simple black, but if you’re going for a pair of lighter coloured jeans you can go for a less intense brown pair. This will keep your look classic, understated, and generally be more comfortable than wearing a full suit. Whatever dress shoes you decide on, keep the rest of your outfit understated and smart, ensuring your overall look is balanced and sophisticated.

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