Desert & Chukka Boots

About different types and brands of Desert and Chukka Boots

Desert boots made their first appearance in an Egyptian market place, somehow making it’s way to Burma and into the sight and intrigue of Nathan Clark. Since then Clarks perfected the iconic desert boot, turning it into a men’s staple along the way. Traditional desert boots have always been made with suede canvas uppers due the boots being lightweight and heat friendly. The shape has always remained the same, providing protection up to the ankles. As times have changed, Clarks have varied, including black desert boots to go with the traditional tan and brown boots and the introduction of the stylish leather version. The desert boot is a variation of the chukka as the original chukka is recognised as a leather ankle boot. Another variation of the chukka is the Chelsea boot. With the addition of vulcanised rubber, the Chelsea boot became popular due to it being able to slip off and on relatively easy. Hudson are one of the best brands for making chukkas, perfecting their Chelsea boots and creating great chukkas similar to the desert boot with their Houghton collection.


How to wear and style Desert and Chukka Boots

Coming a long way from its military roots, the desert boots are one of the best options for summer outfits. Predominately canvas uppers and soft soles, the desert boots are a lightweight option to the chukka or heavier boots. Desert boots are great for booting up when suited, but only in a casual sense. They’re not the most formal of shoes as they are made of suede but for weddings or going out they’re a great option. Desert boots are also a great option for jeans, complementing the textiles to great effect. The black leather alternatives like Hudson’s Houghton’s and Chelsea boots would be great for all suit wearing and chino occasions. Tan or grey suede Chelsea boots are a great addition to jeans too, smartening up for nights out rather than going all-out smart.


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