About different types and brands of Boots

With their versatility, comfort and striking look, boots are the classic footwear that can easily merge into both formal and casual outfits. History has had a huge influence on the different styles of boots, with chelsea boots, desert boots and chukka boots all rich in history, and with their unique looks impacting fashion throughout the years. For a bold, iconic look go for a pair of classic Dr Martens in a shined leather, either keeping things neutral in a versatile black, or going brighter with a colourful finish. For a similarly sturdy design, but with a cleaner, less alternative vibe, go for a pair of lace up Timberland boots in a classic beige, brown or modern blue. Practicality comes in all forms, but for the best footwear for rainy or snowy weather, a pair of Hunter wellington boots in their classic tall design is ideal. Enjoy the versatility of the range of boots on offer, and mix and match different styles to see which works best for you.

How to wear and style Boots

With so many available on the market, there’s a pair of boots for every occasion and style. With many styles overlapping and easily matched with a variety of looks, some boots can last you for years and be worn every day in a range of different ways. A good pair of suede desert boots, especially ones designed by Clarks, can easily be worn with a classic tailored suit, as well as a simple jeans and t-shirt combination, and are great if you’re looking to invest in a quality pair of versatile boots. For a sleek design that can give a boost to a neutral outfit, as well as compliment a formal one, go for a pair of patent leather chelsea boots. Their clean, streamline look will match perfectly with a pair of skinny jeans and a casual jacket, but also add an alternative vibe to a minimalist suit. Most boots can easily be incorporated into a range of looks, so grabbing yourself a good pair of slim fit boots is a good investment, and they'll stick with you for years to come.

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