Underwear & Socks

About different types and brands of Men's Underwear

From boxer shorts to briefs, underwear is arguably the most important part of your wardrobe, yet too often high quality pairs are ignored in favour of cheap, ill fitting designs. Avoid the discomfort of discount pants and invest in the best, with brands such as the iconic Calvin Klein offering you comfort, high end materials and the perfect fits. Black and white trunks are ideal for everyday wear, and brightly coloured designs with the trademark elasticated waistband are great if you’re looking to add a twist of interest to some low rise jeans.

About different types and brands of Men's Socks

Despite spending most of their days covered by shoes, socks are great at adding a subtle boost to your outfit, and something as simple as a patterned pair of socks can transform a basic suit into something a little more eccentric. For trippy, tie-dye inspired designs Huf offers the high quality products at an affordable price, and their thick material is perfect for cold winter months. For a collection of patterned socks that range from vibrant and bold to neutral and versatile, Anonymous Ism is King, and is ideal for a whole range of outfits. 


How to wear and style Men's Socks

Socks can easily be hidden or displayed depending on your preference. If you’re wearing something like boat shoes or loafers, where it’s better to keep your socks hidden, a pair of trainer socks is the perfect choice. They’ll keep your feet and shoes protected, while falling low enough to stay covered by the shoe. If you’re going for a less subdued look then there’s no reason not to show off your socks, and you can create a simple, yet stylish look with a pair of cuffed jeans, some patterned socks and a pair of lace up brogues. Neutral, plain socks are ideal for everyday wear, but don’t be afraid to go a little bolder from time to time. After all, sometimes it’s the simplest things that can make the biggest impact on your look. 


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