Men’s chinos are the ultimate smart casual trousers. Sitting somewhere between jeans and suit trousers, chinos manage to work in a whole number of formal and casual outfits. Whether you prefer skinny chinos or some basic chino trousers, this is one of the most versatile items of clothing.


Here at The Idle Man we’re constantly keeping you up to date with all the latest fashion trends and bringing you top quality clothing for a great value. If you’re looking for a pair of chinos in a classic fit then try out our own range of trousers.


Getting the ultimate smart casual look isn’t always easy. When jeans aren’t good enough chinos are an excellent alternative. Classic streetwear brand Carhartt WIP produces some of the most unique styles of chinos around. Team them with an Oxford shirt and a coach jacket to finish the look.


Dickies was founded in 1918 and quickly made a name for themselves by producing durable clothing for men, and even made uniforms for the military during World War II. Today they make one of the best collections of chinos on the market. Whether you’re looking for some slim fit chinos or a classic pair of grey chinos, Dickies has got it.


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