T-Shirts & Vests

About different types and brands of Men's T-Shirts

As one of the most versatile clothing pieces around, T-shirts really can go with anything. Whether you’re going for a simple sleeveless T-shirt, or a more dramatic long sleeved, long line look, there’s a number of ways to pull off any design to perfection. For easy, throw on tops that are great for casual as well as sporting looks, The North Face offers 100% cotton designs that mix comfort and breathability together. For designs that are perfect for more formal outfits, The Idle Man offers slim line, tailored T-shirts in neutral colours, while Wood Wood offers minimal designs with an emphasis on shape and texture. Huf is the brand you want for punchier, dramatic looks, with their vivid graphic T-shirts ideal for adding a boost to basic outfits. With so many designs on offer there’s an endless array of looks you can go for - ensuring you look stylish through summer to winter. 


How to wear and style Men's T-Shirts

T-shirts don’t require a whole lot of styling, as their versatility means they can easily blend in and effortlessly compliment most outfits. A simple white vest is a go to summer staple, and can be matched with everything from denim shorts to slim lined chinos. Long sleeved T-shirts can be layered up with a good bomber or varsity jacket along with your choice of leg wear for a winter friendly look. Long line designs are great for adding a subtle, unique boost to an outfit, and are easily paired with everything from jeans to shorts. A few basic, cotton T-shirts are perfect for those lazy days when you need a quick throw on outfit, and as long as you’re working with a fit that compliments your body shape, even the most simplistic outfit will look sleek and stylish. 

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