Swim Shorts

About different types and brands of Men's Swim Shorts

If you’re planning a long holiday at the beach or the pool, don’t settle for second best with your swimwear. A good pair of trunks is a necessity, and ill fitting designs will never look good, no matter how ripped you are. For a clean, comfortable design that will compliment a range of shapes, go for The Idle Man trunks, which come in a number of colours and patterns, from bright, eye catching numbers to subtle runner style shorts. Whatever brand you go for, remember to make sure your trunks or men's swim shorts fit neatly against your body but leave you enough room to move around easily. 


How to wear and style Men's Swim Shorts

If you’re looking to stand out, stay away from the neutral coloured swimwear and instead go for a brighter patterned design. Even when you’re going for something bold however, make sure you’re keeping the fit simple. Men's swim shorts that show off a little too much thigh or drag down past your knees are a no no, so make sure you’re getting the best fit for you. If you’re wondering what to match with your swimwear then again, keep it simple. A good pair of flip flops are ideal for the beach or by the pool, and if you’re looking to add a free and easy vibe to your look, try throwing on a simple chain or leather necklace for a unique finishing touch. 

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