About different types of Men's Shirts

Shirts are tricky to define, simply because there are so many styles. From the flannel shirts that are easily incorporated into casual looks, to the men's oxford shirt that help define formal wear, shirts play a big part in men's apparel, and they'll continue to do so. The great thing about their diversity is that there's no man out there who won't look good in a properly fitted shirt, and whether you're trying to achieve a slim lined, formal look, or a relaxed, casual finish, then there's going to be a men's shirt out there to help with this. If you prefer a minimalistic colour scheme then you can easily customise your look with subtle changes to your shirt. Long line designs add an alternative streak to a traditional look, and are great for guys with a little extra height. Something as simple as a different collar can also drastically change up your look, and The Idle Man grandad collar shirts are great for mixing with casual and smart styles. A change in materials can also elevate your shirt, and although cotton is common for most styles, a slim fit denim shirt is great on its own or layered over a plain T-shirt, helping to change things up a bit. Brands that sell good quality jeans, like Levi's and Nudie offer great denim shirts, so it's always worth checking them out. You can of course just stick to the basics, and Oxford shirts from brands like Farah are ideal for mixing with a variety of pieces, from jeans to smart work trousers. Whatever shirt you choose to go for, from a short sleeved patterned design, to a simple dress shirt, with the right fit and complimenting clothes you can easily achieve a style that works perfectly for you.


How to wear and style Men's Shirts

For something formal, like a wedding, it's a good idea to stay clear of the patterns and textures and just stick to a plain, cotton dress shirt. Standard, but classic and something that suits everyone. In general it's also best to avoid short sleeves, as this automatically gives off a laid back vibe, and can be associated with Hawaiian shirts, which are definitely only suitable for casual looks. If you want to achieve a casual look with a shirt there's a number of ways to do this. Try picking a coloured or checked design to pull away from the classic, plain look of formal dress shirts, and for an added boost layer it over a graphic t-shirt for a laid back finish. There's a few good guides that can help ensure you wear your men's shirts properly, whether it's long or short sleeved or for a casual or formal occasion. Making sure your shirt fits you properly around the shoulders, chest and waist, while being long enough in the body and arms is vital to getting that sleek look that makes men's shirts such a complimentary piece of clothing. There's really an endless amount of ways you can dress a shirt up or down, and with their ability to flatter all body shapes, they really can be a man's best friend in the world of apparel.

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