Jumpers & Cardigans

About different types and brands of Men's Jumpers & Cardigans

They’re winter heroes and easily able to match with any style of outfit, from the rigid constraints of formal wear, to free and easy casual looks. Jumper and cardigans, with their different knits, lengths, patterns and colours offer an endless array of styling options, and no wardrobe is complete without a few. With formal wear packed with a list of rules as long as your arm, getting the right jumper can be tricky, but historic brands like Farah offer slim fit, quality knits that are perfect to slip over a crisp shirt, adding a bit of warmth to a smart look. The Idle Man crew neck, thin knit jumpers are also ideal for formal layering, but can be worn on their own for an easy casual or smart casual look as well. If you’re looking for a more relaxed look try out a thick cable knit jumper or cardigan. The chunky material is great for keeping you warm in the winter and helps give your outfit a subtle boost. Nudie and Only & Sons are great brands if you’re looking for versatile jumpers to go with a range of casual looks, with their slim fit but textured and patterned jumpers offering a unique range of pieces. With so many styles to choose from, and with jumpers and cardigans suitable for summer and winter weather, you're bound to find some quality knitwear to suit you. 

How to wear and style Men's Jumpers & Cardigans

With some men fearing a cardigan will give them a grandad look they’ll forever be mocked for, and others worried that a jumper is just a little too plain, sometimes styling these versatile pieces can be tricky. For cardigans the main thing to focus on is the texture and neck shape. If you’re going for a casual look, try a thick knit cardigan in a long line style and with a clean sweeping neckline. This can easily be thrown over a simple t-shirt and skinny jeans combo to give a clean, streamlined look that’s good for spring and autumn days. When it comes to jumpers try layering a slim fit one over a well fitted shirt, then throw a blazer over the top for a pulled together, office appropriate look. In general if you’re going for a thick or long line jumper or cardigan, try to keep your leg wear slim fitting so that a clean contrast is created, and you don’t end up looking too bulky. There aren’t too many rules when it comes to styling your knitwear though, and because they go with so much it’s easy to mix up a variety of looks that will work with any style you’re going for.

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