About different types and brands of Men's Jeans

Men's jeans are an integral part of men’s fashion, and whether you’re up to date with the latest trends, or you prefer to keep things simple, it’s important to get the right style and fit to work for your body shape. The best way to ensure you’re getting the right style for you is to invest in quality jeans from quality brands. Levi's expansive collection of fits and finishes ensures that not only are you getting jeans from a historic brand that really knows their stuff, but you’re able to find the perfect style to suit you. Nudie jeans are a more modern brand, but their quality materials, expansive collection and memorable names (steady eddie and thin finn to name a few) makes them a brand to pay attention to. With so many fits to choose from, from regular fit to skinny, there’s a lot of ways you can personalise your look and mix up styles to compliment different outfits.

Skinny fit men's jeans are great if you’re going for an alternative look, and always matches perfectly with a good lumberjack style checked shirt and a denim jacket. Try to grab a pair with some stretch to them, and avoid raw denim to ensure better movement and comfort. If skinny fit jeans isn’t your thing, but you want to mimic the streamlined sleekness of it, try the slim fit alternatives from brand such as Nudie and The Idle Man, ensuring a neat look with a little more comfort.

For jeans that are as hard wearing as they are stylish, and that will compliment any shape while working with most men's jean fits, stick to selvedge raw denim, from brands like Lee 101 or G-Star. These tough and flattering men's jeans are made to last, and you’ll easily be able to pair them with a number of looks.

How to wear and style Men's Jeans

With the endless styles of men's jeans, from classic bootcut to the complimentary regular fit, it makes sense that there’s a number of ways to wear them. You can keep things simple with a pair of men's slim fit jeans matched with a hoodie and boots, offering you an easy throw on outfit for casual days, and whether you’re going for a black or light blue tone, there’s really no option that won’t work. For a preppier look that’s easy to work into a summer outfit, try cuffing a pair of light, raw denim jeans to your ankles, slipping on some simple white plimsolls, and finishing off the look with a clean white shirt. You can also go for a modern, alternative look with a pair of black ripped jeans, matched with a long line T-shirt and finished with thick soled boots. Jeans are the epitome of versatile clothing, so whatever look you want to go for you can rely on a good pair to compliment any look.

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