Belts & Braces

About different types and brands of Belts & Braces

Belts and braces are accessories that are often forgotten about. Shunned to the corner of menswear they’re often only mentioned when they’re worn incorrectly, but a good belt can really help to change up your look, adding a touch of interest to a simple suit and giving a casual look more dimension. A textured woven belt from a brand like Anderson's is great for more relaxed looks, as the range of patterns can give a colourful boost to a simple pair of jeans. A proper leather belt is a versatile must have, and getting two, one in black and the other in brown, ensures you’ll have a belt that’s perfect for both navy and black suits.

How to wear and style Belts & Braces

Getting yourself a good belt or brace is the first step, but how do you actually pull it off? If you’re starting out on styling them then it’s best to keep things simple, trying out something like a canvas belt and matching it with a fitted pair of jeans. There aren’t a lot of ways to mess up wearing a belt, and they’re great to complement a variety of suits, however, make sure you’re not using one to hold up your trousers or jeans. Belts should always boost the style of an outfit, not be a vital part of it, and ill fitting clothes held up with a belt is never a good look.  

For braces go for an informal look with a touch of class by tucking a simple cotton shirt into a pair of slim fit trousers or jeans. Add the braces to help pull the look together and achieve a modern twist on a traditional style. Men's fashion can sometimes be a little understated, so it’s worth having accessories like belts and braces to help add a little interest to your outfit.

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