Men's Bags

Whether you’re commuting to the office or going on holiday, owning the right bag is essential. Brands such as Herschel, Eastpak and Poler are constantly innovating new and exciting ways to make men’s bags as practical as possible. Heading into the office? Backpacks are a great way to carry all your essential items in an efficient and comfortable piece of luggage. Most rucksacks come with a laptop sleeve and enough space for any paperwork you may have.


Although a roll top is similar to a backpack, they are generally better for more active individuals. Need something to carry your gear whilst camping? A roll top’s efficient design makes it the perfect companion. duffle bags offer the extra space to carry everything you need for a weekend trip away. Whether you’re staying at a friends house or going on a city break, a duffle bag can hold everything from wash bags to an extra pair of shoes.


Similar to a duffle bag, a holdall gives you that extra bit of space needed when travelling. This is the perfect bag for an impromptu trip to the gym and has enough space for a change of clothing, water bottles and anything else you need for your workout.

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