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About different types and brands of Bags & Wallets

With so many things to do and necessities to pack it is hard to know what size is best and how to determine practicality and functionality. Most people will have this dilemma when it comes to backpacks and rucksacks, not knowing whether the bag will fit everything they will need. Brands are growing conscious to the fact people are more active – even when working a 9 to 5 in the city – so consequently they’re developing bags with slight variations to satisfy everybody. Herschel is one of the major brands on the market with their ‘Little America’ bags being among one of the most popular. Little America has become essential for people who travel into the office needing a backpack to carry their things for the day ahead. Mens bags continue to thrive with other brands like Eastpak and Fjallraven, changing in style and size, providing great options for different purposes.

When travelling, duffle bags are great for providing enough capacity to carry all the things you will need for a overnight stay or weekend away. Duffle bags have enough space for a toiletry bag or wash bag to be included too, separating your clothing from the liquids. Two bags ideal for work are the messenger bag and the satchel. They offer more when organising your things for work with most of them offering more compartments than backpacks and are perfect for carrying a laptop.


A man needs his smaller accessories too, carrying the crucial things in life like money, bank cards and identification. More often than not guys will have the billfold wallet and have loose change rattling around in their pocket. An alternative is to have a card holder and a zip coin wallet to solve both issues. A wallet can be made out of all different materials like textiles, suede and leather, with preference depending on style.

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