Ruben Van Schalm chats to The Idle Man

Photo Credit: Romy Treebusch

We caught up with Dutch actor, photographer and model, Ruben Van Schalm to hear his thoughts on music, style and Instagram.

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Here at The Idle Man we’ve been bringing you exclusive interviews with fashion professionals from all corners of the earth in our best of the web series. We’ve interviewed everyone from photographers to models to get their tips on how to improve your style, their music recommendations and advice on growing your Instagram.

This time we caught up with Dutch model-turned-photographer, Ruben Van Schalm. After graduating school, Ruben moved from the small village near Rotterdam where he was brought up, to Amsterdam, with the aim of pursuing a career in acting and modelling. This goal led to him travelling to all the major fashion capitals of the world to build up his reputation. More recently however, Ruben has been nurturing his creative side and has discovered a love for photography – We spoke to him about this, his plans for the future and his tips to stay looking sharp.

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How’s your year been so far? Any major highlights?

As a photographer I got the opportunity to see so many countries and work on shoots with amazing people during great projects. 2015 made me see things in a totally different perspective. My manager is making sure I don’t over schedule myself because these months have been crazy. I have a few exciting projects which will launch in 2016 and that is actually one of my highlights for this year!

Photo Credit: Tatchatrin Choeychom

What’s the most important thing about a guy’s style to you?

I think the style a man should have is the confident style. Not cocky confident, but the sophisticated style. Sophistication makes a man sexy.

What song have you got on repeat at the moment?

I am listening to Madonna, the song: ‘Beautiful Scars’ right now. She is one of my inspirations!

What fashion advice do you have for a man?

The simpler the better. The outfit should be simple and sexy; a nice black shirt, jeans and colourful socks with black shoes. I heard that pastel pink and blue, are the best colours in 2016 so I guess one of these colours of socks.

Max Seeth
Photo Credit: Ruben Van Schalm


1 tip to grow your instagram account

Make beautiful pictures with a lot of popular hashtags.

Photo Credit: Romy Treebusch
Marinus de Beer
Photo Credit: Ruben van Schalm
Kupono Aweau
Photo Credit: Ruben van Schalm

Worst dating experience you’ve had?

The worst date was with a guy who I had a coffee with and there was this awkward silence the whole thirty minutes long. So I said politely, “thank you”, paid the bill and left. It was the longest thirty minutes ever, which I will never get back.. but it’s a nice anecdote for birthday’s and parties 🙂

What’s the one thing you never want to see a guy wearing?

I don’t want to see a guy with old shoes that need to be thrown in the garbage. I think shoes say a lot about a person..

Any major plans for the rest of 2015?

Well, this year ends within two weeks. So the Christmas days are on their way, which means spending time with family and friends. I’m also working on a few awesome projects I can tell about when you’re interviewing me in 2016!

Who’s the most stylish man on the planet for you right now?

I think this would be Douglas Booth for sure! Can’t wait to photograph him.

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We caught up with Dutch actor, photographer and model, Ruben Van Schalm to hear his thoughts on music, style and Instagram. View more exclusive...
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