Mariana Gemelgo Chats to The Idle Man

Mariana Gemelgo pink coat

We chatted to fashion and lifestyle blogger Mariana Gemelgo.

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With her fashion and lifestyle Instagram page growing in popularity Mariana was persuaded by her friends to try out the blogging scene. Fast forward to today and Mariana’s collaborated with dozens of brands including Urban Decay, The Boby Shop, Too Faced and Missguided, and her following is still continuing to grow.

With photography a passion in her family, Mariana’s daily outfits take on a more stylised look, with focus on small details, and with the background and composition of the photo almost as important as the outfit itself.

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Can you tell us a little bit about what you do and when you got into it?

Fashion Inspires You” started in a blink of an eye during summer 2014. My love for fashion and photography got me into the world of Instagram and from one day to the other I started getting calls, emails from all places asking for partnerships, photo shoots and so on. The first four to six months I worked only as an Instagrammer if you can call it 🙂

I remember I was at the University finishing my degree in Psychology and in between my studies I was shooting and organizing my agenda. Really crazy! In December 2014 I felt the need to have a space where I could talk about my photos, give some advice and share my experiences with my followers. My Blog was my second baby.

Now I am finishing my Masters in Psychology.  I guess you can call me the “Psychologist Fashion Blogger” YEY! 

Mariana Gemelgo yellow top

How’s 2015 been for you? Any major highlights?

2015, a boost of Energy! I jumped into the most popular Social Medias: Instagram, Blog, Youtube, Facebook and Snapchat.

Work with brands such as Wink, The Body Shop, Tiffosi, Salsa, Promod, The Balm, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Missguided… and many others.  

In between projects I always make sure to have some time to photo shoot Lisbon Fashion Week and Portugal Fashion, in Oporto, which are a Must Go!

Fashion Inspires You is now on Youtube. It was born in March 2015 and this was the biggest challenge and accomplishment of the year!

What song have you got on repeat at the moment?

Actually two songs: “Hold back the river” and “Easy love”.

What fashion advice do you have for a man?

Love suede coats with dark navy wash denims.  Personality above all.

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice what would it be?

Take chances, try something new, this is what life is about.

1 tip to grow your Instagram account

Have bright quality photos.

Mariana Gemelgo fur jacket

Mariana Gemelgo white waistcoat

Mariana Gemelgo black jacket

What’s the one thing you never want to see a guy wearing?

Unbuttoned shirts down to the belly with gold necklaces.

Any major plans for 2016?

Spread Fashion Inspires You Blog and Youtube worldwide! Be happy and share happiness!

What is your one guilty pleasure?

Guilty for being addicted to Lisbon’s Guilty Cuisine Restaurant. But it’s a pleasure, sorry about that! 

Who’s the most stylish man on the planet for you right now?

Two again: David Beckham and David Gandy.

David Gandy style
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