Louisa Northcote Chats to The Idle Man

We chat to model and blogger Louisa Northcote about her year, fashion and the most stylish man on the planet.

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In the Best Of The Web we bring you interviews with some of the most creative and fashionable men and women from across the globe. We chat with them, finding out about their year, style guides and tips on social media. This week we chat to model and blogger Louisa Northcote.

Despite only being eighteen, Louisa Northcote has already made a name for herself in the fashion world as both a blogger and a model. She created a buzz in her home city of Dubai and was nominated for Grazia’s Best Style Blogger in the Middle East 2 years in a row for her fashion and lifestyle site Vintage Runaways.

She’s also built up a successful modelling career, and worked with brands such as Chanel, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Wildfox, Victoria’s Secret and even Starbucks. She’s now moved from Dubai and is studying at London College of Fashion studying Fashion Buying and Merchandising. We catch up with this influential blogger to see what she’s been up to, what songs she’s loving, and her top fashion tips.

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How’s your 2015 been? Any major highlights?

I found 2015 quite a difficult and challenging year. I moved to London with my boyfriend, and we lived in three different apartments in 1 year and not from choice, so that was hard. In addition, moving to moving to a city I only knew from visiting meant we had no friends and that was hard as well. Many people we met were not genuine and very much users and abusers. Yet the highlights definitely had to be living with my boyfriend. It has made our relationship even better. I also started uni at London College of Fashion which has been my dream since I was 13.


What song have you got on repeat at the moment?

Definitely has to be Fetty Wap – My Way. I love rap and hip hop but I basically love every genre. My boyfriend thinks he’s a gangster so he always listens to rap, so I’m swaying more that way atm. I also love the story of how Fetty became famous after being homeless – such an inspiration.

What’s the most important thing about a guy’s style to you?

For them to understand fashion you can’t just throw clothes on without at least some effort or composition.


What fashion advice do you have for a man?

Realise fashion isn’t just for females or feminine people. Dressing well projects the type of person you are or want to be in the world! In addition, monochrome is your best friend – black jeans, white tee and black leather jacket 😉

1 tip to grow your Instagram account

Be yourself. Don’t copy that famous blogger or celebrity, being original is an art form but easier than you think. In addition utilise Instagram as your portfolio, don’t just post drunk pictures with your friends, make it your way of showing people what you want them to see, it’s like your CV.

Also VSCO cam and hashtags are your best friend. Along with that share the love. Follow as many people as you want, like as many pics as you want, and people will do the same back. Post often. Last thing create a theme of colour that runs throughout – I use a blue tone for all my pics.



What’s the one thing you never want to see a guy wearing?

Crocs! On anyone! They need to vanish!!

Worst dating experience you’ve had?

In general love and guys used to to be seen as quite a strange thing that I won’t go into, as that’s personal, but let’s say I didn’t believe in love until I met my boyfriend. He is my fairytale.


Any major plans for the rest of 2016?

To make this year count! I dyed my hair which was a big deal for me – I am natural blonde and had been bleach blonde for years, but I’ve now cut my hair into a long bob and dyed it more natural colour! I love it! In addition the biggest thing I want to achieve is to get back into modelling. I have been a model since I was 10 in Dubai, where I grew up, but now that I’ve been in London a year and settled into uni I want to try get my job back and grow my portfolio.

Who’s the most stylish man on the planet for you right now?

As cheesy as it sounds but my boyfriend. When I met him he looked a bit like a skater boy/gangster, now he is my ideal fashion icon. I showed him Austin Butler whose my men’s style inspo and he’s now his. My bf now has long hair and loves monochrome as much as I do. I taught him well 😉

Louisa Northcote
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