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We chat to blogger, stylist and Instagram sensation Esskayji

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With her friends convincing her to share her bold and unique fashion style with the world, Esskayji set up her own blog and Instagram, gaining a huge following almost instantly. Her popularity and motivation helped push her career forward, and she soon began styling her friends for events, getting her name out into the fashion world and propelling herself into the limelight.

Her style focuses around bold prints and colours, with a tailored and feminine shape to pull the outfit together. Her blog focuses not only on her own style, but details the ways in which her readers can get the most from their own look, regardless of their size and confidence. We caught up with Esskayji to hear her views on men’s fashion, hear what she’s been up to, and see what she has planned for the future.

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Can you tell us a little bit about what you do and when you got into it?

Currently I am a full time elementary school teacher and a full time stylist/blogger and occasional model, haha. To be very honest, it originally started with my friends and they deserve the credit for pushing me out of my comfort zone. I was always that girl who would show up to events and parties wearing something crazy and everyone always asked questions about my looks. Then about three years ago my friends, including Lilly (Superwoman) convinced me to start posting these looks online via Instagram and just writing about them and starting a Tumblr blog.

People really started liking my posts but I was still nervous and didn’t know what else I could do to get my styling work out there. Then, Kanwer (Humble the Poet) convinced me to “unprivate” my Instagram account! Haha, yes if it wasn’t for him I would still be an Instagram snob with a private account. So again, my friends totally deserve the credit for convincing me to make movements towards the blogging and styling world. My friends also gave me the opportunity to style them for events and performances which helped me develop relationships and experience in the field.

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Photo Credit: Jaime Chan Photography

How’s 2015 been for you? Any major highlights?

2015 was a blessed year. It was really the first year that I remained bust with my fashion work. I launched my Hip Hop tee design and headwraps and began to sell them, I also styled my biggest client Lilly Singh for the Teen Choice Awards, the Streamy’s and the MMVA’s. I also did my most successful photoshoots and was able to build a team of people in this industry that I can be constantly inspired by and work with.

What song have you got on repeat at the moment?

Work, by Rihanna.

What fashion advice do you have for a man?

White undershirts under white shirts. It’s a pet peeve I have, if you’re wearing white you should always line it with something white underneath to really make the white pop, or don’t wear anything at all. I often see men wearing black underneath or a different colour and it really dulls out the white. Other than this I would just say dress how you feel and wear everything with confidence, you are a canvass so paint as you please.

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice what would it be?

Stop being so scared, live a little!!!

1 tip to grow your Instagram account

Stay consistent. Consistency is everything, social media is not going to wait for you.

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Photo Credit: Jaime Chan Photography

What’s the one thing you never want to see a guy wearing?

To be honest my fashion mantras include no rules and freedom for all, so as long as you feel good in it, wear it. Thus, I wouldn’t hold anyone back from anything as long as they own it. SO I guess I don’t like men (or women) wearing low self confidence.

Any major plans for 2016?

In 2016, I plan to travel a lot more and expand my network and client base, and just brand brand brand! Hopefully even begin working on my clothing line!

What is your one guilty pleasure?

Jalapeno Cheddar Cheetos. A.K.A. Bae.

Who’s the most stylish man on the planet for you right now?

Mr. Pharrell Williams. A.K.A. Bae.

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We chat to blogger, stylist and Instagram sensation Esskayji Read more best of the web guides With her friends convincing her to share her bold and...
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