The Best Autumn Hairstyles for Men


Fancy a hair change now the weathers getting colder? You don’t have to go for anything drastic, and sometimes something as simple as a dash of product can create a new look. So here’s some of the best men’s hairstyles that are perfect for blustery autumn days, and how to achieve them. 

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Autumn Hairstyles

In general, no matter what hair texture you’re working with, you’re going to want a good men’s haircut and hairstyle that’s easy to maintain, can handle the cool air, and won’t look out of place with an autumn wardrobe. So less blonde surfer locks and more rugged styles here. Autumn hair colours and cuts may use a lot more product than some summer ‘natural’ styles, but to look good the feffort will be worth it.

Short Hairstyles for Autumn

Sometimes hair is just too much to deal with. It takes time to wash and dry, and when it gets too long you’ve got the dilemma of whether the man bun is a suitable option. If you have particularly coarse or curly hair, you’ve got to deal with potential frizz, especially on humid days, and if your hair is thin, long hair can just emphasise this.

Sometimes it’s easier to just keep it short and simple, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. There are plenty of short haircuts for men that are great for autumn and have the perfect mix of practicality and style.

Careful styling is essential for short hair
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The Short Back and Sides

Let’s start with something easy to style, easy to manage, and with a modern edge that can help you stand out. The short back and sides is basically exactly what it sounds like – short hair all around the base of the head and a longer top. Very similar to the modern pompadour, but with a slightly shorter trim, this is a good hairstyle for most hair types, disguising any thinning hair, controlling thicker locks and adding texture to curls.

To keep it looking its best, it’s a good idea to use a bit of hair gel or pomade to keep the sides smoothed down, and the top in shape. You can keep the top smoothed down as well for a sleek, polished look, or try messing it up for a texturised one. If you’re working with thin hair it’s best to avoid flattening the top over your head, as you’ll just accentuate the lack of volume there. Help it look thicker by keeping the top messy and undefined in contrast to the short sides.

This is a great hairstyle for the autumn as if you’re looking to slick back your hair or want to keep it looking rougher, the weather is at the perfect cool temperature to stop any product from melting away. It’s also not cold enough that you’re not forced to wear a hat and scarf, so you can still show off the sharp contrast between the shaven sides and the full top.

Short back and sides is a simple and easy good mens hairstyle to look after
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How to Style it

You might be wondering how to style this men’s hair cut. But the short back and sides isn’t too difficult to style if you have the right stuff. Unless you’re dealing with really wild, unmanageable hair, a light pomade should be enough to keep the top part in place. If you’re keeping it fairly long at the top it’s worth investing in a decent conditioner to make sure your hair stays smooth and soft, especially if you’re adding styling products to it every day.

The Fringe

Styled correctly, the fringe haircut for men, can really add some texture and dimension to your hair. Styled badly and you’ll be transported back to your emo teenage years, so proceed with caution.

Despite its ‘high-risk factor’, its versatility is actually what makes it such a good hairstyle to work with. Unlike a lot of modern hairstyles you don’t have to keep it styled exactly the same way every single day, and you can play around with different looks depending on how you work it.

If your hair is on the thin side this might not be the cut for you, as you need a decent amount of hair to pull off the main feature of the fringe. If you’re working with a lot of hair though, you really have a fair amount of options with this cut. Play around by texturising it and working it into a heavy, forward fringe, or keep it pushed to the side for a messy finish.

When it’s long on top, styling is essential


How to Style it

For this cut you’re probably going to need a decent amount of product to keep your hair in place, especially if you’re going for more of a swept back look with your fringe. Unless you’re dealing with a lot of thin, manageable hair then a lightweight pomade isn’t going to be enough, and investing in some stronger wax is a necessity.

Most good quality hair waxes have moisturising factors to keep your hair from totally falling apart, but it’s still worth getting some good shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair healthy and strong. No supermarket brand two in one stuff. If you’re using a strong wax every day and your hair is starting to feel a little weighed down, just get yourself a good clarifying shampoo to help wash out any built up product.

The Military

Sometimes the constant maintenance of different hairstyles can just be too much effort, and you’d rather just eat your breakfast and get dressed in the morning, not have to stand in front of the mirror preening. If that’s the case then this might be the haircut for you. It’s a little striking, but you’re still working with enough hair so that it doesn’t look like a complete buzz cut.

There are a few variations of this cut, but the general look is shaved sides and a short top, with minimal texture worked into the style. A little bit of stubble or a beard can help balance out the look and keep you from looking too much like a fresh-faced new recruit. A small amount of clay or pomade can stop the front from looking like it’s pasted to your head.

A shorter top will be easier to style on a busy morning


How to Style it

If you’re working with something as simple as a military cut there’s not a whole lot of styling that you have to do, and it’s more important to make sure that the small amount of hair that you are showing is strong and healthy. Things like dandruff can ruin a look but be lessened with a good shampoo that contains clarifying oils and a moisturising factor.

Unless you’re planning on heading to your barbers every other week then it’s also a good idea to invest in a good pair of hair clippers. You can shape up your hair the moment it starts to get that bit too long, and even if you can’t shape it as neatly as your barber, you can keep it in check until you’ve got the time or cash to give them a visit.

Long Hairstyles for Autumn

Hair trends come and go, and long hair goes through its popular and unpopular stages fairly regularly. Still, if you’re a fan of the long hair, regardless of if it’s ‘in’ right now, then there are a few good styles you can try out that will work for the autumn months.

The Man Bun

So, the most obvious, well-known style – man bun. It’s a little controversial, and has its fair share of haters, but if you’re careful with how you style it, there are ways you can make a man bun work for you. The number one rule is to keep it as messy and unstructured as possible. The neater and sleeker it is the stranger it’s going to look, so keep it rough and thrown together to give an effortless, relaxed finish.

Another way to ensure your man bun looks the best it possibly can is to use your beard as a balancing tool. Sounds technical, but in unpretentious terms we’re basically just making sure that your man bun isn’t taking over your whole look and that you have a beard or some stubble to keep it grounded. If you’re worried that a man bun is too ‘feminine’ then a beard can help ensure a more traditionally masculine edge.

Keep your hair clean and tidy if its being worn in a bun


How to Style it

So a man bun requires long hair, and long hair requires product to keep it manageable, but at the same time we mentioned that sleek locks won’t work perfectly with the structure of the bun. There’s got to be a balance between healthy hair and hair that has enough texture to it to work in the style. Before you start styling mens hair, tug your hair back into a messy bun, give it a quick run through with some hair wax or spray to give it a little extra texture and hold.

The best thing is to grab a moisturising conditioner that works for your hair type. If you’ve got thin hair you don’t want something too heavy, so avoid anything that says it’s for ‘thirsty’, ‘dry’, ‘course’ or ‘curly’ hair.

If you’re working with thick hair or braids then you need to keep things moisturised, clean, and as easy to manage as possible. This means getting a shampoo and conditioner that have the right ingredients in them, and, on the whole, it’s best to avoid any with sulfate in as this can strip the natural oils from your hair and dry it out fast. It might take your hair a while to get used to sulphate free shampoos, but overall it’s worth the wait.

Chin/Shoulder-length Hair

So, if you immediately skipped over the man bun section, maybe with a shudder or a small ‘egh’ of disgust, then it’s okay, we’ll move onto something that doesn’t involve hair ties. If you like the idea of longer locks, but don’t want it so long that they’re getting in the way, then the flattering chin or shoulder length styles are always an option.

This style tends to work best for people with textured or curly hair, as it helps create some softness to the look, and keeps your hair looking more natural and relaxed. Anything too straight or thin can look a little rigid and may fall too flat against your face, so if your hair is a lacking in volume, try using some hair spray or hair wax to liven it up a little.

You need to have confidence to pull off this hairstyle


How to Style it

When you’re working with a hairstyle that’s so on show, it’s important that it’s in good condition and in a style you can manage. It’s a good idea to give it a weekly or two weekly treatment with a hair mask or just some good old fashioned coconut oil. Soak your dry hair with it, leave it on overnight or at least more than 30 minutes, then rinse it out (really rinse, and use a sulphate shampoo if you’re having trouble getting the stuff out) for clean, moisturised hair.

If you’ve got coarse, unruly hair then it’s probably best to give your hair a weekly treatment, but other than that just embrace some of the frizz and wildness of it. Your hair is meant to have a personality, so unless it’s so dense it’s affecting the quality of your phone signal, then there’s no harm in just letting it be.

The Best Autumn Hairstyles for Men

  • The Short back and sides look can be styled both sleek or texturised to create more volume, it’s the old school cut that’s made a comeback.
  • A Fringed haircut will keep your hair dishevelled. The fringe can be long or short just make sure its textured with some kind of pomade depending on your hair type.
  • Military hairstyles are an old school favourite, the small amount of hair on top can be kept under control with a little wax and the length can be altered depending on your preference.
  • A Man Bun, you either love them or hate them. Your hair should have some kind of texture or curl to it otherwise it may just look slightly greasy.
  • Shoulder-length hair should be kept healthy and manageable with weekly or two weekly treatments, a moisturising conditioner will be your go-to product.
Justin Timberlake has had a variety of haircuts, so why not mix up your own?

On That Note

It seems a little odd to mention your hair and refer to it as your ‘autumn hairstyle’, but sometimes the change of seasons brings about changes in style, and with hair being such a big part of your appearance, there’s no reason not to experiment with it now and then. Short hair doesn’t have to equal boring, and long hair doesn’t have to look ‘girly’. You can style what ever hair type, length and colour you have so it may be time to ask your barber to mix it up a little.


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Fancy a hair change now the weathers getting colder? You don’t have to go for anything drastic, and sometimes something as simple as a...
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