The Most Iconic Hairstyles of all Time and How to get Them

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Men’s hairstyles have changed a lot over the last century, but many of the iconic men’s hairstyles from these eras are timeless. With the right modern twist, these famous male hairstyles will never go out of style. Check out some of the most memorable hairstyles of all time.

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Best Men’s Hairstyles of All Time

1920s Men’s Hairstyles

The 20s was an extremely classy decade for men’s hairstyles. Keep your hair slicked back and neat for a classic 20s look. Apply some pomade to and use a comb or your fingers to slick it back whilst also creating a natural side parting. Make sure you have mid-length hair to allow enough of it to go back. For a modern twist, get an undercut to the back of your head by shaving it short.


1930s Men’s Hairstyles

The short side parting remained popular throughout the 1930s and is still a stylish look today. For a classic 30s look apply a wet look product such as pomade and slick your hair back with a comb. Different from the 20s, this hairdo requires marginally longer hair, adding some extra texture and curl.


1950s Men’s Hairstyles

The James Dean haircut is one of the most iconic cuts of the last century. Famous for his rebel persona, Dean is known for sporting a classic pompadour look with simple and casual clothes. To achieve this timeless haircut start by growing your locks to a medium length.

Apply a small amount of wax, clay or pomade and spread it evenly through your hair. Use a comb and a hair dryer to create volume. Shave the back and sides to a shorter length for a contemporary twist.



1960s Men’s Hairstyles

The swinging sixties were a time of freedom from the old ways of the past. They were a time when men started to break free from traditional conservative hairstyles. One of the most popular cuts of the decade was the mop top, as rocked by The Beatles. Give this style a modern revamp by keeping the layers short and textured.

If your hair isn’t naturally straight then get your hands on some straighteners to complete the mop look. Finish by rubbing through a matte wax to create some texture.



1970s Men’s Hairstyles

For one of the best 70s hairstyles for men, take inspiration from Robert Redford’s hairstyle. Most famous for his role in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Redford is one of the best-loved style icons of the seventies. His classic long-haired look works best with thicker locks.

Grow it out and get the top trimmed for texture. Although this look doesn’t involve too much styling, it’s extremely important to look after your hair with some good quality shampoo and conditioner.



1980s Men’s Hairstyles

80s hairstyles for men are probably the trickiest to pull off in the modern day. Although it was the decade that saw the mullet become popular, it wasn’t all bad for men’s 80s hairstyles. The return of the centre parting and pompadour styles meant that there is plenty of inspiration to be had from the decade.

Take a leaf out of Harrison Ford’s book and get a scruffy side parting. Apply some dry product such as clay to achieve a natural textured style. If you have curly hair then you could try a modern mullet style. Simply keep the sides of your hair short and grow a tuft of longer hair on top.


1990s Men’s Hairstyles

The nineties are currently having a major comeback at the moment. One of the best 90s hairstyles for men was the curtains look. This distinctive cut is becoming extremely popular again and involves growing your hair out, creating a centre parting and allowing your hair to flop either side of your face.

Modernise the style by keeping the back and sides of your hair short whilst layering the top part of your hair. Apply some wax or pompadour if you want to add some extra texture or hold to your look.


Top Three Celebrity Hairstyles of All Time

#3: Will Smith Hairstyles

Will Smith is most famous for his high top fade that he styled during his Fresh Prince phase. This style works best with thicker afro style hair. Keep the hair long on top whilst asking your barber to fade the back and sides. Use a comb and some product to create volume and lift within the style.


#2: Steve McQueen Hair

Over 30 years since his untimely death in 1980, Steve McQueen remains one of pop culture’s most stylish icons. He is best known for his role in The Great Escape where he made a name for himself as a cool hot rod. His classic comb-over hairstyle was key to the success of his persona. To achieve this look, keep your hair relatively short, making sure it is washed and conditioned properly. Use a comb to create a parting in the hair, applying some wax or clay to keep the structure.


#1: Elvis Presley Hair

Not only was Elvis Presley the king of RocknRoll, he was also the master of the pompadour quiff. Elvis is undoubtedly one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th Century. As well as his collection of timeless songs, Elvis is most famous for his classic pompadour hairstyle. Get your hands on some lightweight pomade and apply it generously to your locks, slicking them back as you go.


The Most Iconic Hairstyles of all Time

  • For a 20s look keep your hair short and use some pomade to keep things slick.
  • For a James Dean look use a hairdryer and comb to create volume.
  • Grow a mop top for a 60s style. Use straighteners if you have curly hair.
  • Grow your hair out for a 70s Robert Redford hairstyle. Keep things scruffy.
  • The 80s saw a return of the side parting, keep it textured.

On That Note

Some of the best men’s hairstyles of all time have been created over the last century. Although you can modernise them, many of these looks remain timeless. Your hair is important, and putting a bit of time and care into making it look good is important. Work a classic hairstyle like these guys and you’ll have tonnes of timeless style, no matter the time of year.


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Men’s hairstyles have changed a lot over the last century, but many of the iconic men’s hairstyles from these eras are timeless. With the...
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