Best Fringe Hairstyles for Men

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Men’s fringe hairstyles cover a huge range of looks. Like you’d expect, you really need is a fringe, and it doesn’t even have to be a statement, in your eyes, one. It’s a cut that can genuinely work for everyone, regardless of their hair type, and we’ve listed some of the best styles around, as well as ways to achieve and maintain them. 

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Men’s Long Fringe Hairstyles

When it comes to long fringe hairstyles you need to be prepared for the fringe to take centre stage. This is either going to create a look that you love or just irritate you. A heavy fringe can look great on some guys, but it requires a good amount of styling and regular trims to keep it from completely obscuring your vision. If you’re prepared for the upkeep then it’s well worth the effort and can work with a range of hair textures.

Heavy Statement Fringe

If you’ve got thick hair then you can opt for a bold, heavy fringe, keeping it in place with a good wax or pomade. Add some texture and keep it messy, pulling it down to cover the whole of your forehead to create an intense unstructured style.


Shaved Sides Long Fringe

One way to really emphasise your fringe is to literally cut away any competition. All that side hair – you don’t need it. Shaved sides matched with a sweeping side fringe creates a modern look and if you get a good cut it should still look good even when it grows out a little.

This cut does require a decent amount of upkeep, so think about how much work you want to put into your hair before you take the plunge. If you go for a dramatic ‘shaved sides’ look then you can get yourself a good pair of clippers and maintain the length yourself. Longer sides may require more frequent trips to the barber to keep them looking sharp.


Curly Long Fringe

If you’ve got naturally curly hair there’s no need to tame it with products or straighten it out. You can contrast a bold curly fringe against straight, smoothed down sides, or embrace your waves with an all over look. To help define your curls and prevent frizz use a light wax, hairspray or a little hair oil and use a moisturising shampoo when you wash your hair.


Afro Hair Long Fringe

There’s a whole range of styles you can try out if you’ve got afro hair, and you can really go as simple or bold as you want, depending on your hair length and style. You can keep things natural and simply shape your afro so that it falls into a thick fringe. You can also work dreds into a makeshift fringe for a stylised, customisable look, increasing their length and size depending on your preference.


Chin to Shoulder Length Hair with Fringe

There’s an unspoken rule that says the longer a man’s hair the less good it’ll look with a fringe. This is generally true, but they’re always exceptions. As long as you’re working with textured, slightly messy hair and your fringe isn’t too neat or blunt, then there’s no reason it won’t look good. You don’t have to go for a full, heavy fringe either, and even a few, sweeping lengths of hair can add some distinction to the cut.


Men’s Short Fringe Hairstyles

A long, angular fringe can be great for some people, but others may find the constant styling and obscured vision too much to deal with. Life can be annoying enough, you don’t need your hair adding to that. The best fringe hairstyles don’t have to include sweeping long fringes, however, and a short style can still provide a modern, stylish look.

Curly Fringe

If the idea of a long curly fringe seems just too much work and styling, then you can still create a unique look with a short fringe. No need to flatten your curls – this style is all about accentuating them and making them the main focus of your look.

If you’re working with thin hair you can get away with a blunt cut fringe and let your natural waves add some dimension to it. If you’ve got thick curls that have the tendency to get frizzy then it’s best not to cut them into a rigid cut and just let them fall naturally


Shaved Sides Short Fringe

While the striking contrast between a long fringe and cropped sides is great for creating a modern look, the same cut can work just as well with a short fringe. While the cut is less intense it still gives off a unique vibe that’s great for a statement look.

If you’re going for a defined, straight edge fringe then it might be a good idea to get yourself a pair of straighteners (even a cheap, travel-sized one will do) to keep it looking its best. Short hair on round faces doesn’t always look the best but the angular cut will help to define and slim down less chiselled faces.


Short Sweeping Fringe

This is a style that’s best worn by guys with straight, manageable hair, as the overall look works better when it’s sleek and smooth. The whole idea to create a soft sweeping fringe that joins effortlessly in with the rest of your hair. If you keep the sides a little shorter than the rest of the hair and add in a bit of product to add some texture, you won’t end up looking like Justin Beiber back in the day.


Cropped Fringe

This is taking small fringes to the extreme and would work for those of you who like the idea of having a fringe, but don’t want to actually deal with the hassle of styling one. This works with straight or textured hair, but it’s best avoided if you’ve got hair that’s prone to frizz as the shorter your hair is the less easy it is to control.


Textured Short Fringe

This is a style that really shows off the power of a bit of product. Whether you’re working flat hair that never wants any volume, or curls that practically make a helmet around your head, adding a little wax, pomade or clay can help to add texture and a messy, yet controlled fringe that can work with a range of cuts and hair types.


Best Products for a Men’s Fringe Hairstyle

If you’re working with a haircut that focuses predominantly on the fringe then you’re going to need to do some styling. There’s no point spending money on a haircut and then ruining it with cheap products, so although you don’t need to spend a fortune on hair care, it’s worth buying a few pricier products rather than lots of cheap gels and waxes.

Hair Wax and Clay

Wax and clay are here to add hold and texture to your short hairstyle, and they’re great if you’re working with a long straight fringe that needs some definition. Don’t use too much, as a little goes a long way, and keep your hair type in mind. Thin, straight hair probably only needs a light wax, whereas thicker, coarse hair might need a sturdier clay to stay in place.


Hair Pomade and Lotion

If you’re looking for something to smooth your hair and keep it in place without adding too much texture (say if you’re working with a simple, less layered cut), then a pomade or hair lotion might be a good option. Both will smooth down and add shine to your hair while providing a light hold. A good pomade should last you all day yet be able to wash out without too much trouble.


Top Men’s Fringe Haircuts

A fringe haircut can work with any hair type, breaking away from the standard cuts and offering you something a little different. Whether you go for a simple, un-layered cut with a short fringe, or a statement style with shaved sides and a long fringe, with the right products it’s easy to create a modern, unique look that works for you.

fringe haircuts for men

On That Note

You might have some fairly rigid ideas of what a fringe haircut consists of, whether you imagined the modern cropped sides and long fringe look, or the early Justin Beiber sweeping bowl cut. However, in actuality, there’s a whole range of men’s hairstyles that work with a fringe, and it’s easy to customise the style to fit with your personality and hair type.

Don’t forget, though, that products can help save a cut, and styling is an important part of maintaining a fringe cut. Don’t opt for cheap products, and think carefully about what kind of cut you want before you head to the barbers.


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Men’s fringe hairstyles cover a huge range of looks. Like you’d expect, you really need is a fringe, and it doesn’t even have to...
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