5 Key Men’s Hair Trends for AW ’15

It may seem that the weather just got warm, but the summer season is quickly drawing to a close. Soon, it will be time to break out the jumpers and eventually the overcoats. With the changing weather, why not change up your cut?

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To get you ahead of the curve, we’ve asked 5 of London’s top barbershops to give us their key hair trends for this season. No matter what your head shape or hair line, there’s a brand new look waiting for you.

The Pompadour

The Pompadour can be cut high and tight with clippers on the back and side to give a more drastic look coming straight from the mug shots of old school convicts, or cut longer to embrace the rockers of the 50s. Either way, you need the length on top to create the “pomped” quiff at the front. However, this can also be varied with a flat slick on top, using a traditional style pomade or “grease”.

Don’t forget to try out this style with a side part for maximum neatness and, for the more edgy gent, try this part-shaved-in with a cut-throat razor. For day-to-day styling in a hurry, just add pomade and slick back. Going for something a bit more special? Have a go at twisting that comb in the front and blow dry that height in and finish with a dash of pomade.

This style has been getting more and more popular over the last five years. Fashion goes in cycles so it was inevitable that stylish neat cuts from the 20’s-50’s would make a resurgence.

This has been helped by films such a Lawless and TV shows like Boardwalk Empire where characters have slicked and quiffed hair that worked well with the overall style. It’s always had that attachement to rebels like bikers and edgy stars such as James Dean.

-Drakes of London

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The New Quiff

Probably the most timeless and flattering hair cut for gents of all ages. For AW ‘15 we see the quiff has taken a more relaxed twist. Less dramatic and sharp on the sides and back with more length left, with of course the volume and height left at the front.

Ask your barber:

A scissor cut all over; there should be no clippers in sight! This style needs to be shorter on the sides and back with the side sitting just on the ears and not above. There should be length left on the crown for weight and the front needs slight layering to create movement and to achieve a natural parting line.

How to style:

On towel dried hair spray 2/3 pumps of American Crew Alternator spray and blow dry hair upwards using a vented hair brush, this will create natural looking volume. Keep this look low shine for a modern twist by setting it with Fiber paste by American Crew. Work a 10p size amount through your hands first before applying it to the hair from mid-length to tips, avoiding the roots. This will keep it in place from day to night.

-The Groom Room

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Brushed Up

  • Short to Medium Hair.
  • A laid back style great for gents with thick hair.
  • A fairly low maintenance hairstyle as it doesn’t matter if it gets a little messy.

Ask your barber:

This is a low clipper cut on the back and sides then blended up with scissors. Keep the top all one length (medium) and no thinning out! However, we would recommend going shorter on the sides and longer on top (No. 1 on the sides and No. 3 on top) to add a bit of interest and style to your cut. You can blend up from a 0 to a 3 which then becomes a skin fade.

How to style:

Start by applying a 5p piece amount of Ultramatte by American Crew on towel-dried hair and work it into the hair from the roots up. Using a vented brush and a hair dryer, lift the hair up applying the heat from the roots to tip. Once hair is dry apply a little Featherweight by Uppercut Deluxe as a finishing product. Featherweight is a soft wax that doesn’t set too hard so you will still have movement in the hair, as well as giving it a natural sheen.

-Porters Barbers

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The Modern Twist

What’s old is new again. This updated version of an old classic is sure to impress. The shorter length means it’s less day-to-day maintenance than it’s longer cousin the Pompadour and the slick backed style keeps you looking sharp.

Ask your barber:

Ask your barber for a 0.5 low faded into a number 4. The key to this look is reliant texture. Ensure that the front of the hair is left full to allow the hair to sit back. The hair from the crown to the neck should lay flat as this will enhance the pompadoured fringe.

How to style at home:

You need a round brush, a hair dryer, and Pall Mall Barbers pliable clay.

Blow-dry the hair going forward until you get to the front. Blow-dry the front of the hair backwards. This will give you volume and enhance the front of the hair.

To get a matted look the hair needs to be bone dry. Place a small amount of the pliable clay through the mid-lengths and ends and put into place with the hands.

-Daniel Davies, Pall Mall Barbers

Photo Credit: Pall Mall Barbers, Pinterest

The Messy Mop

A good barometer of what’s to come and the ultimate showcase of the latest trends is always the catwalk. Men’s Fashion Week is a great indicator of some of the hair trends we can expect to see filtering through to the salon.

Men’s hair is steadily moving away from the heavily barbered look of recent. Going are the tight skin fades, coming is a more textured stylized look.

A big trend on the up is natural, matt texture with product worked into the hair with fingers for an unfussy finish. We’ll be seeing more emphasis on those fringes too. With either short angular numbers paired with heavily textured crops or longer, forward swept fringes using mattifying and movement enhancing products. Locks will be lightly ruffled and even left to their own devices, romantic wind swept looks.

For the stylized, unkempt look that is gracing the catwalks this season, head to a hair salon or a barber who is handy with the scissors. Not too unlike the quiff, maintain the length at the front of the head, above the recession, and take the crown shorter. This shorter area will naturally push the hair on top away from the crown towards the front of the head. The sides and back are scissor cut with a little texture to encourage softness, working forward to a disconnection at the front.

For styling, roughly dry using a sea salt spray for volume and texture. Finish with a little matt clay or similar product, working it into your hands before roughly pulling it through the hair with your fingers. You’re looking for product with a matt finish or slight sheen.

-Luke Jacob Salon

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest
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It may seem that the weather just got warm, but the summer season is quickly drawing to a close. Soon, it will be time...
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