5 Classic Fade Haircuts for Black Men

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Regardless of your hair type, whether it’s thick or thin, curly or straight, a fade haircut is something that can easily be incorporated into various styles. Black men’s hairstyles are hugely varied, with afro fades being popular for generations, so we’ll try and cover just a few of the best ones as well as show you ways to make them your own. 

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#1: Patterned Fade

This is an afro haircut where you can really show off your personality by shaving in lines or intricate patterns of choice to your fade haircut. Make them as creative or simplistic as you like, playing around with the intensity of your fade to create different dimensions and looks.

Men’s hairstyles in 2017 are all about experimentation, so there’s really no right or wrong option when it comes to you geometric fade. Unless you’re planning on getting your partner’s name shaved in…that’s probably not a great idea.


#2: Curly Top Fade

A curly top fade can come in a few variations, but the main focus should always be on, as the name suggests, your curls. Light fades like a temple fade can work well with this look, creating a stark contrast with the voluminous curls.

You can keep your hair short and go for a subtle, tapered fade afro or go for some height and opt for a less delicate fade. They’re plenty of ways to mix it up.


#3: Faux Hawk Fade

Black male hairstyles can be worked into a range of styles, and a classic look is a subtle faux hawk fade. You can go for a range of lengths and contrasts going for a long afro or tight, cropped one. You can also change up the look depending on the fade, opting for a high fade to accentuate the mohawk, or a low fade to keep the look subtle.


#4: Short Fade

Many afro hairstyles for men are great at creating volume and height, but if you want something different you can go to the opposite end of the spectrum and opt for a classic cropped fade. An abundance of male celebrity hairstyles take on this deceptively simple cut, with Trey Songz’s haircut best described as a clean cut afro tapered fade.

Opt for a low fade haircut to help add length to your afro and draw it out, or go for a high fade for a cropped, slightly military-esque vibe for a cleaner finish. Black men’s haircuts can be varied up a lot, so see which fade works best for you.


#5: High Top Fade

Sometimes referred to as a ‘box haircut’ due to its clean straight edges, the high top fade is a classic cut that’s become a vintage icon (partly from Will Smith’s haircut in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air), while remaining a trending hairstyle. A high top fade haircut for black men can look incredible if cut by an experienced barber, and you can experiment with different heights and textures to suit you.

Go for a striking, high afro cut into a structured hairstyle, or opt for something shorter and with a less visibly structured edge. A curly high top fade is another alteration you can make to the classic high-top fade, working with anything from tight, corkscrew curls to looser, wavier ones.


5 Classic Fade Haircuts for Black Men

  • Patterned Fade: Experiment with different shaved designs.
  • Curly Top Fade: Works with a variety of curls, accentuating the natural style of them.
  • Faux Hawk Fade: Make it as defined or subtle as you want.
  • Short Fade: Opt for a buzzcut or trimmed style for a sleek, contemporary look.
  • High Top Fade: Go high and defined with this statement haircut.

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On That Note

They’re many different types of fades, and, if you’ve got the right barber, there’s no reason that you can’t create a customised look using influences from a range of them. Men’s modern haircuts are always influenced by other styles after all, so whether you’re going for a curly fade, a hi-top fade, a low fade afro, or something totally new, there’s always ways you can play around with it to make it better suited to you. 


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Regardless of your hair type, whether it’s thick or thin, curly or straight, a fade haircut is something that can easily be incorporated into...
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