How to Properly Do Ibiza in a Week

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Ibiza. The Mecca to dance music and summer holidays is back for another year. We give you the best areas to stay, a day-by-day breakdown of the best clubs in Ibiza and what else to do whilst you’re on the Island. Have a look below.

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We all know that Ibiza is the Island where tourists flock throughout the summer to dance till the sun comes up. It’s the island where all inhibitions disappear and you make memories that are hard to beat. Where else are you going to become best friends with a sweaty Northern lad called Gary, who’s telling you “even though we’ve just met, I love you mate.”

Undoubtedly the biggest party island on the planet, Ibiza is now back in full force for the season ahead. Whether you’re heading for you first time or 21st visit, we’ve put together this handy little guide on where to stay, where to go and the best events. How nice is that? So, take a read below at the Ibiza guide and how to do it all in a week.

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Ibiza is going to be one of the busiest destinations this summer, make sure you get everything done before you go
PHOTO CREDIT: Ushuaïa Ibiza


You are going to need a lot of money, it’s inevitable and you can’t do Ibiza cheaply (we’ve tried). We’d recommend between €1000-1500 for a week if you want to do it properly and not worry about money whilst you’re out there. You might think that that amount of money is going to last you but believe you me it won’t. Ibiza clubs charge between €15-25 for a drink on a night out, with a beer costing you about €18 on its own. Pre-drink heavy if you want to save some form money!

Another top tip is buying all your tickets before you go out there. You don’t want to eat into your holiday money whilst you’re there so buy any club tickets before you go to take the pressure off. Ibiza drains money out of you like you wouldn’t believe so we’d suggest getting as much prep done before you head out to the Island.

What to Take

Whether it’s for a week or a weekend, you are going to need either a big suitcase or bag. You can’t live without either and it’s nicer having the security of having too much than too little. Planning your outfits in advance will save you the time and will also take the stress off you when packing!

Realistically, you should know that it’s going to be hot in Ibiza. It’s an Island just off the coast of Spain, has some of the best weather known to man and has some of the best nightclubs in the world on it’s doorstep. Now, for the every day you are going to be in a vest, shorts, sunglasses. However, there is also some nice places to go in Ibiza, which will require a little bit more dressing up than usual. Places like the Ocean Beach Club have a strict dress code which, if you don’t follow, can get you kicked out pretty quick. For the most part, we’d recommend casual clothes.


When you’re heading out the same sort of rule applies. T-Shirts, chino or denim shorts and trainers are the go-to outfit in Ibiza. There isn’t really any clothing rules when you’re there apart from wearing a top into the club. If you’re unsure on whether any clubs may have other rules then check before you head out. Trust us, you don’t want to get to Amnesia, having just spent €30 on a cab, only to find out they won’t let you in with a shirt that has no buttons.

Where to stay

If you’re only going for a week then we would definitely say stay in Playa d’en Bossa. It’s right in the centre of all the clubs, a short walk to the nicest Ibiza beach. As well as that, it’s only a 15-minute journey from the airport. Ibiza hotels are relatively cheap but it will depend on when you go. The peak time to go is July-August so expect to pay more if you’re going between those months. We’d recommend the Jet Apartments as they have DJs play all day and throw a pool party on Sunday’s. It’s also a short walk from some of the best Ibiza beach parties around!

However, if you’re trying to do Ibiza a little bit cheaper and more long term, then San Antonio is definitely for you. It’s cheaper, where all the workers live and by the beach where the legendary Café Mambos is. However, it is a bit of a drive out from all of the clubs and taxi’s will cost you a bit more money, so unless you’re renting a car and driving to the clubs every night, meaning you can’t drink, then you are a bit of a loss.

The Ibiza old town is one of the most beautiful places on the Island. It is incredibly cultural and provides a bit more of a history on the Island as a whole. Ibiza resorts are often situated around the old town, which has some beautiful restaurants down by the harbour. This means Ibiza town is perfect if you’re looking for a more quiet side to the Island.

mens street style jet apartments ibiza sunday party
Jet apartments are situated in the heart of Playa d’en Bossa and they throw a pool party on Sundays
PHOTO CREDIT: Jet Apartments



Now, Ibiza nightclubs and Ibiza nightlife are two very different things. We’ll talk you through the differences quickly here so you know your clubs from your pubs.

If you’re looking to hit up the superclubs like Amnesia, DC-10 and Hï Ibiza, then you want to be heading into towards Playa d’en Bossa. Nearly all of the clubs on the Island are in or just outside of Playa d’en Bossa. Nightclubs are expensive. Average entry to clubs on a big night is around €50, so don’t be surprised if you’re paying this every night out. Drinks are expensive in the clubs as well, so pre-drink heavily if you can’t afford to pay €18 for a bottle of beer all night.

If the big nightclubs aren’t really your thing, then San Antonio is where you want to be. The area is inundated with bars and pubs so if you want to get hammered and not have far to walk home, then we’d recommend San Antonio. Ibiza Rocks is in San Antonio so if you don’t fancy a big night then you haven’t got far to walk either.


DC-10 – Circoloco

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic events in Ibiza, Circoloco is a party based on a few simple rules. Bring great music, great people and a great club together. It’s an ethos that has worked since 1999 and Circoloco have kept the same weekly spot for over two decades, meaning its one of the longest serving parties on the Island. If that’s not enough, the line-ups are kept a secret usually until a week before meaning the party keeps its mysticism truly intact.

Circoloco is one of the most popular events on the island and has been since 1999

As the crazy circus (Circoloco in English) starts at 4pm and runs on until around 8am the next day, expect a long night filled with some incredible DJs and even better atmosphere.

To keep up to date with Circoloco’s news, check out their Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


Benimussa Park – The Zoo Project

Arguably one of Ibiza’s most famous day events, The Zoo Project is set within Benimussa Park and abandoned zoo on the Island. Put lots of glitter and painted bodies in animal stripes, good house music and a great party atmosphere and you have got The Zoo Project. Line-ups are usually kept very quiet so you will have to be on the Island the week of your party but this adds to the mysticism.

For more information on The Zoo Project, head to their website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Sankeys – Do Not Sleep

The brain child of Darius Syrossian’s label, Do Not Sleep is arguably what Tuesday nights are all about in Ibiza. The deep tech house vibe of the party reverberates through Playa d’en Bossa until 6am, with multiple DJs taking clubbers on a journey throughout the night. Do Not Sleep used to hold a residency on Sundays at Space (RIP) and since the club has shut down, now takes up a weekly spot in Sankeys. Expect heavyweights like Darius Syrossian, Solardo, Alan Fitzpatrick, Skream and Detlef all to take to the stage.

If you’re looking for any more information on Do Not Sleep, take a look at their Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

mens street style darius syrossian do not sleep
Darius Syrossian’s DO NOT SLEEP parties have been making waves throughout the Island
PHOTO CREDIT: The White Isle


DC-10 – Paradise

Jamie Jones iconic Paradise party at DC-10 has started to become a rite of passage in Ibiza clubbing. A culmination of pure house and techno, the Hot Creations head honcho provides sets that you’re sure to remember for the rest of your days. Patrick Topping, wAFF, Richy Ahmed, Marco Carola and many more will grace the speakers of Paradise this year, so you’ve got no excuse not to go.

To keep up to date with all of Paradise’s news, head to their website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Amnesia – HYTE

Only into their third season of Ibiza parties, HYTE has continued to grow on an unprecedented scale since they first hit the floor of Amnesia in 2015. A celebration of techno, HYTE is an event for those of you who live for the dark beats to be pushed through the speakers all evening. If techno is what you’re after, then HYTE is the perfect event for you. Residents Loco Dice, Pan-Pot, Chris Liebing and Archie Hamilton will be providing the music so you know you’re in for a good time.

For more information about HYTE, check out their website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

mens street style paradise dc-10 line-up
This season’s Paradise season calendar is looking as big as ever, with things kicking off in June


Amnesia – Cream

Now in their 23rd year in Ibiza, Cream have been providing the very best in raw electronic music talent. Their line-ups are a stuff of legend, bringing together some of the biggest and best progressive house and EDM DJs across the world. This legendary momentum has been carried into 2017 with artists like Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Fatboy Slim, Marshemello, Paul Van Dyk, Above & Beyond and Danny Howard all taking to the stage across the summer.

For more information take a look at Cream’s website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Hï Ibiza – In The Dark

Being Ibiza’s newest club, Hï Ibiza is pulling out all the stops to make sure that they don’t go unnoticed on the island. Their Thursday party, In The Dark, brings the underground side of house music to the masses. Add in residents Joris Voorn, Steve Lawler, Nic Fanciulli, Kölsch and Luciano and you’ve got a proper party on your hands. The residents will be joined by some incredible special guests too, with Solardo, Skream, wAFF, Art Department and Cassy all popping in throughout the season.

If you’d like to see more about In The Dark, take a look at their website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

As one of ibiza’s longest serving parties, Cream brings together a wide variety of EDM DJs over the season


Amnesia – Music On

Marco Carola’s Music On is undoubtedly one of Amnesia’s biggest events. Clubbers flock to the Amnesia terrace as though it’s church on a Sunday, with the events often selling out every week. Carola takes to the terrace every week, often playing all night long for most of the season. He is joined this year by The Martinez Brothers, Apollonia, Sam Paganini, Marco Faraone, Leon as well as many more incredible DJs across the summer.

For more information on Music On, head to their website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Pacha – Labyrinth 

Hot Since 82 has started his own party at Pacha this year, providing some monumental line-ups all summer. The Yorkshire boy has put together Labyrinth as a showcase of some of the best DJs in the world, with himself being a weekly resident for 20 weeks across the summer. Other artists like Adam Beyer, Maya Jane Coles, Green Velvet and Pete Tong will take to the Pacha rooms throughout the season, ensuring you hear the finest in house and techno.

To check out more of Labyrinth’s news, take a look at Hot Since 82’s website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Music On is a Friday essential, often these events sell out weekly so make sure you book early!


Ushuaïa – ANTS

Andrea Oliva’s weekly Saturday party ANTS is one of the most talked about events almost every summer in Ibiza. Every week thousands of people flock to the pool of Ushuaïa to hear the very best in house and techno whilst enjoying the Ibizan weather. Resident Andrea Oliva is joined by UNER, Solardo, Yousef, DJ Sneak, Catz ‘n Dogz and many more throughout this years ANTS summer at Ushuaïa so expect a incredible vibe on Saturdays.

More information on ANTS can be found from their website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Amnesia – elrow

Without a doubt the most fun, strange and exciting parties in Ibiza is the infamous elrow. The ethos behind elrow’s madness is that it’s supposed to feel like a party more than an event, hence the weird and wonderful costumes and props that are thrown throughout the crowd all evening. The line-ups include Technasia, Anja Schneider, Detlef, Sidney Charles, Eats Everything and Cuartero for 20 weeks across the season. Don’t be surprised to have a smile on your face all evening when you’re at elrow.

To get more news about elrow head to their website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

elrow are renowned for their crazy parties, ridiculous props and all round fun attitude


Sankeys – ABODE

ABODE is fast becoming one of the best events in Ibiza. Having gained an incredible name for themselves since they started in England in late 2014, they have consistently provided incredible line-ups which they bring with them again to Sankeys this summer. Having residents like G W Harrison, Ellie Cocks, Artikal, Ellie Cocks, Lindsey Matthews, Jack & Devstar as well as weekly guests like Leftwing & Kody, Yousef and Solardo, you can start to see why they’ve acclaimed such fame in a short period of time.

If you want to see what else ABODE have in store, head to their website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

How to Do Ibiza in a Week

  • Essentials – money and a lot of it, you can’t do Ibiza cheaply so take as much as you can
  • Bag – either a suitcase or a large bag depending on how long you’re going for
  • Clothes – swimming shorts, shorts, T-Shirts, vests and trainers for the every day, maybe a shirt depending on where you’re going
  • Accommodation – Playa d’en Bossa is nearer the clubs, San Antonio is nearer the more touristy bars, the Old Town if you want a quieter break
  • Clubs – average entry is €50 so remember that. Amnesia, Sankeys, Hï Ibiza are some of our top picks
  • Events – pick an event that’s right for you, if you’re in doubt look back to our guide so you can get an idea of which will suit your music taste
mens street style amnesia terrace ibiza
Whether its for the clubs or a quiet break, Ibiza is one of the best places that you can go to
PHOTO CREDIT: Amnesia Ibiza

On That Note

Now you’ve read our handy little guide on how to do Ibiza in a week, we’re going to have a brief rundown together. These are just a few of the important things you’ll need to remember when you’re going to Ibiza. You are going to need a lot of money, it’s just something you are going to have to accept. Clubs, drinks, taxi’s and even sun loungers all cost in Ibiza so get used to paying for almost everything when you’re out there.

Pre-plan what you’re taking to save time and make sure you’ve got a decent bag or case. T-Shirts, Sunglasses and trainers are perfect for your nights out at the club and swimming shorts for around the pool (obviously). Make sure you pick accommodation that’s going to suit what you’ve gone for. There’s no point staying in the Old Town if you’re going to go into Playa d’en Bossa every night and vice versa. The best clubs are in Playa d’en Bossa so head there for the big nights out. If you’re ever stuck, refer back to this guide, we’ve got you covered.