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Grammy Nominee’s CamelPhat sat down with us to talk about their travel essentials. When 2017 has been a hugely successful year for gigging, knowing what to pack is key. Find out their pet hates and what they can’t live without below.

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2017 is going to be a hard year to forget for CamelPhat. Their chart topping number one ‘Cola’ earned them a Grammy Nomination, a whole host of new fans and more shows than you can shake a stick out. The British duo burst onto the scene in 2014 and, to be honest, it’s all been a whirlwind. They have received support from the likes of MK, Skream and Hot Since 82, as well as having multiple records on Solardo’s Solä label. You could say that this year is going to be hard to top.

Although the guys might be fairly new to touring and playing shows in different continents every week, they’ve definitely picked up some tips and tricks. From knowing how to pack efficiently, to what essentials you’ll need through the terminal – these are CamelPhat’s travel essentials.

CamelPhat are confirmed to play at Annie Mac’s Lost & Found Festival 2018, which will take place in Malta on 3-6 May. Headliners include Annie Mac, Jamie XX, Diplo, Four Set and J Hus. For more info and tickets please visit

It’s been a whirlwind year for CamelPhat

Where is the next destination you’re travelling to?

We’re off to Los Angeles!

How many flights do you think you’ve been on throughout your career?

Gaining some kind of success has recently only happened for us – maybe only the past three years or so. But I’d say we’ve easily clocked over 200+ flights this year alone.

Where is the nicest place you’ve travelled to?

Santa Barbara had a really calm and tranquil atmosphere which weirdly we both thought ‘yeah I could live here.’ Caicos was very beautiful also.

The best hotel you’ve ever stayed in?

We’ve stayed in a lot of incredible hotels in Dubai including Jumeirah Beach, Madinat & The Grovesnor. But one of our favourites, just for its Art Deco style and overall vibe, has to be The Delano, Miami.

Dusk, Miami 🇺🇸👌🏾

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The worst thing about constantly moving?

Security and immigration. It’s a nightmare!

Do you still get jet lag or has that stopped now?

Yeah really bad actually! We recently just toured North America for a month and after two weeks back in the UK, I’m still waking up at 2am and not sleeping again until 7am! And tomorrow I go back to LA. Great!

Steel Yard, @creamfieldsofficial photo credit: @gregburnett

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What do you do to stay healthy whilst travelling around the world?

Not much to be honest – with back to back gigs in most cities you’re constantly on the move. I take gym gear with the intention to at least get on a treadmill, but most of the time you arrive at the hotel around 8/9pm and the gig will be at 1am so you have to sleep knowing you leave in the AM. Eating clean usually helps also.

What are the essentials you can’t travel without?

Lip balm (laughs). The constant flights soon have your lips cracking up in bits!

Any tips on how to travel efficiently?

Travel light, bare essentials, drink lots of water and charge your phone at every opportunity!

Finally, if you could change one thing about the process of travelling; what would it be?

Sorry, I know it’s two things but security and economy seating. Neither are for human beings!

Arrived in Heathrow like…

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