Top 5 Bizarre Hangover Cures From Around The World

You might be under the impression that a few pints down your local ‘Spoons has prepared your for the week-long night out that is Fresher’s Week, but you are wrong. You’ll be calling out for your mother in the middle of the night to stroke your forehead with a wet flannel and sing you Soft Kitty in no time. Oh and FYI, Ring of Fire is not a euphemism, it is in fact a notorious drinking game that starts in the first week of university. You can look forward to a mix of own-brand vodka, Lambrini and a mysterious bottle of green liquid with foreign ingredients even Google can’t translate and be chanted at to “DOWN IT, FRESHER” by your new flatmates.

Whether you’re staying close to home or moving as far away from your parents as you possibly can, there’s no getting away from the aftermath of Fresher’s Week. You may get a bout of Fresher’s Flu but it will clear up soon enough, just thank your lucky stars you’re not studying in these foreign countries and abiding by their bizarre hangover cures.

In Sicily, they chow down on dried bull penis. Yep you heard right, dried bull penis. The reason behind this bizarre hangover cure is on the assumption it restores your virility, or more likely the fact your brain tries to eradicate the hangover as quickly as it can to stop your foolish self from eating any more bull penis. Yuck.

Bull Cow 2

Puerto Rico
On the island of Puerto Rico, locals believe that rubbing a slice of lemon (or lime) into the armpit of their drinking arm will prevent dehydration before an evening of excess. There is no actual science behind this theory, a definite urban legend but bizarre nonetheless.

Lemons and Limes

Hungarians like to drop sparrow droppings in their Brandy to cure their hangovers. Not only is this an obscure concoction, it’s also very dangerous. Potential parasites, bacteria and disease infuse the drink but at least they got it half right with the Brandy, which will simply postpone withdrawal symptoms.


Ancient Rome
Thankfully, this ancient hangover cure is just that – Ancient. A popular cure in the times of Ancient Rome included deep-fried canaries seasoned with salt and pepper and eaten whole, apparently they were a great cure for headaches.


Mongolians have the strongest stomaches out of all of these bizarre hangover cures, with pickled sheep eyeballs in tomato juice being their traditional cure of choice. The only reason we can fathom for this hangover cure is perhaps it was a way to coax vomiting or as a punishment, either way it’s not something we would like to try.


Feel free not to take any of these cures with you to university and stick to a traditional full english breakfast to cure your Jägerbomb and blue VK induced hangovers.

You might be under the impression that a few pints down your local ‘Spoons has prepared your for the week-long night out that is...
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