The Cause Fights For Club Culture With Costa Del Tottenham

With the rise of London becoming a 12 hour city rather than a 24 hour city thanks to closures, laws, and restrictions. Tottenham’s own The Cause is fighting to keep club culture alive and safe with the launch of their new Costa Del Tottenham event.

Photo Credit: The Cause

With Central London’s nightlife under siege for years now, partiers and good-timers are seeking out authentic and ‘DIY’ spots after being turned away from their once go-t0 spots being gentrified and commercialised. Here’s where The Cause comes to save the day (or night rather) with their car mechanics turned warehouse club. Driven by the urge to create a broader sense of freedom on the dance floor with stronger policies on inclusivity and creating a safe space for all walks of life has led The Cause to become one of the top secret places to turn to in London.

Their newest event, Costa Del Tottenham, runs every Thursday to Sunday all summer. The Cause will open it’s outdoor space with a BYO-BBQ (bring your own meat) where the team will cook up attendees food to perfection. Cocktails will flow with its very own outdoor pool, you wouldn’t really want to be anywhere else. As night falls you can venture into the old car mechanics to find freedom on the dance floor.

The Cause welcomes everyone to their space, with cheap drinks and entry, tunes all night long until 5am, what more could you want? Another great thing is The Cause have planned to raise £25,000 for the local community and works with mental health charities reinforcing their ‘people first’ ethos.


The Cause, Ashley House Depot, Ashley Road, London, N17 9LZ

Photo Credit: The Cause



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