5 Portable Chargers to See You Through the Festival Season


Whether you’re obsessed with a certain iPhone game that’s draining your battery, or you just need a little backup for a long journey, we’ve got the top 5 portable chargers to stop you reaching 0%

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As phones become more advanced their battery lives unfortunately begins to fade that much faster, and they need just a little extra help to stay awake. With charger sockets only available on certain trains and the whole street light sockets just a vague idea (and probably only reserved for electric cars), there’s not a lot of places you can charge up your phone when you’re on the go. Luckily tech companies haven’t ignored this problem, and a range of portable chargers have been created to help keep you fully charged even on those seemingly endless days.

As avid phone users who are constantly complaining about low battery, we thought we’d have a look through some of the options on the market and narrow them down to five chargers that best merge style and power.

Poweradd Pilot 2GS – £29

This streamlined, light-weight charger is the perfect piece of kit to slip into your pocket, as long as you have fairly deep pockets, when you know you’re in for a long day. Capable of charging two phones at the same time, and in a durable silver casing, we’re looking at space age aesthetics with power to boot.

Poweradd-Pilot portable chargers

You also get the benefits of fast charging with this charger, which, let’s face it, is pretty much a necessity. You can easily charge one phone up to three times, and you can follow the progress of your charge with its handy LED indicator system. This is a great option if you’re looking for something you can use at the office, as its sleek look and power keeps it sophisticated and ideal for any overtime.

XDream Plus – £28

This charger stands out due to its duo function capabilities, working as both a power bank and a portable speaker. This might not sound immediately useful, but this does make long train journeys that much easier, allowing you to charge your phone while you catch up on any shows online. What’s even better is that the handy design acts like a stand, propping up your phone at an easy angle to see the screen.

xplus-speaker best portable chargers

Its smooth, cylindrical design is tactile, easy to store, and on top of everything else looks good as well. Big enough to support your phone, even the heavier set androids, but small enough to slip into your bag, this is a great piece to have around on long, potentially dull journeys.

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Cheero Ingress Power Cube – £33

Our little nerdy brains went into overdrive when we found this one, and can you blame us? I mean look at it. If you’re a fan of the popular multiplayer app game, Ingress, then you’re probably itching to get your hands on this power cube, but even if you’ve never heard of the game, you can still enjoy this stylish product. With a range of light patterns that can be change at the tap of your finger, this is a mesmerising piece of kit that pleases your inner child.

ingress power box best portable chargers

Visuals aside though, this product does deliver, and benefits from top quality microchips to automatically shut down if you’re overcharging your phone, which keeps your battery healthier for longer. It charges quickly as well, and the high quality designs means you don’t have to worry about breakage or scratches.

iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case – £79

One of the sleekest, slim line designs on our list, and due to its lack of cables, probably one of the handiest as well. A charger incorporated into a phone case does make things pretty easy, and this particular model increases your battery life up to 20 hours, which is nothing to sneeze at.

iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case best portable chargers

The downside that you do have to have the iPhone 6s, and despite the fact that there are rip off non-Apple products for earlier phone models, these are usually seen as unsafe and with limited success. Stick to the real deal and don’t risk an exploding case. This model has a tactile silicone exterior and soft, micro-fibre lining to keep your phone snug, and you can get it in either a clean white or sleek charcoal colour.

Mophie Powerstation Pro – £45

The Mophie Powerstation Pro is probably the one charger on this list that you could play football with..in the rain. With its sturdy, rugged design, it’s practically indestructible, meaning you can throw it in your bag, suitcase or rucksack and not fear it cracking or getting shaken up. Handy flip closures keep the ports protected from dust, and maintain its water resistant design, and its rubber outing means if you drop it, it simply bounces a little and stays determinedly unbroken.

Mophie Powerstation Pro

It has a clean, practical design and is ideal if you just want a simple, hardworking charger without all the bells and whistles. This product really does the job and quickly charges pretty much anything that needs a boost, while lasting for days on end. Perfect for weekend camping trips or a hectic commute, this little charger won’t let you down.


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