Santander City Guide with DJ’s & Producers The Monkey Brothers

Formed in 2005 as The Monkey Brothers, Ruben and Sergio Pellon have come a long way from their modest beginnings in Santander. Their characteristic productions, derived from house influences and deep bass, have seen the Spanish duo become two of the most celebrated DJs and music producers in the scene.

With their new release, ‘Facades’, out now on Parallel Records, it’s the perfect time to catch up with the brothers and go back to their roots in the historical city of Santander.

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Where’s the first place you visit when you return home from abroad? 

I live in a village named Ajo, 30km from Santander. I can see the beach and the Rio de Ajo from my house. During low tide, you can cross the river and walk to the next village. It’s a protected area, so there are barely any houses, just mountains.

It’s a perfect place to spend the day hiking, kayaking and swimming in crystal clear waters. All you can hear is the river flowing and the birds. The water is so clear, fishing and snorkelling is also advised; my piece of paradise between Santander and Bilbao.

Where’s your preferred place to chill and clear your head? 

Puntal is one of my favourite places in Santander. A long beach in the middle of the bay, with two sides of amazing views. On the first side, where you can only arrive by boat, you can see the Rio Cubas and the landscape from the mountain, it’s very peaceful. The tide goes up and down during the day and you can see the fisherman.

There are two restaurants where you can have great fish and enjoy the view. On the other side of the beach, you can see Mouros Island and the city. In summer, you can see the sunset behind the city, the silhouette of Santander is unbelievable!

Where’s your favourite place to shop? 

Surrounded by sea and mountains, Santander has all kinds of sea life, wildlife and fresh grown vegetables. So the Mercado de la Esperanza is great! All the colours and smells are real and everything comes from around the area: the fish, the meat, the vegetables. Walking around the market you can see the producers and small distributers. The building is also one of the oldest of the city, right in the heart of the Santander.

Where’s your favourite place to eat? 

Santander’s hottest attractions are the restaurants, the food is great everywhere! I particularly enjoy going to UMA. A friend of mine transformed this former club into a cool restaurant with high ceilings and a small replica of Altamira engravings.

Altamira is one of the most important caves of the Paleolithic period, the engravings go back to 25,000 years ago! Not to miss when coming to Santander. In UMA, you can experience an authentic voyage of Cantabria flavours with a contemporary perspective.

Where’s the best place to have a drink? 

My absolute favourite pub in Santander is Moondog, it’s just across the street from UMA! Before or after dinner, I always stop by for a drink. The cocktails are amazing, they definitely make the best gin and tonics in the city!

The music selection is very eclectic: anything from jazz, funk, or electronic. The owner is one of my best friends, I love going there to see him and my other friends. Sometimes I play music there, just for fun! It’s open until 3am on weekends, it’s like a little club!

A hidden gem that not a lot of people know about? 

La Huerta is a summer terrace where you can go after the beach and have a drink, listen to music and see nice people. As the name suggests, La Huerta (orchard) is a garden with flowers and fruit trees. They have these big wooden tables, giving a picnic-in-the-garden feeling. They have a great selection of beers and cocktails! During the summer, it’s a perfect place to meet with friends or family before dinner.

What to pack for a city break to Santander:

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