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If you have any interest in house music then we’re sure you need no introduction to Eton Messy. After initially starting out as a YouTube channel, promoting house tunes that would’ve otherwise had no home, their brand has quickly evolved into a record label and events series – playing at some of the biggest festivals across Europe.

Now, with their debut compilation LP available for download, a brand new website launched, their own stage at Rise Festival and a set booked for the official launch of our AW15 collection, 2015 has shaped up quite nicely for this exciting pair of entrepreneurs. We’ve been really keen to work with these guys for a long time now so it’s with great pleasure we can finally unveil the shots we got of the boys donning our latest collection and bring you an exclusive interview we got with the guys on set.

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First off, how’s your summer been? Any major highlights?

Summer has been brilliant. There have been so many highlights. Secret garden Party and Sankeys in Ibiza were both brilliant, but we just got back from Bestival last week and it was out of this world.

You’ve just launched your debut compilation, what tracks do we need to be looking out for on that?

Obviously all 26 tracks are great but the particular ones we want people to be paying attention to are the exclusives that we had done by; TYDE, Austin Ato, Ten Ven and Blonde. Bar Blonde, the aim of the exclusives was to work with super fresh talent and we hope that you will all agree that the tracks came out really well.

What are your plans for the tail end of 2015? Can we catch the Eton Messy camp at any other shows?

Well we have just launched our Winter tour which will be going all over the UK between October and December. We have stepped it up a bit this year and are doing some pretty big shows, including Electric Brixton on halloween weekend. That one is going to be a lot of fun!


You’ve made a huge name for yourself for spotting talent and knowing the biggest tracks. What artists are you particularly feeling at the moment?

There are so many at the moment but i suppose that one artist that seems to have a fair bit of momentum behind them at the moment is NVOY. Everything they seem to be releasing is really high quality.

Any other projects we should know about?

We have just finally launched our website. We have been working on it for ages with some good friends of us and it’s come out really well! We have managed to create a site that combines all of the platforms we are on into one place. You can also make your own playlists out of all the music on YouTube and Soundcloud too!

What bit of clothing can you not live without?

In the summer it has to be my Dickies rain jacket, because in the UK you never know when it might just rain. Last winter though it was my Alpha Industries jacket. I literally never took it off!


Seen any major fashion faux pas over the summer?

Not that I know of to be honest. Although I was one giant fashion faux par at Bestival….

You’re gonna be providing the soundtrack for The Idle Man AW15 launch party, what   can we expect from your set on the night?

Not too sure to be honest. I’m really looking forward to it but don’t like to pre plan too much, so will most likely roll with what’s in front of me on the night!

Three tracks everyone needs in their playlist right now?

1. Limits – Fading Away

It’s the next release on our label – you may have heard me play it a lot in our sets this summer.

2. Maribou State – Wallflower (Lane 8 Remix)

One of the latest uploads on our YouTube channel. Both these artists are big favourites of ours – Maribou State’s album is probably my favourite album of the year.

3. Caribou – Mars

No words needed to explain why!


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If you have any interest in house music then we’re sure you need no introduction to Eton Messy. After initially starting out as a...
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