Essential Winter Skin Care Tips

Skin looking a bit dull this winter? The icy winds and sub-zero temperatures can be disastrous for our skin so it’s important to pay particular attention during the cooler months. Below are the top tips you can put into place straight away to protect yourself from the elements this winter alongside some of the best skin care products for winter.

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Male Skin Tips for Winter

Drink Water

This is easy when we all desire a nice cold drink but when the colder weather sets in and all we want is tea and coffee, the water cooler becomes a distant memory. Water is the hidden product in any grooming guide and by keeping hydrated you will be providing your skin with the essential moisture needed to look healthy and happy this winter.


Once again, it may seem more of a natural thing to do in the warmer months, but if you really want to know how to take care of face skin in winter – exfoliating is fundamental. Oily skin care in winter isn’t quite as tough as the summer months, yes, but you should still be exfoliating at least twice a week.


It’s always important to moisturise, but as the cold attacks our faces in winter the skin will begin to dry up, peel and even crack – not ideal. Find a moisturiser that works for your skin type to keep you looking fresh-faced and youthful. Looking for the best moisturiser for your face in winter? Baxter of California’s Oil-Free option is perfect for harsh winter weather with enriching ingredients like aloe, green tea and chamomile.

Mens Moisturiser
Man applying facial cream – PHOTO CREDIT: Really Ree



This may seem like an unnatural one, but you really should be wearing SPF all year round. While you mightn’t feel the sun’s rays during the cooler, overcast days of winter – the UV rays are still hitting your skin so it’s important to protect yourself with a decent sunscreen. Trust me, you’ll thank us later.

Look After Those Lips

There are few things quite as irritating and painful as dry, cracked lips. The combination of cool, icy weather and dry, artificial heat wreaks havoc on your unprepared lips so it’s worth investing in some decent lip protection. I’d recommend going for a lip balm that contains SPF, your lips will stay soft and be protected from the winter sun.

Care for Your Facial Hair

If you’re still backing the beard trend then it’s important to consider how to look after the whiskers this winter. Looking for the best way to shave for men? Keep things simple by making it a two-step process.

1) Use a beard shampoo when you shower, this will clean the beard hair thoroughly and keep it healthy. 2) Use a beard oil after washing. Beard oils help to reduce beard dandruff (it’s a thing) and also moisturise the beard hairs and skin below.

mens facial hair winter skincare
Man with beard – PHOTO CREDIT: The Huffington Post


Skincare Tips for Winter

  • While your skin may suffer in winter regardless; moisturising daily will help to counteract the negative effects.
  • Staying hydrated is vital in general, and it will make your skin have a healthy appearance.
  • Exfoliating a couple of times a week will keep your skin looking smooth by removing dead skin cells.
  • Using an SPF will protect the skin from damage from the sun, which can certainly still happen during the winter.
  • Caring for your facial hair may not directly benefit your skin, but it will contribute to the overall appearance of your skin.
  • Keeping your lips nourished should keep things looking far better than if you opt to forego such care.
mens winter skincare putting on moisturiser
Best Product for Men Skin Care – PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest

On That Note

Winter skincare is of the utmost importance. Having a grooming routine can be a hassle but it’ll surely pay off especially when the weather is at its harshest as it is during winter. For that reason, it’s essential that you know your skin type so that you can take care of it with specific products. In case your skin tends to get a bit oily, make sure you exfoliate before you moisturise so that you can get rid of the extra sebum. Also, don’t forget to take care of your hands and lips with the appropriate products since they are more delicate and will suffer the most from the harsh weather – nobody likes an unsightly hand rash in winter, after all.


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