Men’s Grooming Essentails for When You’re on a Plane

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Despite the long list of positives associated with air travel, the reality is, by the time you’ve reached your destination your skin will typically be looking a little worse for wear. Whether you’ve got an important business meeting to rush to, or simply want to look your best on the flip side – let’s take a look at some travel grooming essentials that’ll combat the undesirable side effects of travelling.

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5 Grooming Essentials when Travelling

#1: Moisturiser

It’s no secret that the recycled cabin air we’re all subjected to when flying is about as bad as it gets in terms of maintaining a healthy complexion. Lacking moisture and full of bacteria, by the time you’ve come out the other end your skin typically won’t be looking its finest.

While it may seem pretty self-explanatory, the best way to keep your skin nourished is by applying a quality moisturiser every once in a while. Grab yourself a handy travel size grooming kit and apply as needed.


#2: Hand Sanitiser

Not one you’d always think of, but unless you want to be coming off the plane with a nasty virus alongside your hand luggage – we’d strongly advise you pick up a bottle of hand sanitiser.

With some pretty alarming facts (such as E-coli’s ability to survive on an aeroplane armrest for over 96 hours), it doesn’t take a genius to work out that a sanitiser setting you back a couple of quid isn’t a bad idea. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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#3: Fragrance/Deodorant

Whether prone to sweating or not, bringing some fragrance or deodorant in your hand luggage is a must – especially if you’ve got a business meeting waiting for you at the other end. Let’s face it, being sandwiched between randoms in cramped conditions for anywhere upwards of a couple of hours isn’t going to leave you smelling the freshest, now is it?

Depending on how your body works, pick yourself up some deodorant, a fresh inoffensive fragrance or both. A quick spritz when you’ve jumped off the plane will not only leave you smelling better – but you’ll likely feel a lot fresher too. Win win.


#4: Eye Roller

Another visible victim of a dreaded red eye flight is likely going to be your under-eye area. One of the first signs of a less than restorative sleep will typically take the tangible form of puffy, dark bags under the eyes – not what we’re going for.

While, typically, there are a few generalised methods of combatting the dreaded dreary eyed look, one of the most instant relief methods is utilising one of many under eye roll-ons currently on the market. Containing energising, revitalising and cooling ingredients; apply some as you get onto the plane for a clever ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach.


#5: Lip Care

Last up, but likely one of the most overlooked areas when travelling, your lips. As you’re probably aware, when it comes to dramatic weather conditions – your lips will be one of the first to show signs of dealing with less than ideal weather conditions.

While a handy lip balm should be a permanent fixture in your wash bag, this stands even more so when travelling. Nobody wants to walk into a meeting with lips that look like they’ve withstood a week’s worth of searing debauchery at the burning man festival – keep em moisturised lads.


On That Note

There you have it. While, arguably, these are all pretty self-explanatory, logical steps to take in the crusade to keeping up appearances when travelling, you’d be surprised how often they’re overlooked. Hey, if you’re only taking to the skies a couple of times a year, by all means, forego the above, but if you’re a regular traveller – it’s well worth the minuscule investment.


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