Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018

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Father’s Day is rapidly approaching, so now is the time to rattle your brains for some gifting inspiration. Short of it? Not to worry. We have browsed the shelves, so to speak, for our top Father’s Day presents to give this year. We’ve got every kind of dad in mind, so read on to gain some well-deserved brownie points.

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This year, boys and girls, Father’s Day falls on Sunday 17th June 2018. We repeat, the 17th June 2018. There it is; now you have no excuse to miss it – you have been warned.

Whether your dad is a fashion-lover, a food enthusiast or a grooming nerd, we have gathered an array of gifts to make sure he is happy on Father’s Day. From the latest Braun shaving technology to a pair of Axel Arigato trainers to bring the ‘Dad Trend’ home where it belongs, we’ve got your backs.

What To Buy

Braun Series 9 Men’s Electric Shaver

No man should go without a decent shave. It’s one of those life-changing factors. Feeling a bit off? Have a shave. Bad day? Have a shave. Got trouble with the in-laws? Have a shave. Ok, it might not be that extreme, but once you have a Braun Series 9 in your hands, you’ll realise shaving doesn’t actually get more serious than this.

The Braun Series 9 is a whole level (or ten) up from any shaving experience you or your dad is used to. Being a wet and dry razor with 5 synchronized shaving elements, you can use it in pretty much every way. It’s built to stand the test of time (approximately for seven years, in fact), and is made with the world’s strongest Sonic technology and an intelligent AutoSensing motor which means you can shave more hair, quicker. It’s waterproof and has a Titanium coating, so you’re not falling short on high-quality. If your dad is used to having wet shaves, don’t fret. He can still use all of his gels and foams with this Series 9 razor for a smoother finish.

Find your Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver on the boots website.

Braun Series 9

Spray tan!

Spray tanning isn’t just for women or Love Island extras. Celebrities galore including David Gandy and Oliver Cheshire have proven that a subtle glow can be worth a lot. We went to the W Hotel for a spray tan with spray tanner to the stars James Harknett and could not recommend one enough.

Step into a calm oasis just off Leicester Square for a discreet but masculine tan; James makes sure that every tan is matched perfectly to the clients natural skin tones, so don’t worry there’s no chance you’ll end up like Ross from Friends. Our operations manager went and came back with a deep and very natural looking tan that lasted for an impressive 10 days with a little bit of moisturising. Most importantly for a guy the tan didn’t rub off and looked very natural – the perfect gift for any well-groomed Dad. Explore the full menu here: https://www.jamesharknett.co.uk/menus/the-man-tan/


Here’s one for the health conscious dad. It’s a well-known fact that a) dads tend to become a little complacent with their figures, no matter how hard they try, and b) protein is expensive. So, what’s a better Father’s Day gift than buying him some top-quality protein to help aid his workouts? Don’t be insensitive – only actually get this as a gift if it’s something he is into. There’s nothing quite like knocking a pint out of your dad’s hand and replacing it with a heavy bag of protein and sending his confused, sad self on his way.

This is where Rejuvenated come into play. Rejuvenated doesn’t just make protein, it makes a whole load of supporting supplements that go hand-in-hand with dieting and exercise, making the results far more effective. From collagen shots and H30 night repair and hydration to re-set capsules to help with metabolism, there is something to suit every father. Meal plans and recipes come included, too – it’s like your personal trainer in the post! What’s best? It all actually tastes good and the results are evident.

Find your Rejuvenated staples on the website.

Rejuvenated Protein
PHOTO CREDIT: Rejuvenated

Axel Arigato

This past season, the dad trend has taken the fashion industry by absolute storm. Every young person – and ironically young people who aren’t actually dads – have adopted the trend to make it their own. Now, the dad trend is the epitome of street style.

We figured, why is it that only the young generation get to enjoy all that the dad trend has to offer? It did, after all, originate from the humble, fashion-clueless father. So, after racking our brains to find the perfect dad shoe FOR dads, we thought of the new Axel Arigato Tech Runners. Coming in a few, staple colourways,  the Tech Runner is the new shoe to revamp your dad’s wardrobe. Take this as an opportunity to reflect some of your well-educated style on to your old man. Our top picks for your dad this Father’s Day are the all white and the black and white colourways of the Tech Runner. Made of premium leather, suede and mesh, style him in these Axel Arigato Tech Runners and a pair of our dad jeans and he’ll feel 10 years younger (and look a whole lot better).

Find your pair on the Axel Arigato website.

Axel Arigato Tech Runners
PHOTO CREDIT: Axel Arigato

Haig Club

Ah, and so the alcohol sector of the Father’s Day Gift Guide commences. And what better way to kick it off than with the most stylish bottle of whisky money can buy you? Gents, it’s Haig Club.

Haig Club, the whisky that’s in partnership with icon David Beckham, is a Single Grain Scotch Whisky that is backed with a whole load of heritage. Looking undeniably suave on anybody’s shelf, Haig Club is one of our whiskies of choice for your dad this Father’s Day. Haig Club has a delicate taste but an intense aroma, making for the perfect celebration drink or wind-down tipple. This Father’s Day, Haig Club have aimed to deliver with a limited-edition gift set of the iconic blue bottle. You can now get a bottle of Haig Club with a complimentary copper hipflask inside – a perfect gift for the dad’s on the go. This is one of our all-time favourites – after you try it, you’ll know why.

Make sure you get the limited-edition set whilst you can and read more about Haig Club on the website.

Haig-club-whisky-fathers-day-best-gift (1)
Haig Club Whisky

Reef Bottle Opening Flip Flops

With summer fast approaching, everyone’s starting to look forward to BBQ’s in the sun and of course the holiday’s they’ve had booked up for months. But with the warmer weather comes the need of summer essentials. One of the top things on this list has to be a decent pair of flip-flops or sliders. Thankfully, Reef have got you covered. The heritage surf-wear brand are back for the summer 2018 season with a plethora of footwear options, including the beloved bottle opener flip-flops. No need to reach for your conventional bottle opener to crack open that ice cold bud, this pair have an easy to use bottle opener concealed in the sole. What more do you need other than comfy slides and beer? Crack open a cold one, kick back, and relax.

Find your pair on the Reef website.

reef-beer-opening-flip-flops-fathers day (1)
Reef Bottle Opening Flip Flops
  • Loch Lomond Whiskies

No one ever said no to more whisky (unless this said person doesn’t actually like whisky – weird). What every whisky-fanatic father needs this Father’s Day is options. Just like women need options of shoes to function, men should have options of whiskies, too.

We’ve stumbled across Loch Lomond Whiskies – a distillery where the whisky is created in the mountainous scenery of Ben Lomond, Scottland. With a heritage dating back to 1814, it’s safe to say that Loch Lomond has all of the boxes crossed. Taste, flavour, texture – you name it, it’s all on point. Now, back to our point about your father being able to have options this Father’s Day. You can either buy a couple of the full-sized bottles of Loch Lomond (a selection of 3 should do the trick) or, and less expensively, you could opt for the Loch Lomond Gift Set. This delightful taster pack includes 3 convenient 5cl bottles of the Loch Lomond Original (46%), 12-Year-Old (46%) and 18-Year-Old (43%); he can now try them and pick a favourite for himself – if possible.

Make your dad’s Father’s Day with a top selection of Loch Lomond Whiskies from the website.

Loch Lomond Whiskies for Father’s Day 2018
PHOTO CREDIT: Loch Lomond Whiskies

Jimmy Choo Man Blue

No gifting opportunity is complete without a new bottle of aftershave, and this Father’s Day, Jimmy Choo Man Blue is the only, obvious choice. We know, we’re obviously going to tell you this aftershave smells incredible… but it actually does. It’s one of those rare scents that lingers long after you spray it on in the morning – and that’s all you really want from a cologne.

The scent is classy, sophisticated and masculine with a woody, aromatic and leathery aroma. Designed for Jimmy Choo by Nathalie Lorson, Man Blue has notes of fresh sage, bergamot, amber, sandalwood, vetiver and vanilla, coming together to create a smooth blend that sits perfectly on the skin. We’re really picky about the aftershaves we work with, so we wouldn’t put this forward to not only you but your dad, too, if we didn’t think it deserved it. It does – and so does your dad. Coming in a stylish blue bottle, Jimmy Choo Man Blue will make the perfect addition to your dad’s bathroom.

Gift your dad with Jimmy Choo Man Blue this Father’s Day, available from June 4th, from the website.

JIMMY CHOO_MAN BLUE_aftershave-fathers-day-gifts
Jimmy Choo Man BLUE Aftershave

Doughnut Time

Every time should be Doughnut Time – that’s what we think, anyway. Doughnut Time is the new, exciting doughnut destination that, honestly, makes the best doughnuts we’ve had in a while. They’re also huge – every little helps! Their doughnuts are made with the most wonderful (and in some case, nostalgic) themes in mind. Try out their Party Ring doughnut called the Hotline Ring, or how about the Percy Pig doughnut called Notorious P.I.G. Is your dad a fan of Stranger Things? Not to worry – there’s a doughnut for that, too (and it’s called Stranger Rings 2.0 – genius).

You can order Doughnut Time right to your door through Deliveroo just in time for Father’s Day or, alternatively, you could pop to one of their stores to check them out and select a few of your (and your dad’s) favourites. Trust us – you don’t want to miss out on these; your dad will love you forever.

Check out the range and the stores on the Doughnut Time website.

doughnut-time-London-Fathers-day-gift-Notorious P.I.G (2)
Doughnut Time Doughnuts For Father’s Day
PHOTO CREDIT: Doughnut Time

Simon Doonan’s Saturday Night Fever Pitch

There will be more than a few of you reading this who has a football-crazed father. If you do, this is the gift for him. Simon Doonan is a football fan and a fashion enthusiastic in one. Marrying together these interests, he wrote a book called Saturday Night Fever Pitch – a hardback book exploring all of the football greats and passing humorous commentary about their styles over the years. Ever wondered how to look like Beckham? Interested to re-visit ‘way-back-when’ when football fashion was so different? ‘Wayne – is that you with all that hair?’

Talking about not only haircuts and styles, Doonan delves into some of the best players’ tattoos and even cars. It’s a real inside read – the new football gossip bible for men.

Pick up a copy for your dad this Father’s Day from June and check out Simon’s website.

Saturday Night Fever Pitch Book
PHOTO CREDIT: Laurence King

Heaven Skincare

Skincare is an integral part of everybody’s lives – yes, guys, that includes you, too. We simply can’t go on without decent skincare, whether that’s a splash of moisturiser or a daily dash of SPF. This is why we have picked out some of the Heaven Skincare men’s products for you to gift your dad with this Father’s Day.

Heaven Skincare is a brand curated by Deborah Mitchell. Using all natural and organic products, you can be assured that your father will be doing his skin a whole load of good with a selection from this range. Stuck/spoilt for choice? We recommend you opt for the Pre-Shave Scrub and the M4M Anti-ageing moisturiser. Together, these products will see him through a morning routine, every day. Not sure if you should take our word for it? Well, take everyone else’s, as Deborah Mitchell has won 25 Stevie Awards (which is good, by the way).

Find the right Heaven Skincare men’s products for your dad this Father’s Day on the website.

Heaven Skincare For Men

Bulldog Grooming Products

The popular assumption that most men don’t take care of their skin is now totally redundant. Come on, it’s 2018. If you don’t have a solid skincare routine by now you really need to look into the subject a little more. The modern man should be decked out with a vast array of product. Thankfully, the team over at Bulldog Skincare have got you covered. The brand has been around for several years now, and continues to grow rapidly as more men discover their extensive range of skincare products.

For May 2018, Bulldog has released two brand new products. First up is the Age Defence Eye Roll-On. Are you tired of shadowy dark circles under your eyes? Aside from sleeping more and drinking less alcohol (not always possible) there’s not a lot you can do. Until now, that is. Bulldog’s latest product has been formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. Next up on the list is Bulldog’s original stubble moisturiser. Men with stubble often complain that moisturiser leaves the hair on their face feeling greasy and uncomfortable. This has been formulated specifically for men with stubble to hydrate the skin and stubble without leaving facial hair feeling sticky. Ingredients include aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea.

If you’re stuck on a gift for a father this father’s day, check out Bulldog Skincare’s full range over on the website.

Bulldog Skincare

Beoplay Beolit 17 Speaker

Music makes the world go round (or it helps, anyway). Whether your dad is an old-school kind of guy or likes to think he is ‘down with the kids’, what better gift can you possibly give than the gift of high-def music?

We have completely fallen for Beoplay – the brand that brings the best sound quality to every human. You can opt for headphones or earphones, or – if you’re like us and you don’t do things by halves – opt for one of their speakers, instead. Our Beoplay speaker of choice is the Beolit 17; The most impressive Bluetooth speaker you’ll ever set your eyes (and ears) on. With a battery life of 24 hours and 2 x 35 watts Class D for bass and treble (wow), this speaker is not only a gift for your dad but also a gift for you (that’s if you live together, of course). You can connect it up or carry it around by its premium leather strap, making it perfect for every occasion imaginable. Rechargeable, stylish and 100% powerful, look nowhere else to bring musical joy to your dad this Father’s Day.

Check out the entire range on the Beoplay website.

Beoplay Beolit 17 Speaker


If you don’t know – get to know. We’re on a mission to get dads all over the world out of flip-flops and instead, into a pair of fresh slides. Or Slydes, should we say?

Slydes have it all covered. Style and comfort are the most important factors when wearing a pair of these staple shoes. Ideal for holiday fashion, lounging around in or even just wearing as part of your summer wardrobe (because these ones are so nice, that you can), your dad (and you, at that) needs to bag a pair of the most popular summer shoe this season.

From the catwalk runway to the run to the local shops, sliders should be your dad’s go-to shoe. Is he a sandal kind of guy? Help him out! He needs the advice of young, fashionable offspring to keep him looking good. There are a plethora of style choices to choose from at Slydes, so whatever his wardrobe looks like, we’re sure you can find a pair that’ll slide right in. (Pun intended).

Check out the Slydes range on the website.

Buy Your Dad Slydes This Father’s Day

Brew Your Own Book

Dads love beer: It’s written in the stars. Do you know what else dads love? Accomplishment. What do you get when you mix these together? Well, other than a very drunk dad, you get the satisfaction of seeing him accomplish his very own homebrew.

This is where the Brew Your Own book comes in. This is a paperback book rammed with the top recipes for IPAs, stouts and lagers. There are 300 recipes, meaning no matter what type of beer your dad is into, he is bound to find something he likes to teach him to cook up a storm. With recipes from top award-winning American craft breweries including Brooklyn Brewery, Deschutes, Firestone Walker, Hill Farmstead, Jolly Pumpkin, Modern Times, Maine Beer Company, Stone Brewing Co., Surly, Three Floyds, Tröegs, and many more, your dad will be kept busy and boozy this Father’s Day.

Find a copy for your dad here.

Brew Your Own Beer Book
PHOTO CREDIT: Voyageur Press

31 Dover

31 Dover has come back with another smashing selecting of alcohol perfect for dads this Father’s Day. As you can tell, we can’t get enough of 31 Dover – it has it all (really, it has everything).

This time around, we have opted for the Mr Black Coffee Amaro and the Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey. Coffee and whiskey… what more does a man want?

The Mr Black Coffee Amaro is a bittersweet concoction of rich coffee flavour and deep spice. You can drink it with tonic as part of a cocktail or even straight over a few cubes of ice. This is best enjoyed when chilled – so pop it in the fridge before you serve it up to your dad. He’ll thank you for it.

Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey is a result of the New York bar The Dead Rabbit – the bar of the two Irish names behind the brand, Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry. Together, they have created this signature whiskey which is full of flavour to excite the taste buds and relax the mind.

Find your bottles on the 31 Dover website.

Father’s Day Picks from 31 Dover

Where To Go

No 32 The Old Town

Sometimes – just sometimes – it’s a lot better to actually spend time with your dad on Father’s Day rather than shower him with gifts (or in an ideal world, do both). That’s why we have made a conscious effort to find the best spots for you to take him this year.

Our first stop took us to No 32 The Old Town in Clapham. This place is perfect for the dad who likes loud, fun vibes with great food and even better company. No 32 the Old Town was buzzing from the moment we stepped in. With extremely accommodating staff, we were sat in the midst of the restaurant, surrounded by smiling, laughing customers – always a good sign.  The interior boasts a classic British pub setting with a modernised twist. Neon signs light up the stairs (where you’ll find a table football at the top); there are low hanging, edgy lights and there is a peaceful outdoor area upstairs decorated with festive flowers – perfect for the summer.

When you come to a restaurant like this, you expect to see hearty, comforting but well-executed food on the menu. This is exactly what we got from the new spring menu at No 32 The Old Town. With a large array of starters (including a to-die-for sharing Charcuterie Board) to the perfect selection of mains promising all the British bests from steaks, burgers, risottos and shepherd’s pie, there is bound to be something that takes your fancy. The food was incredible, especially when partnered with one – or a few – of their innovative cocktails showcasing the barmen’s skills. We know we will be coming back, so make sure your dad has a reason to come back, too.

Book your table at the No 32 The Old Town website.

No 32 The Old Town, Clapham
PHOTO CREDIT: No 32 The Old Street

Zip Now London

Is your dad a bit of an adrenaline junkie? If so, this is exactly where you need to take him this Father’s Day. An experience like no other, Zip Now London is currently set up for the summer in the prime location of Archbishop’s Park, hosting their zip line which is an unbelievable 35 metres high. Don’t think that sounds like much? That’s the equivalent of 9 double-decker buses on top of one another – it’s a lot higher than you think… especially when you’re up there! When at the top of the Zip tower, you can enjoy the views of the city, giving you just another perspective that you can remember forever. The zip line can take you up to 50kph; thrill-seeking has never been better.

With a team that make you feel as safe as ever, you can be assured that you are in expert hands when you take your dad to Zip Now. The best part? You can both ‘zip’ at the same time… competitive? We dare you.

Book your experience as soon as possible on the Zip Now website.

Zip Now London for Father’s Day
PHOTO CREDIT: Zip Now London

Mortimer House

Dining at its finest, Mortimer House invites you to experience their new spring menu this season. If you’re going to do this, what better way to celebrate your father by taking him for Father’s Day?

Set in the heart of Fitzrovia, London, Mortimer House is so much more than meets the eye. In a modern six-story house, you can find a gym, a collective workspace and multiple dining areas for general dining or special events. The Art Deco vibes of the building come hand-in-hand with the relaxed, well-mannered atmosphere, making you feel welcome from the second you step in.

The restaurant at Mortimer House showcases an impressive open kitchen where you can see the chef’s preparing the exquisite food that the menu has to offer. Choose from a choice of small plates to start, including Scallops, Soft Shell Crab and many others delicate foods. The main menu doesn’t fall short of excellent, either. Opt for a couple of medium plates or go for a large plate instead. We had steak and grilled octopus – both cooked to perfection. We know a treat when we see one, so we can assure you your dad will too.

Make sure you book your table at Mortimer House as soon as possible for Father’s Day on their website.

Mortimer House
PHOTO CREDIT: Mortimer House

Father’s Day Whisky Tasting Set

Just for Father’s Day, Drinks by the Dram has curated this truly sensational array of whiskies for your Dad (yes, specifically your Dad!). Each tasting set contains 5x 30 ml drams of fantastic whisky, including famous Scotch names from top distilleries, world-beating Taiwanese single malt and even a single barrel bourbon! This year’s Father’s Day gift is in the bag!

BeerBods Gift Subscription

Everyone’s old man loves beer, right? BeerBods have the perfect Father’s Day gift for him. Your dad will receive 12 of the best beers from small, independent breweries around the world, straight to his door every 12 weeks. All of BeerBods subscribers drink the same beer (just one) each week (it takes a bit of willpower not to guzzle them all in one weekend) and share their views with other Bods during live online tasting sessions every Thursday at 9pm. He’ll also receive an email every week telling him the backstory behind that week’s beer, enabling him to wax lyrical about his new craft beer with confidence. How to redeem your gift: Once you have paid, BeerBods will send you a gift certificate by post or by email if you prefer. The gift certificate will have a website link and a code for your lucky dad to redeem his gift online. The beers will arrive a day or two after that.  So don’t worry if you have left it to the last minute.

On That Note

Nothing will rack you up those all-important brownie points like spoiling your dad on Father’s Day. This year, don’t let the gifts be a below average pair of socks. Instead, treat him with one (or some) of the gifts we have picked out for you. From the new Jimmy Choo aftershave to a dinner fit for a father in Fitzrovia, we’ve made sure you (and your dad, of course) will be happy as can be this Father’s Day.


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