A Guide To Feng Shui

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Over 3000 years old, Feng Shui has balanced some people’s lives starting from their homes, all the way to their life experiences. However, it’s also something which confuses many other people who don’t truly understanding the meaning behind it all. 

Whether you’re interested in bringing Feng Shui into your home, or you’re just intrigued and want to learn more, Feng Shui is an old Chinese art and science which thousands of people practicing Feng Shui believe has helped them structure their entire lives. It has bought peace, ambition, love, wealth and even more to them by discovering their individual needs and energy.

The basics of Feng Shui is to de-rid your home of clutter and bring balance into your life. The two most important accessories for bringing Feng Shui into your home are firstly, using an energy map or “Bagua” as it is known, as you must map out your entire home and secondly, using a “Luo-Pan” a Chinese compass to find the right place and direction for your furniture. With these two accessories, you’ll be able to define particular areas of your home to match certain aspects of your life, for example, a place defined for love/relationship is a good place to put a picture of you and your partner.

Translating to “wind” and “water” another important aspect of Feng Shui, are the five elements, Earth, Wood, Fire, Water, and Metal. Understanding these is crucial in order to bring balance to your life – the way in which you introduce the elements into your home is through colours, fabrics, and materials.

Nothing short of complicated, Feng Shui is a lot to get your head around. In an attempt to make the whole concept of Feng Shui a little less complicated, here is how you can define the five elements into your home.


For stability and nourishment, you can add the colours of earth into your space, these are orange, brown and yellow. This Moxon chair comes in a variety of colours so it can be incorporated into many of the elements, it would work well in a calming space in the colour yellow where you can take time for yourself to be nourished.

Photo credit: Moxon
Photo credit: Moxon


Enhance the element of wood in your home for improving flexibility, life, and kindness. You can use wooden furniture or incorporate the colours, green, blue and brown into your space. Push // Pull are a vintage furniture brand who create and restore old/vintage furniture. Their vintage bentwood chairs are an ideal addition to your space if you’re looking to incorporate the element of wood into your home.

Photo credit: Push // Pull
Photo credit: Push // Pull



Seeking fluidity, wisdom or intelligence? Then water is the element you’ll need to focus on. Keeping to tones of either black or blue throughout your space, surprisingly bringing a darker tone such as black can work well with other neutral colours creating a contemporary finish, just like Menu’s soft grey fabric armchair. Or another way to bring the element of water into your space is by adding a mirror, this expands your room and makes it feel more fluid.

Photo credit: OPUMO


The colours used to represent fire are bold, such as orange, red, pink and yellow, most people tend to shy away from this colour palette in general as they can be tricky to place into a home. However a fun way to experiment with these colours is through art. OPUMO has a great selection of art and in particular these two pieces by artists Taylor and Barzanji who use the fire colour palette tastefully, making it a creative way to bring this bold element into your home.

Art work by Charlotte Taylor. Photo credit: OPUMO
Art work by: Tishk Barzanji. Photo credit: OPUMO


The element of metal is used when searching for righteousness, contraction or joy. Often grey and white are used to express metal, although you can also use metallic colours. Industville specialise in designing and manufacturing industrial lighting and furniture. They use chrome and metallic colours for their inspired pieces, creating many interesting possibilities for bringing the element of metal into your space.

Photo credit: Industville
Photo credit: Industville


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Over 3000 years old, Feng Shui has balanced some people’s lives starting from their homes, all the way to their life experiences. However, it’s...
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