5 Essential Things To Pack For a Weekend Away

5 Things To Pack For a Weekend Away - PHOTO CREDIT: Modern Gentlemen Magazine

Going on a weekend away anytime soon? Then check out this simple guide so you’ll never have to struggle packing again. 

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We’ve all been in need of that weekend retreat. They’re fun and incredibly relaxing, and though they’re a little short for our liking, they’re far from a bore. The only real catch is deciding what to pack for your trip. Every item counts for a weekend away, so you have to choose (somewhat) wisely.

It goes without saying that there are a few things that we might consider essential to the mission; things you just can’t go without. So, here at The Idle Man we’ve compiled a short but concise list of some of the things that you might need when you’re on your travels. From travel bags to water bottles, we’ve got you covered.

Item One: The Travel Bag

This spot on bag by Herschel comes with a very generous amount of storage space and, conveniently, a separate compartment for footwear, so if you’re so inclined (and you should be) you can take two pairs of shoes with you. If you’re content with just the one, however, the extra compartment could easily double up as more storage space for your other things.

The fine and striped superstructure, made from nylon, is topped with leather handles, a two-way zip and a detachable strap, although you’ll never want to remove it; you’ll look way too cool with this thing slung over your shoulder. You’re already doing your weekend away with style, and you haven’t even left yet. That’s a style that only Herschel can give you!

Herschel Novel Duffle Bag Navy
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Item Two: The Wash bag

We’re coming at you with another cracking bag from Herschel. This wash bag, like the main bag before it, is somewhat mandatory. It’s quite big for a wash bag, but it’s practical and smart, coming equipped with a frontal pouch and a waterproof zip for added security. So, in the unfortunate even that your aftershave or shampoo decides to leak, you won’t ruin your clothes with a messy spillage. Breathe that sigh of relief.

Herschel Supply Co. Chapter Wash Bag Navy
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Item Three: The Water Bottle

A word to the wise: a weekend away without a hiking or walking trip is hardly worth taking. Always make sure that the area you’re off to has at least one incline of five degrees or more. If this prerequisite isn’t met, you should think on your sins.

Anyway, hydration is key when you’re wandering around, especially if you’re out and about for hours on end. With this bottle you’ll make drinking water look far more stylish than it deserves; throw away those energy drink bottles you keep re-using and invest in this fine piece of silicon from Black & Blum, with a cork top to boot. This is the bomb; you can rest assured that the faint metallic taste of tap water will be, ahem, drowned out as it s passed through the charcoal filter before it hits your lips.

Black & Blum Box Appetit Eau Good Water Bottle Blue
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Item Four: The Hoodie

All hail the unspoken heroes of wardrobes the world over: the hoodieHoodies are great. They keep you warm when it’s chilly, you look like a boxer if you wear one to a workout, they can keep you dry (to an extent) and they’re perfectly suited to those sofa days.

There is no denying the flexibility of this particular piece of clothing. This design from The Idle Man is comfortable and comprised mostly of cotton, with elasticated cuffs and hem. You get an adjustable hood so you can walk around looking like an Eskimo, or perhaps with wear the hood loosely in a devil may care sort of way. You could wear this hoodie at almost any time, and through this alone it should earn its place in your bag.

The Idle Man Zip Through Hoodie Navy
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Item Five: The Sunglasses

Okay, so maybe you won’t be flying whilst you wear the, but the Aviators by Ray-Ban are some of the finest shades around. You might even get away with wearing them indoors (the light bulbs might be rather dazzling). Their great shape, light weight and metal frame (not to mention the leather pouch they come with) have attracted some rather famous people.

They flat out scream ‘style,’ whether you’re wearing them on a sunny summer day or you’re shielding your eyes from the savage rays of the low autumn sun. Sunglasses are an essential asset to any weekend trip, if only to give yourself that bit of suave.

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses
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And On That Note

So, if you’re off on a fancy weekend away anytime soon then make sure you have these items in your travel arsenal. You probably never thought of packing some of these things, but here at Idle HQ we like to remind you of the little things in life.

Invest in a proper travel bag rather than that tattered sack you’ve been using for the past ten years. Herschel are some of the best in the business for designing and making practical and stylish travel bags and travel accessories for you to choose from. The classic hoodie is something that everyone needs in their travel bag – make sure you go for comfort and style at the same time.

You’re bound to get thirsty on you trip so why not pack handy and practical water bottle from Black & Blum. Its charcoal filtered attachment filters your water allowing you to drink only the best and purist water around, Fancy right? It doesn’t matter where you’re off to, just make sure that you’ve got these on your check list before you get in the car and forget them!