Grooming Guide

Here at The Idle Manwe’ve joined forces with the leading barbers and hairstylists in the UK to cover all of your male grooming queries. Find expert advice and tips on men’s grooming and how to keep yourself looking sharp as hell. Our dedicated editorial team will provide you with everything you need to know about grooming a beard, shaving sets, shaving accessories, and so much more.

Men’s Grooming

Thanks to our men’s grooming tips you’ll be an expert on how to take care of your skin and hair as well as learning the perfect beauty routines to get rid of unpleasant problems like dark circles around your eyes. Whether you need some moustache grooming tips or want to know about the best beard moisturiser, we’ve got you covered.

Men’s Grooming Products and Tips

As well as having access to our expert grooming tips for men, you’ll also have the chance to find the right  men’s grooming products for your hair, beard and skin types. Here you’ll find an extensive range of grooming tips including advice on growing beards and the top fragrances for each season.

Why not check out some of our new and exciting aftershave and men’s fragrance brands like Laboratory perfumes. Featuring some of the best male grooming kits from brands like Filmore, we cover everything from beard grooming to the best shampoo. Whether you’re looking for shaving cream, shaving brushes or aftershave balm, there’s something for everyone.