The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

That time of year has finally crept back upon us, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be all too accustomed to that annual last-minute rush of buying appropriate Christmas presents. Not this year! We are prepared for Christmas 2017 with our Ultimate Gift Guide, so now you can be too.

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This year, we are bringing you our extensive selection of Christmas gifts that come under a whole load of price brackets to suit everyone. We also understand that shopping for women, from a man’s perspective, can be a nightmare, so we’ve stocked up on women’s gifts that men need to buy too. You’re welcome.


If you’re really that stuck on what to gift this Christmas, there is no way you can go wrong with a bottle of booze. Play your cards right, and giving a bottle for Christmas will be a present for you too (so make sure you pick one that you like).

Disaronno Limited Edition Missoni Bottle

For the fifth consecutive year, the most famous Italian liqueur in the world Disaronno introduces a new limited edition bottle, Disaronno wears Missoni – the essential drink for the season. The bottle showcases the iconic zigzag stripes of the brand, featuring orange, yellow and green hues. The warm tones from the liqueur compliment the bottle itself, which can be seen through the transparent sections of the bottle. In addition, they have also released a lovely range of six mini bottles, each sporting a different bright colour, available in packaged sets of three.

Once again, the Disaronno bottle has become a real collector’s item, the essential gift for fashion addicts who do not want to miss out on the taste of Disaronno – even during the festive season. Created for the limited edition, the Disaronno Wears Missoni Sour cocktail mixes the distinctive taste of Disaronno with lemon, grenadine and blue curaçao.

Read more about the limited edition collaboration and pick up a bottle yourself over at Disaronno.

disaronno missoni

Limited-Edition Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

We’re a sucker for a festive edition of a well-loved drink. Sailor Jerry did not disappoint, as it releases its limited-edition spiced rum – the perfect drink for this season. This bottle has been designed to celebrate the legacy of Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins, whose tattoo designs were a favourite amongst the rum fans. His tattoo designs of the rose and the eagle have been translated on the bottle to pay tribute to his earlier days tattooing fellow soldiers at his make-shift tattoo parlour during World War II-era Hawaii (fun fact!). This makes the limited-edition Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum more than just a bottle, and one that rum lovers and tattoo enthusiasts will appreciate.

If you’re not a rum fan, consider trying this spiced rum regardless. The taste tends to be much sweeter than a straight rum, making it easier on the palate. It also offers a great punch when mixed with ginger beer, or our personal favourite, pineapple juice.

Read more about the legacy of Normal Collins on their website, and get your limited-edition bottle now, in all major supermarkets.

Limited-edition Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
PHOTO CREDIT: Sailor Jerry

Mexican Heritage Tin Silver Patrón

Tequila is always a winner at Christmas, especially when Grandma is involved. This season, up your Tequila game by getting your hands on a bottle of Silver Patrón, made for the brave. This season, Silver Patrón has released their limited-edition Mexican Heritage Tin which will make the gift of tequila that bit more special.

The design on the tin symbolises Mexico’s colourful, vibrant heritage, featuring the two symbols of Aztec and Mayan folklore: the peacock and the jaguar. Silver Patrón itself is made in small batches from 100% Weber Blue Agave, making sure every bottle is to be treasured as much as the last. This tin is great for keeping possessions in or simply for jazzing up your drinks cabinet. Add this straight to your Christmas shopping list if you know any tequila admirers.

Get yours now, over on the Selfridges website.

Silver Patrón Limited-Edition
PHOTO CREDIT: silver Patrón

Tails Cocktails

As fun as Christmas day is, it can get tremendously stressful with the family and especially with the food. With so much going on, and with humans only having so many arms, it can be tricky to cater to everybody’s alcohol needs. What we really need is a brand who make amazing, premium ready-to-drink cocktails in as many flavour variations as we would possibly need; what we need is Tails cocktails.

Tails Cocktails are everything we ever needed for the festive season. What they bring is cocktails quickly, easily and tasting better than we’d be able to conjure up anyway. Coming in classic flavour options including Espresso Martini, Pornstar Martini and Mojito and some more adventurous concoctions of Elderflower Collins and Moscow Mule, there is bound to be a cocktail that will suit everyone this Christmas. You’d be truly mad not to stock up on these ASAP.

Find your favourite cocktail on the Tails Cocktails website.

Tails Cocktail Flavours
PHOTO CREDIT: Tails Cocktails

Edinburgh Beer Factory’s Bunk! Liquid Art Gift Packs

Can we ever have enough beer in one place at Christmas? We think not. We also think that beer makes a great gift, and there’s no better beer gift than one with a flair.

The Edinburgh Beer Factory is a family run brewery, and this season they have created two top beer sets designed for the art and beer lovers of the world. These sets celebrate Eduardo Paolozzi, an Edinburgh-born artist who has been given the title of the Father of Pop Art. As one of Britain’s most influential post-war artists, Edinburgh Beer Factory has drawn out everything great about him, and of course about beer, and moulded them together to create the Bunk! Liquid Art Gift Packs.

These hefty packs come with 3 bottles of the all-new BUNK! beer range (Edinburgh Brown, Smoky Wheat and Cherry Saison), a half pint Edinburgh Beer Factory glass, a set of 3 BUNK! print beermats, a BUNK! magnetic bottle opener, a ‘Headlines from Horrors Ville’ poster.

Find your Bunk! gift pack on the Edinburgh Beer Factory website.

Bunk! Liquid Art Gift Packs
PHOTO CREDIT: Edinburgh Beer Factory

Old Forester x Kingsman: The Golden Circle Whisky

Whisky fan and a film fan? Now you can enjoy two for the price of one, as The Kingsman partners with Old Forester Whisky.

This bottle of Old Forester was made especially for the latest Kingsman film – Kingsman: The Golden Circle. This is the first collaboration of its kind which makes this bottle that little bit more special this Christmas. This bottle is a limited-edition, so if you have seen the film and want to drink what they’re drinking (and, let’s face it, who wouldn’t?) then you better get yours hands on this quick. The bourbon has a rich flavour, gained through the selected intence barrels that made the limited batch.

As if it this whisky isn’t good enough, when you buy one, you’ll get a free digital copy of The Kingsman: The Golden Circle. What are you waiting for?

Get your bottle now on Amazon.

Old Forester Whisky

Drinks By The Dram Whisky Crackers

Give your crackers an extra bang this Christmas with the Drinks By the Dram Whisky Crackers. These crackers are bound to liven things up as they’re each filled with a different 30ml bottle of Whisky. The whisky includes the finest selection to make sure everyone is satisfied. These include Port Askaig 8 Year Old, Tamdhu 10 Year Old, Glenfiddich Experimental Series – IPA Cask Finish, Jim Beam Double Oak, Loch Lomond 12-Year-Old and Roe and Co Irish Whiskey.

Keeping the proper Christmas cracker tradition, each cracker also has a terrible hat and an even worse joke, so you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything over the dinner table. These crackers are available from, where you will find an extensive range of everything alcohol, including some other amazing festive gifts.

Make your Christmas that bit better with the Drinks By Dram Wisky Crackers from the website.

Drinks By Dram Whisky Crackers


There’s nothing like getting your hands on a new adult toy to play with on Christmas day. Of course, we are referring to a new bit of technology. From wireless headphones to booming Bluetooth speakers, we’ve got the best that 2017 has to offer.

Personalised Vinyl by Cutsy x MixPixie

We truly believe this is by far one of the most exciting and thoughtful gifts you can ever give someone. It’s like we’ve gone old school twice, as mixtapes meet vinyl. If you’re a vinyl fan, you’ll understand that no sound compares to that of a vinyl record. As nice as a mixtape on a CD is, there’s something amazing about being able to hand over a vinyl featuring some handpicked songs to make someone happy. It’s a step up and it’s definitely a gamechanger.

Cutsy – the vinyl cutting specialists – has collaborated with MixPixie to allow this idea to come to life. MixPixie has a huge range of songs which all have the special licensing you need, which eliminates all of the hard work for us. When we say a huge range, we really mean it. You’ll struggle to find something they don’t have (they even have Hannah Montana – not that we checked). Cutsy makes sure that the sound is of the best, most authentic quality before they get to work, so your vinyl is guaranteed to be a masterpiece every time.

You can create bespoke, personalised 7″ or 12″ vinyl records with your own cover choice from their selection as well as being able to give it your own title. This then gets created by the Cutsy genius’ and shipped straight to your door. We really don’t think there is any better gift than this.

Create your vinyl on the MixPixie website or on the Not On The Highstreet website.

Personalised Vinyl Record

RIVA Arena Speaker

RIVA is a young company, but that hasn’t stopped it coming into the market with an absolute boom. Fighting to be the best, RIVA has released their RIVA Arena Wireless Bluetooth speaker, designed with every bit of expertise and care to play amongst the speaker giants. The RIVA Arena packs an absolute punch. It’s one of those speakers that when you first hear, you can’t quite believe could possibly be coming from such a small speaker. The sound quality is simply first-class, and one that you don’t realise you need until you hear it.

Features of the RIVA Arena include best-in-class connectivity options, unlimited streaming options, patented Trillium™ audio technology and an impressive 50 watts of power. You can listen to your Arena speaker plugged in to charge, or remotely with the Arena battery, sold separately, which gives the speaker a whopping 20-hours battery life. Compatible with IOS, AirPlay and more, you can control your speaker form your phone with absolute ease.

Get your speaker now on the RIVA website.

RIVA Arena Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

SOL Republic Amps Air

Wireless headphones are the next big thing and soon enough everyone will be using them. Other than the one downside of them appearing that you’re ignoring everyone (because they don’t see them in your ear), there are many advantages to a pair of wireless earphones. We have picked out the SOL Republic Amps Air to feature this Christmas.

The SOL Republic Amps Air is a wireless earbud that is perfect for those who hate untangling the wires of their earphones time and time again. They have unparalleled Bluetooth® wireless technology whilst offering comfort in the ear as you wear them. The sound quality is good and they don’t take too long to get used to. Not enough for you? You have the options of rose gold and black, so there’s a pair that’ll suit us all.

These headphones are a particularly good idea if you’re a gym goer, as it’ll eliminate the wire-machine issues. Each pair comes in a case where you are able to charge them up on the go. This case is rechargeable, so you’ll never have to go without your headphones.

Find yours now on the SOL Republic website.

SOL Republic Amps Air

Festive Food

It’s impossible to have too many nibbles at Christmas – all-day snacking is what makes the day so fulfilling. If you’re wondering what to get the food-lovers for Christmas, hopefully, these finds will give you some inspiration.

The Tea Makers Flowering Tea Gift Set – For Her

Tea really does make the world go round, and if you have a woman in your life who is never seen without a cuppa in her hand, this is the perfect gift for her (or him) this Christmas.

The Flowering Tea Gift Set is one of The Tea Makers’ best sellers, and after trying it out ourselves, we know why. Ideal for all of the green tea lovers, the Flowering Tea Gift Set is both amazing to look at and amazing in taste. The set comes with a 450ml Zenshi Glass Teapot and a tin filled with 10 individually wrapped flowering tea bulbs. These tea bulbs come in a variant of flavours, including “Oriental Beauty” Green Flowering Tea, “Jasmine Ring” Jasmine Green Flowering Tea and “Perfect Rose” Green Flowering Tea Bulbs. They are so easy to use – all you have to do is place the bulb at the bottom of the teapot, fill it with boiling water and watch the bulb grow and come to life. Each pot serves about 2 decent sized mugs of green tea.

The Tea Makers sell other flowering bulbs you can use when yours run out, or alternatively, take a look at their whole range full of incredible flavours (we have our eyes on their new Christmas blend).

This is a premium, unique version of green tea that ticks all of our boxes. Get yours now over on The Tea Makers website.

The Tea Makers Flowing Tea Gift Set
PHOTO CREDIT: The Tea Makers

Sushi Kit from Japan Centre

This is one for the foodie. Have you ever wanted to try to make your own sushi, but not have the tools to do so? We wouldn’t even know where to start. Luckily, our problems have now been solved with thanks to Japan Centre and their Sushi Kit.

Sushi making has now been made as easy as it can possibly be – which by our books is still pretty tricky. This kit by Japan Centre has everything you need to get going. The pack comes with an impressive 9 items of premium sushi rice, nori seaweed, sushi vinegar seasoning, soy sauce in a dispenser, sushi ginger, wasabi paste, white sesame seeds, a bamboo sushi rolling mat and some patterned wooden chopsticks. All you need to complete your sushi is the filling you want to eat, be it fish, duck or avocado.

This is the ideal gift for friends, family or a partner where you can bond (or argue) over the struggles of making your own sushi in the comforts of your home.

Get you sushi kit from the Japan Centre website.

Sushi Kit
PHOTO CREDIT: Japan Centre

Mr Stanley’s

No Christmas would be the same without ludicrous amounts of sweets to binge on all day long, and we think if you’re going to do it, do it properly. That’s why we’ve picked Mr Stanley’s.

Mr Stanley’s bring back that authentic twist to sweets and chocolate, so no matter who you have round on Christmas day, be it the kids or the grandparents, there will be something to suit everyone. Take a pick from their selection of famous and nostalgic sweets, including Chocolate Cigars (kid friendly), Liquorice pipes (also kid friendly), Chocolate Sardines, Turkish Delight and Candy Canes. Perfect for filling in a sweet bowl or popping in stockings, look nowhere else for your sweet fix this Christmas.

Stock up on your Mr Stanley’s, and take a look at their Christmas collection on their website.

Mr Stanley’s Christmas Collection
PHOTO CREDIT: Mr Stanley’s

The Modern Pantry

Christmas is one of the rare occasions that, no matter how old we are, we can’t wait to get up in the morning. Better yet, getting up in the morning is no struggle at all. That’s why we believe that, as well as the presents, there should be something worth getting up for. Breakfast.

A good breakfast is something to be treasured, so why not make your Christmas Day breakfast that little bit more special? In order to do this, you need to check out The Modern Pantry. You can order directly from The Modern Pantry website and stock up on marvellous jams and chutneys that burst with natural flavour to spice up your Christmas. They also do plenty of other hampers which will happily last you throughout the day. Trust us, if you do this for Christmas, you’ll want to have enough of The Modern Pantry to last you until Christmas 2018.

Stock up now on The Modern Pantry website.

The Modern Pantry
PHOTO CREDIT: The Modern Pantry

Smith & Sinclair

If you’re looking for the ideal stocking filler for the alcohol/sweet lover but struggling to pick which gift to go for, why not combine the two with a box of Edible Cocktails. Whether they’re a big gin drinker or more of a vodka person, Smith & Sinclair have a selection that’ll get you in the mood for a sweet treat. And by treat, we mean alcohol.

Ultimately the adult pic n’ mix, the gin, vodka and mixed cocktail selection provide you with the alternative gift you’ve been looking for. The jelly-like treats hold a kick at 7% ABV per pastille, so you won’t be sharing these with anyone other than yourself!

Take a look at their selection on the Smith & Sinclair website.

Smith and sinclair mixed cocktails
Smith & Sinclair Whiskey Cocktails
PHOTO CREDIT: Smith & Sinclair


Now for our very random selection of men’s and women’s gifts to inspire you when you have no idea what to get for anyone this Christmas. We’ve made sure we have all areas covered.

Gingerlily Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Sleep doesn’t get more luxury than when you have a Mulberry Silk Pillowcase from Gingerlily – and that’s spoken from experience and a week-long trial.

The Mulberry Silk Pillowcase from Gingerlily makes for the best sleep for a few reasons. Firstly, it feels amazing. The pillowcase is made from 100% Mulberry silk making it so soft it quite literally slips through your fingers. Secondly, the pillowcase benefits your skin. Dermatologists have recommended the use of pure silk as an anti-aging tool as it helps skin keep in its natural moisture as well as keeping it soft and reducing/preventing wrinkles. Lastly, the Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is good for your hair, as silk contains high levels of protein which reduces friction and therefore frizz, making sure it remains shiny and healthy.

This pillowcase is quite simply the most relaxing pillow to rest your head on. It’s especially great if you, like us, get hot in the night and usually turn over your pillow to get the cold side. The silk pillow gives that cooling feeling all night long. Gingerlily does a whole range of silk bedding, but we suggest you start with the Mulberry Silk Pillowcase to test the waters. Packaged in a ‘Beauty Box’, and coming in a few colourways, this is the best luxury Christmas present for everyone you know.

Try yours out over on the Gingerlily website.

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase by Gingerlily
PHOTO CREDIT: Gingerlily

The Great Gatsby Manuscript

Here is one for the literacy lovers of the world – the most beautiful and jaw-dropping gift that 2017 has to offer (if you’re into this kind of thing, which we definitely are). The Great Gatsby is an iconic novel written by the icon writer F. Scott Fitzgerald back in the 1920s, and in the 50s, his daughter donated the original manuscript to Princeton Library. Now, we can have a copy of this magnificent book in our own homes.

The Great Gatsby manuscripts are printed from the original copy, showing us the trails of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s own thoughts as he wrote the book, crossing out passages and altering scenes as he went. These manuscripts are created and published by S. P Books, and there are only 1,800 printed, making them a fairly limited, and a very valuable book to own. Each book comes in its own deluxe iron gilded slipcase, giving the sizeable hardback book a neat place to be stored away. They are also all hand-numbered, making them all unique.

This manuscript really is something to behold. Literacy fan or not, there’s nothing about this manuscript that won’t impress you (other than the handwriting, perhaps). If you’re looking for a Christmas gift to give for life – one that can be passed on for generations and generations – this is for you.

Get your hands on a limited-edition copy from the SP Books website.

The Great Gatsby Manuscript

LanaiBLO Personalised Hairdryer

Male or female, if you have hair, this one is one for you. Hairdryers don’t get paid as much attention as they deserve – they are a grooming essential for both sexes. Because of this, we have gone in search of one hairdryer that will surpass your expectations this Christmas.

The LanaiBLO Professional Hairdryer is 2400 Watts, allowing your hair to dry so fast – perfect for those who are always on the go or for those who take far too long. The hairdryer has anti-static technologies which encourage a smooth and shiny finish. Want to know the best bit? The hairdryer is ready for your personalisation.

Coming in a few key colours, you can personalise your hairdryer to give this gift that extra touch. This will make for a hairdryer that will stay with you forever (or until you need a new one). This is a lightweight, powerful hair tool you need to add to your collection now.

Personalise your LanaiBLO on their website.

LanaiBLO Personalised Hairdryer

Build My Gift

When you can’t choose just one gift for someone at Christmas (or any other time of the year), you ideally need to build your own gift from a nifty selection. Enter Build My Gift.

Build My Gift are a brand that takes all the annoying elements of gift giving out of your hands, making it more than easy to pick your own gift from a vast range of products and brands. This is especially good for the blokes who are clueless when it comes to gift giving.

The service allows you to create bespoke hampers, containing whatever you want them to. This means they can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want them to be. The website is easy and straightforward to use, giving you the options of occasion boxes and products ranging from designer perfumes to alcohol, to Christmas crackers. They have products for both men and women, and they’re all branded, so you know exactly what is going into your box.

This makes gifting so easy this season. Make yours over on the Build My Gift website.

Build My Gift Boxes

Dock & Bay

Christmas time is that one period where we tend to let ourselves go and indulge in everything and anything we like. There aren’t many people who will keep up the gym during Christmas, but if you know someone who does, this is the perfect gift for them.

Dock & Bay create microfiber, quick dry towels that are perfect for recovering from the gym sweats. They have now released their new small size which you can whack in your gym bag and take with you no matter what time of the year. A highly impressive 30% of the material they use to create these towels are from recycled bottles, so we know that by purchasing from Dock & Bay, we are doing well for our bodies and from the environment. They are lightweight, and they are so, so soft.

If someone has been going on and on about getting fit for their new year’s resolution, this is the gift they need. We have put the towel to the test and were amazed at how quick it dried and how soothing it felt on the skin.

Check out all their other towels in multiple colours on the Dock & Bay website.

Dock & Bay Gym Towel

Men’s Grooming

Men deserve to keep themselves feeling freshly groomed too, so take a look at our men’s grooming products, great for the males in your life that you never know what to buy, or even as a little treat for yourself.

The Perfume Studio Bespoke Fragrance Gift Set For Men

Here’s a chance for you men to get hands-on and take control over your smell. We’re not talking about jumping in the shower (although you should do this too), we’re talking about having the control over your own aftershave so you can smell exactly how you want (within reason). ‘How?’ we hear you ask? The Perfume Studio, that’s how.

The Perfume Studio has a whole line dedicated to designing your own fragrance (for women too, by the way), where you receive a gift box filled with everything you need. Inside the box, you’ll find 1 glass 30ml atomiser, 6 x pipettes, 6 x scent Strips and an easy to follow instruction booklet to guide you through the process.

You can alter the scent to whatever suits you the most, making it a great gift for someone whose aftershave preference you’re unsure of.

Find your Bespoke Fragrance Gift Set for men (and for women) on The Perfume Studio website.

Design Your Own Fragrance – The Men Collection
PHOTO CREDIT: The Perfume Studio

Men’s Hydra Tan Mist by James Read

Fake tanning shouldn’t be limited to girl-use only – men don’t deserve to look pasty and borderline ill either. At the same time, no man should be covered head to toe in orange fake tan, having spent all evening with a bottle of fake tan and a hefty tanning mitt. The perfect, happy medium? James Read’s Hydra Tan Mist.

The Hydra Tan Mist by James Read is the only fake tan any man will need, and it’s so easy to do, making it the number one choice for see-through men all over the world. The mist itself comes in a clear spray bottle, and it’s designed to be sprayed on the face, neck and back of the neck only. This is a gradual tan, which develops over the span of 5 days. This means you can build up the tan as much or as little as you like. We can tell you, first hand, that this tan works, and gives that subtle glow that you’d expect from a men’s tanning product. They have also made sure the mist is good for your skin, so they have you covered in every angle.

Shop your Hydra Tan Mist on the James Read Tan website.

James Read Hydra Tan Mist
PHOTO CREDIT: James Read Tan


From The Latin Orientals Collection, EISENBERG Paris lets you indulge in their new fragrance Secret I: Palissandre Noir. This is a really classic and show stopping aftershave for men that we fell in love with over our trial period.

The main hints in this fragrance are created with Palisander Wood, Rosewood and Rose, meaning that this frangrance will certainly have you turning heads when you wear it. The scent itself is light yet very strong in the earthiness of its tones, having hints of bergamot, orange blossom and saffron throughout.

You would be looking to pay about €99 for a 30ml bottle, but the fact that you don’t have to use a lot of it to have the frangrance on you all day is really worth the investment. For more details on EISENBERG Paris’ new scent head over to their store.

eisenberg paris palissandre noir
EISENBERG Paris’ new fragrance is certainly a classic

White Glo Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of those things that people are hasty about buying because they don’t like to put their money into a product that they’re not convinced will work, plus, teeth whitening products can be very expensive. That’s why we have found a brand that works for us and that is affordable.

The White Glo has created a new product as part of their Diamond Series. This advanced teeth whitening comes in the form of a whitening paste, with a retainer that you fill up and pop in for 15 minutes or so at a time. You then brush your teeth with the teeth whitening toothpaste to finish. They promise to give you visible, whiter results in just 7 days, or you can have your money back. Trust them, yet?

We put the Diamond Series to the test, and although it’s quite a lot to get used to (the retainer is quite big), over time the results were there.

Treat yourself to whiter teeth this Christmas, or pop one in someones’ stocking. Get hold of your on the White Glo website.

White Glo Diamond Series

For Her

Here are the Christmas gifts you never knew she wanted (but luckily for you, we do). For a new pair of shoes to a new set of hair straighteners, we’ve got your back covered.

Axel Arigato

No woman can have too many pairs of shoes – everyone knows that.

There is a very fine line between smart shoes and trainers, and it’s always been hard to differentiate between the two, until now. Sometimes, you want to look smart but also be comfortable, and Axel Arigato provides the perfect shoes for this. Their trainers are made of 100% Italian calf leather, making them great quality, and their designs are minimal, making them great to pair with every outfit and great for looking smart in. These are also a great option for the commuter, to spare them from the pure embarrassment of wearing the most hideous trainers to board the train.

These handcrafted shoes come in a variety of styles and plenty of colours so that there is a pair (or four) to suit everybody. Axel Arigato shoes are incredibly comfortable, making them the obvious, and only, choice when you want to look great and feel great wearing them. Axel Arigato is a men’s and women’s brand, and they also do a clothing and accessories range if you’re after further ideas for this Christmas.

Take a look at the Axel Arigato range over on their website.

Axel Arigato Women’s Shoes
PHOTO CREDIT: Axel Arigato

GHD V Gold Styler Gift Set

When it comes to hair tools, some people like to stick to what they know. When it comes to having a ‘good hair day’, what girls know is GHDs.

GHDs have been a women’s right hand since the day we discovered our hair didn’t have to look so matted. Very few girls will tell you they haven’t owned at least one pair of GHDs in their life, and if they really haven’t, now is the time to show them what they’re missing.

This Christmas, allow your loved one to have a ‘Good Hair Day’ with a new set of GHD hair straighteners. Using the more traditional method of straightening (two ceramic plates), GHDs are perfect for every hair type. There is no pulling needed to get the desired effect as the plates are designed to glide effortlessly through the hair. Their new festive, Nocturne collection designs are pretty enough to sit under the tree and in her bedroom forever (or at least until she nags you to buy her a new pair).

Give her a ‘Good Hair Day’ with a pair of GHD’s this Christmas, over on the GHD website.

GHD Nocturne Collections

NARS Man Ray Triangle

This one is a perfect Christmas gift for the-girl-you-haven’t-been-with-for-very-long-but-it-would-be-too-awkward-not-to-get-her-a-present’, or simply as a stocking filler. The limited-edition NARS Man Ray Triangles are a great size to give as a little something, and no girl will be disappointed.

The NARS Man Ray Love Triangles come in a variety of five different shades (pick wisely), and each contains a miniature Audacious Lipstick and a blush in coordinating colours. The best part about these Love Triangle miniature products is that they can easily be carried around in a bag for use on-the-go, making them an essential for every girl this Christmas. The Man Ray collection doesn’t stop at the Love Triangles, either. They have a whole collection filled with Christmassy colours that she’d love to have this season.

Get your NARS Man Ray Triangle (or as much other makeup as you please) visit NARS Covent Garden or check out their website.

NARS Man Ray Love Triangle


Christmas is not only a time for drinking, eating and visiting every Christmas market possible. It’s also time to relax, so take a loved one into the New Year with a selection of fizzing bath bombs and moisturising conditioners that’ll pamper them well so they’re left feeling revitalised, refreshed and ready to take on 2018.

Bath bombs, shower gels and fruit flavoured soaps all add to that perfect relaxation routine. So if you’re looking for a gift that’ll be a bath fanatics favourite, of course Lush is the answer. Their Christmas selection is beyond ideal, as it brings all of the festive smells right to your bath tub. Bubbly shower gel, Bucks fizz body conditioner and their golden wonder bath bombs will give you all the feels just in time for the New Year. The hand made cosmetics are all 100% vegetarian, not tested on animals and are naked on packaging so they’re not only beneficial for your skin but for the environment.

If you want to indulge in some relaxation check out their website and get yourself some bath bombs.

lush products christmas
The Lush selection is very festive

InStyler GLOSSIE By InStyler

Men, your girl will never doubt you again if this is waiting underneath the tree this Christmas. If your partner has long hair or is continuously moaning about her frizz being out of control, you need to solve her problems by getting your hands on an InStyler GLOSSIE.

The InStyler GLOSSIE works similarly to hair straighteners, although the tool is a brush, and the bristles are the ceramic plates. Instead of being just two ceramic plates that sandwich the hair between (like in normal hair straighteners), each bristle makes up one of the impressive 65 mini plates which your hair works it’s way around, being straightened as it passes between the bristles and the metal bar.

This gives a lot more surface contact with the hair, ensuring that strands can be straightened with just one slow brush stroke. We’ve given this product a trial, and we love how easy it is to use. We would, however, give one word of warning – brush your hair before you use this product. The brush should not be viewed as a substitute for a brush, it is more of an addition (unless you like your hair pulled out). This gets a thumbs up from us, and it’ll get you brownie points for years.

Get her an InStyler GLOSSIE on the InStyler website.


Art de Parfum

Perfume is a must for every girl at Christmas (like shoes no woman can ever have too many perfumes). If you’re going to get a perfume that you’ll know she’ll love, go for Art de Parfum this Christmas.

A brand that follows a French aesthetic, Art de Parfum brings high quality to the perfume market. All of their fragrances are made with the body and the environment in mind, meaning the fragrances are free of animal testing, free of nanomaterials, free of CMR (a bad thing), free of GMO (another bad thing) and free of colourants. We are absolutely in love with the Sensual Oud and the Gin & Tonic scents, but if you’re unsure, go ahead and order some free samples so you can find your match.

Men – they also do male fragrances, so take a look at these whilst you’re at it. All the colognes and perfumes come in beautiful boxes making them a great gift for this Christmas.

Order yours now on the Art de Parfum website.

Art de Parfum’s Sensual Oud
PHOTO CREDIT: Art de Parfum

Lover Of Luxe

If there’s one thing us girls love, it’s something with our name on it. If you’re going to personalise something this Christmas, but you’re not sure what, head over to Lover Of Luxe for a world of inspiration.

From purses to phone cases and even journals, Lover Of Luxe has all of your personalisation wishes covered. Their range of items all work perfectly together or on their own, and they make great thoughtful gifts for friends, family and partners. If you have someone at work for secret Santa, check out their mouse pads – the perfect gift. For the one who travels, the luggage tags and passport cases are their best go-to products, and for the girl who simply likes to be spoiled at Christmas, the handbags are a favourite of ours. In fact, Lover of Luxe have men covered too. Their selection of cardholders will make a man’s Christmas that little bit better.

See all the rest of Lover Of Luxe’s products on their website.

Lover Of Luxe Gifts

Electric Hair

Buying hair gifts for her can be a struggle, because who knows what they actually want and what each product really does? Electric hair, however, has a selection of top quality, salon approved products that’ll make it a whole lot easier for you to make sure you have the best present under the tree.

Multi-award winning British hairdresser Mark Woolley created the brand with passion, design and innovation in mind. The creativity and excellence that’s brought into each and every recipe has these salon inspired products leaving your hair and scalp feeling hydrated, soft and smelling good. All the bespoke designed products are part of one of the UK’s leading brands, so you’re sure to get the desired hydrating care you’re after.

Their products are available on their website so you can get stuck into choosing the best gift.

Electric Hair products
PHOTO CREDIT: Electric Hair

Lalique Reve d’Infini EDP

If perfume is a definite hint on the Christmas list, but you’re struggling to find the one that suits her down to a tee, look no further. Lalique have a fragrance that takes inspiration from the infinity logo, meaning the pure top notes of bergamot and Freesia helps to light up the fresh peach and rose notes that hit the middle of the perfume.

If fruity and fresh is what you’re after, then this perfume has senses of jasmine, vanilla and cedarwood, giving the aroma a floral heart. A sparkling, sensual fragrance is the perfect Christmas gift for those of you that want to find something new and unique for the one that deserves it the most.

To get your hands on this fruity perfume, head to their website.

Lalique Reve d’Infini EDP

Magnitone Blendup Vibra-Sonic™ Makeup Blending Brush

The Magnitone BendUp Makeup Blending Brush really is a stroke of creative genius. This is a gift that you didn’t know women wanted and women didn’t even know they wanted – but it’s guaranteed to change their lives forever.

The Magnitone BlendUp brush is the perfect Christmas gift for any women who likes wearing makeup. It is great for both the makeup fanatics and the makeup ‘I can’t be bothered’ types, as it isn’t designed for the professionals, but for the everyday female. Developed under the expert guidance of celebrity makeup artist, Paul Herrington, the BlendUp brush is the easiest and most effective tool to use when doing makeup. It gives a professional finish which can be done in half the time, meaning it cuts down mirror time, benefiting both the male and the female. Just trust us when we say this is a great buy this Christmas.

Find your Magnitnone BlendUp Blending Brush on the Magnitone website.

Magnitone BlendUp Brush

Magnitone Barefaced

This Christmas, we can’t get enough of Magnitone and their amazing products. That’s why we have also selected the Magnitone Barefaced, the only cleaner and face toner a girl will ever need (you can use this too, guys).

This brush is an electric cleaning and toning brush that takes off makeup, excess oils and dead skin to leave skin feeling cleaner than ever before. It’s effortless to use and incredibly effective. We love how both Magnitone products speed up the processes that would otherwise take a while – they are perfect for the busy woman. The Barefaced is friendly to all skin types, and it comes with a charger so no day goes by without a clean face. It even has a timer built in (like an electric toothbrush) to inform the user how long to use it. Make someone’s skincare routine a lot more effective this Christmas with the Magnitone Barefaced.

Check them out on the Magnitone website.

Magnitone Barefaced

On That Note

We hope our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide gives you floods of inspiration for what to buy this Christmas. With our top picks of gifts for men, and gifts for men to buy women, we’ve made sure we have covered you in all areas. Enjoy!


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