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saucony discount sale
Saucony sale discount

Saucony Discount codes and Saucony voucher coupons below:

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There are so many quality products on our site, but sometimes you just can’t bring yourself to pay full price for them. We think that’s fair enough, and that’s why we have a range of Saucony discount codes and Saucony discount vouchers to help you justify your purchases. From student discounts to our November Black Friday sale, there’s no reason not to get your hands on everything from versatile jackets and shirts, to specialised Saucony running shoes. So, have a look at some of our Saucony voucher codes and see if there’s anything you like.

Saucony Voucher Code
Saucony Sale
Saucony Student Discount
Free Shipping Saucony Coupon Code
Saucony Discount Code
Saucony Black Friday Sale

If you’re not impressed with the selection of Saucony discount coupons or Saucony voucher codes, then don’t worry, other than our list of Saucony discount codes, we’re also getting prepped for our massive Black Friday sale at the end of November. In our Saucony Originals sale we’ll be offering up to 70% off certain products, giving you the chance to get a range of wardrobe essentials, including some heavily discounted Saucony shoes to suit you.

Saucony Sale

Saucony is one of the leading brands in men’s athletic wear, and their shoes are perfect for everyone from professional sports players to sneaker enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for some iconic Saucony Grid 9000 trainers, or a pair of Saucony Jazz shoes, here’s the place to get them. Their focus on fit, running style and the shape of the foot has ensured that all their shoes have a natural, effortlessly comfortable feel to them. The design and the materials used are also carefully planned to ensure that each trainer has a lightweight, streamlined, and stylish finish.

With Saucony’s advanced sports technology, you’re in the knowledge that you’re getting the best when it comes to athletic wear. Practicality and style are carefully interwoven to create shoes that are perfect for both casual wear and exercise, keeping them a popular choice for sports fanatics to people who just want a comfortable pair of shoes.

Saucont trainers come in a variety of colour variations

How to Use Saucony Discount Codes

Sales come and go, and if you’re not on the ball you can miss out on our great Saucony discount coupons. If you want to stay in the know then why not sign up to our newsletter? We’ll keep you up to date with all our latest sales, provide you with a few good Saucony discount codes from time to time, and keep you educated with our most recent editorial stories. As well as all that, if you sign up now you’ll receive 10% off your first order from The Idle Man. All in all, not a bad deal.

If these Saucony discount vouchers just get you confused, and you’re not sure which one to pick, we’ll have a quick run through the basics of each one. First of all, if you spend over £50 in one shop at The Idle Man we’ll give you free shipping on your order, which just helps to cut out those annoying extra costs.

On of the best Saucony discount coupons we offer is our Refer a Friend scheme that allows you and a pal to build up some credit for the store in an easy, painless way. All you need to do is share your discount code on social media, or invite your friend via email, and they’ll be sent £5 worth of credit to use in store. If they spend over £30 or more in their first shop then you’ll be sent £5 worth of credit to spend in store as well.

If you’re stuck studying then you don’t always have a lot of money or time to buy clothes. We understand this, which is why we’ve created our Student Discount scheme. With a valid NUS or student card you get 10% off certain brands and products all year round, and up to 20% off at certain times of the year. Perfect for using in our Saucony trainers sale.

how to use the idle man discount codes

A Brief History of Saucony

Despite the modern style and features, Saucony is actually a brand with a history that stretches back a long way. It was founded back in 1898, and manufactured shoes, but not necessarily the athletic ones that Saucony are now known for. Twelve years later Russian immigrant Abraham Hyde produced his own company, Hyde Athletic, which, you may have guessed, made athletic shoes.

In the 1960s, Hyde Athletic took the plunge and bought Saucony, combining both companies expertise to create well-formed, carefully manufactured athletic shoes that were perfect for the growing demand on the market. Saucony running shoes are now considered some of the best around, and its popularity has only grown stronger throughout the years.

mens street style saucony shadow 6000 grey tracksuit bottoms green jacket-min
Saucony trainers are perfect streetstyle must haves


Saucony is renowned for its high performance running shoes, quality fabrics and innovative designs. It has set out to create designs perfect for every one, from runners to street style enthusiasts. Saucony deliver a variety of footwear choices, presenting specific features and technology on its different models of trainers, so whether it’s walking, running or trailblazing up unstable terrain, there’ll be something for any activity. During its construction, Saucony focuses on the runner’s foot size, type of running, arch type, and running location, all to produce a natural feel to their trainers. The technology used in the shoe from the materials to the midsole all enhances the trainers’ performance. So if this hasn’t swayed you to buy, have a look at our Saucony discount vouchers and Saucony voucher codes to see if there’s anything you like the look of.


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