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Rains Sale & Discount
Rains Sale & Discount

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The difference between cheap clothes compared to well-made ones can be huge, but unfortunately so can the price tag. If you’re looking for clothing that’s got the right balance of quality and affordability then we’ve got some RAINS discount vouchers and sales that can help you out. Whether you’re after some versatile pieces to get you through the week or a staple design like classic RAINS coats, we’ve got you covered, and you’re bound to find something that’s perfect for you at a price you can afford. So take advantage of the RAINS coupons and RAINS vouchers we’ve put together for you.

RAINS Voucher Code
RAINS Voucher code 
RAINS sale 
RAINS Student Discount
RAINS student discount 
Free Shipping RAINS Coupon Code
RAINS free shipping discount code 
RAINS Discount Code
RAINS discount code 
RAINS Black Friday Sale
RAINS Black Friday sale

If you can’t see anything you like right now, don’t worry, we’re still getting ready for our huge Black Friday sale at the end of November, where we’ll have select products on offer for up to 70% off. You might even be able to get your hands on an elegant RAINS duffle bag at a huge discount if you can get hold of the right RAINS coupon codes to make sure the price is right.


RAINS specialises in, you might have guessed, stylish raincoats that are a far cry from your everyday, fold-up anoraks. Their slim fit and colourful designs have the perfect balance of functionality and style, ensuring that you stay protected from the rain while looking good, as well. Made from a unique light-weight yet strong polyester fabric with an added flexible polyurethane coating, these jackets can be matched with a whole range of outfits while keeping you cool and dry.

It’s not just jackets that RAINS excels in, but bags as well, and its collection of sleek, well-structured designs are just as versatile and elegant as its raincoats. From messenger bags to backpacks, each model has an ideal mix of practical features and classic shapes, making them perfect for everyday looks as well as more elegant styles.

man wearing green raincoat
A man wearing a green raincoat

How to Use RAINS Discount Codes

Want to know when these versatile, sleek raincoats are next on offer? Then why not consider signing up to our newsletter? We’ll ensure you’re kept up to date with all the latest sales, RAINS discount codes, and editorial stories, meaning you can stay well dressed and looking good without having to spend a fortune. On top of the RAINS discount vouchers, to give you a proper welcome, we’ll give you 10% off your first order from The Idle Man.

If RAINS discount vouchers and RAINS voucher codes are great in theory, but not all that clear in reality, then don’t worry, we’ll quickly go over the basics to clear up any confusion. First of all, let’s start with the simplest offer. If you spend over £50 in one shop at The Idle Man then we’ll make your check out a little easier by giving you free shipping.

Next is our Refer a Friend scheme, where we basically give you a discount for telling a friend about the store. Just share your discount code on social media, or invite your friend via email, and we’ll send them £5 worth of credit to spend on something in store. If they find something they like and spend £30 or more in their first shop then we’ll make sure you get £5 worth of credit to spend as well. Seems fair to us and after all there’s always the option of RAINS discount coupons to get yourself a good deal.

Then there’s our Student Discount scheme, where, regardless of how hard you study, if you’ve got a valid NUS or student card you’ll get 10% off certain brands and products all year round, and up to 20% off at certain times of the year. In the meantime you can always keep an eye out for a RAINS voucher codes to get an added reduction on the full price. Whilst you’re waiting for these sales to come around you can always pick up some RAINS discount coupons to use in the meantime. No need to stand out in the rain in a substandard coat, and with these handy discounts, you can grab yourself a proper coat to last you way past your graduation.

how to use the idle man discount codes

A Brief History of RAINS

It’s RAINS-ing discount codes! We couldn’t resist, sorry. Luckily for you, you’re protected whatever the weather. With its technologically advanced materials and clean modern designs, you might be surprised to learn RAINS is a fairly recent addition to the list of fashion brands. Despite only opening in 2013, its strong products and sleek designs propelled it into popularity. Drawing inspiration from its hometown of Denmark, RAINS was able to create a new collection of rain gear and accessories that could deal with the sometimes harsh Danish weather. RAINS discount coupons are the ideal way to pick up a coat without having to pay the full price, what’s not to love about that?

mens street style rains parka coat
A man wearing a Rains parka jacket


Shunning the tradition of boring, bland raincoats for men, RAINS focused its attention on creating practical coats that still had a unique flair and flattering fit. More like elegant trench coats rather than standard waterproof jackets, RAINS coats are perfect for bridging the gap between classic outerwear and practical apparel. Now that you know about its past, it’s time to grab yourself some RAINS voucher codes or get hold of some RAINS coupons and get shopping.


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