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Novesta trainers have a classic, versatile style that works perfectly for a huge range of casual outfits. They’re also effortlessly comfortable, affordable, and with our Novesta voucher codes you can get these practical shoes at an even cheaper price than usual. Novesta are renowned around Europe for their high quality trainers, specialising in natural rubber soles and cotton canvas uppers, this brand are continuing to do what they do best.

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Novesta Sale

If you’re looking for shoes that will fit in with pretty much every casual outfit around, then you’ll definitely be interested in our Novesta voucher codes. These discounts will allow you to get a pair of perfectly versatile shoes for up to 50% off. Novesta shoes come in a range of colours and materials. However they will always include the signature design of a white rubber heel and simple lacing.

You can either go for a more elegant style of Novesta brown suede shoes, or the casual, rubber capped Novesta star master trainers. Whatever you fancy, you’re sure to find it in the Novesta sale, where we’re offering up to 50% off selected pieces. 

Styling Novesta trainers can be kept simple

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A Brief History of Novesta 

Novesta began in the small town of Partizánske where shoemaker Jan Antonin Bata set up a factory in 1930 that produced simple rubber shoes. With a focus on providing unique trainers in a range of styles, the label became such a big craze. Jan Antonin Bata’s factory continued on quite happily until 1992 when the suppliers changed to a brand, and the Novesta we know today was born. Once the brand was formed, turning from suppliers to a shoe company, they still continued to supply rubber alongside their iconic shoes. Novesta have created a brand capable to rival any other within Europe and a platform to sell in an Intercontinental market, making them one of the most popular to date.

We mean, it’s hardly questionable to why this is a favourite? Today, the brand are still the rising stars of the sneaker era. Proud of their rich heritage in design and tradition of making, Novesta have grown to a European sneaker empire. With an endless list of colourways  and four models to choose from (Star Dribble, Marathon, Star Master Corduroy and Star Master), we can say the brand are pretty much a sweet deal.

Novesta Trainers
Novesta trainers are clean and simple but so stylish


While these trainers aren’t as illustrious as some of their rivals, the brand has a cult following throughout Europe and along with an iconic and simplistic design that’s often preferred to others due to their inconspicuousness in a widely saturated market. The flamboyant vibe isn’t really what Novesta look to provide; instead it’s clean and detail attentive products being delivered. The quality of their products refers to more than just materials and design, they also focus on the environmental effects when manufacturing, providing a better standard of ethics.


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