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Levi’s Discount codes and Levi’s voucher coupons below:

Sales have always been popular but we can’t think of anything better than finding Levi’s discount codes. Take your online shopping experience to the next level with our Levi’s sale. With our great selection of discount codes and vouchers to use on the site we’ll provide you with money off prime products from a range of brands. So what are you waiting for? Read on to have full access to our Levi’s discount coupons and nab some cheap Levi’s before they’re gone.

Levi's Voucher CodeLevi’s Voucher Code

Levi's SaleLevi’s Sale

Levi's Student DiscountLevi’s Student Discount

Free Shipping Levi's Coupon CodeFree Shipping Levi’s Coupon Code

Levi's Discount CodeLevi’s Discount Code

Levi's Black Friday SaleLevi’s Black Friday Sale

Levi’s Sale

It’s hard to think of jeans and not think of Levi’s. They’re one of the main providers of quality denim at an affordable price, and their mix of classic and modern designs have kept them the first choice for customers over the years. From simple fitted T-shirts to their trademark jeans, Levi’s has found a way to create clothing that’s flattering to a range of body shapes, while having the right balance of contemporary and traditional designs. Enticed you to pop over to our Levi’s t-shirts sale yet?

You’ve got a whole range of Levi’s jeans to choose from, from the classic Levi’s 501 jeans to the 511 slim fit jeans, and the 510 skinny jeans. On top of their selection of jeans Levi’s has perfected their own shirts, jackets, tops and jumpers, all with the distinct blend of practicality and style that the brand has become known for.

If you’re not seeing anything you like in our men’s Levi’s jean Sale, then why not pop back at the end of November for our Black Friday sale? We’ll have up to 70% off selected products, meaning you could get your hands on a classic Levi’s denim jacket for an unbelievably low price. Who doesn’t want a Levi’s 527 sale or Levi’s 501 sale?

How to Use Levi’s Discount Codes

If you managed to get a good discount on some Levi’s jeans and you want to stay in the know for the next big Levi’s Sale, why not sign up to our newsletter? We’ll make sure you’re aware of all the latest Levi’s discount coupons and you’ll be kept you up to date with our editorial stories. If that’s not enough to sign up, we’ll also give you 10% off Levi’s with your first order from The Idle Man to help sweeten the deal.

Everyone likes a good Levi’s discount voucher, but sometimes they can be a little confusing to get your head around. If you’re not exactly sure how to go about using our Levi’s discount codes read on for a quick explanation. First of all, if you spend over £50 at The Idle Man we’ll give you free shipping on your order, which just makes online shopping that much simpler.

Next is our Refer a Friend scheme. This will help you and a friend get Levi’s discount vouchers and money off your order with minimal effort. All you need to do is share your discount coupon on social media or invite that person via email to send them £5 worth of credit. In return, you’ll get £5 credit sent right back if they spend £30 or more in their first shop.

Lastly, we’ve got our Student Discount. As long as you’ve got a valid NUS or student card you’re entitled to 10% off Levi’s and other brands all year round, as well as 20% off at certain times of the year.


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A Brief History of Levi’s

Levi’s is famous all over the world for its unbeatable quality when it comes to their jeans. Needless to say that they’re known for their innovation in quality and design. Their origin goes back to 1873, when wealthy dry goods businessman Levi Strauss received a letter from a customer revealing a new way to make cheap, durable trousers for the working class. Strauss saw money in the idea and developed it in less than a year, creating the first pair of blue jeans.

levis history

The jeans were as successful as you’d expect, but they remained something mainly for manual laborers. It wasn’t until the 1950s that jeans started to become popular with everyday customers. After that, Levi’s changed their products to bear the name ‘jeans’ rather than ‘overalls’. Since then they’ve remained the royalty of denimwear, and are one of the most successful clothing brands in the world. Now, why not pop over and bag some bargains in with our Levi’s discount vouchers?


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