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Now’s your chance to get your hands on some of the best of the skating subculture brand HUF, and at a nice little discount as well. With our HUF sale, you can get high-quality streetwear clothes to revamp your casual wardrobe. Whether you’re into simple shirts and jeans, or colourful sweatshirts and T-shirts they’ll be something for you. So have a look through our HUF discount codes and find something that’ll add a touch of freshness to your look.

HUF Discount Code
HUF Sale
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HUF Discount Code
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HUF Sale

HUF is brand that’s become synonymous with bold patterns, iconic prints and unconventional finishes. HUF’s weed socks, complete with a surprisingly delicate marijuana leaf print, is a fan favourite and an example of their overly style and ability to mix abstract touches with practical designs. 

With our HUF voucher codes, it’s easy to allow yourself a few treats, whether you decide to go for a comfortable, understated HUF hoodie, a versatile HUF cap, or an unconventional printed HUF shirt. Whatever HUF clothing you choose, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll be getting quality along with an iconic style.

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Styling HUF Menswear

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how to use the idle man discount codesA Brief History of HUF

HUF is a brand that emulates the 90s style. With a focus on the unique and fearless style of counter-cultures, HUF clothing is part of a group of brands that bring streetstyle to the masses. HUF began its journey into popularity in 1992 when founder Keith Hufnagel took his passion for skateboarding to another level. A small boutique that sold brands that represented the unique style of the skating world emerged and soon the success of the shop grew too big for the boutique. This passion for skateboarding allowed Keith to travel the world to learn more and more about the industry he was entering.

The strong sub-culture of the skating world has allowed for HUF to build up its success. Going from strength to strength and evolving in its style over the years, HUF has still managed to to maintain its core belief of skateboarding as a lifestyle rather than as a sport.

HUF black sweatshirt and skateboard
Get your hands on some new HUF pieces


The streetstyle must-have brand tells us a story about the skater lifestyle with clothes that have classic silhouettes and daring colours and designs. The bold prints and unconventional shapes make this brand stand out from a whole host of other top streetstyle manufacturers. So whether you want to get your hands a pair of HUF socks in trippy colours and vivid prints, or instead you’re after a bright hoodie or T-shirt, we’ve got all the styles you need to create a street ready wardrobe. But before you get completely stuck into the HUF brand and culture, why not take advantage of our Huf discount codes and get yourself something from our sale today.


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