Woman Crush Wednesday

Here at The Idle Man we like to bring you the best of the web and we’ve put together a wide selection of the women that grabbed our attention. We sat down with some of the most beautiful, talented and influential women out there to give you the most delightful Wednesdays yet. We’ve scoured the internet to introduce you to the best Woman Crush Wednesday memes, gifs and posts. Featuring interviews with Mads Rafferty, Steph Mi and Liza Owen to name a few, you’ll have access to plenty of cute Woman Crush Wednesday ideas for your reposts.

So, in case you were wondering what WCW means, now you know. If you were late to the party, this is your chance to join this worldwide phenomenon so get sharing your brand new girl crush.

And since it’s almost Woman Wednesday Crush again, make sure you check out the hottest women in the world with The Idle Man’s #wcw