Upgrade Your Bag with the Latest Eastpak Arrivals


With the seasons changing and bags always being an essential part of your wardrobe, freshen up your old pieces with some new Eastpak arrivals in store now. 

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Even if you’re the type to shove your wallet and keys in your trouser pocket and be done with it, there’s always an occasion where a good bag is necessary. More than just a thing to keep your belongings in, the right bag will easily match with your clothes, be a convenient size to carry around, and be sturdy enough to last you for years. Cheap bags come and go, but a proper investment piece is worth the money, and if you pick the right one you can easily work it into smart as well as casual wear, ensuring you don’t have to keep swapping bags for different occasions.

There’s a lot of brands that provide good bags, but Eastpak has a history of making quality, practical and sleek varieties of bags that are made to last. Starting out by creating duffel bags for the U.S Army, and gaining success with their durable materials, you can guarantee the brands quality and staple styles. Eastpak bag’s classic designs keep modern life in mind, with features like additional pockets and laptop sleeves ensuring that you can keep your belongings safe and secure while you’re out and about.

We got a range in store, with everything from classic backpacks to bigger weekend bags. For no nonsense, versatile and well crafted bags, look no further than Eastpak.

Eastpak Backpack

The most useful of all bags, and something that’s always handy to have in the back of your wardrobe, the backpack is great for every kind of occasion, from a commute to work to a weekend getaway. Eastpak likes its backpacks, and because of that you’ve got a lot of choice, from sleek, work appropriate designs, to more bright and patterned pieces.

Macnee Authentic Legacy Backpack Black

If you’re looking for something that you can wear to work, whether you grab the train there, cycle, or cram onto a bus, it’s important to have something that’s going to keep your belonging safe from elbows and closing doors, while looking elegant and office ready. This sleek Legacy backpack comes in a classic black, with subtle beige accents and the classic Eastpak logo.


  • Two front pockets with zip closure.
  • Padded laptop sleeve.
  • Buckle closure
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Its clean, streamline design keeps things practical yet elegant, with its subtle detailing ensuring that you’re not dealing with a simple black bag. With its unconventional, rectangular shape it plays around with the traditional backpack design, creating a statement, yet classic bag.

Padded Pak’r Backpack Blue

Sometimes you just want something practical, no nonsense and easy to match with all your casual wear. An everyday backpack that doesn’t have an endless supply of compartments and zips, but that’s well made, easy to throw on and big enough to hold your basics, while not being so big that you can’t fit it through the doorway. This Padded Pak’r backpack is the go to staple backpack, and its navy mottled design offers something that’s both versatile and timeless.


  • Clean, double zip closure.
  • Padded shoulder straps for added comfort.
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This is a backpack that benefits from its simplicity, with it being an easy piece to add to a variety of looks, and working for casual office days as well as everyday outings. Whether you prefer a minimalist style, or a more colourful look, this bag will work for you, and with its padded straps, you’ll be comfortable while looking good.

Bust Backpack Merge Welded Black

Sometimes you want something a little different, but that’s still going to work with a range of outfits. It’s not impossible to get the best of both worlds, and Eastpak bags can come in sleek, yet vibrant styles that merge traditional designs with modern interpretations. This Welded black backpack features a smooth, streamline design with a faux leather finish that adds an element of shine to the bag.


  • Top cover flap.
  • Padded laptop sleeve.
  • Snap buckle closure.
  • Faux leather finish.
  • Front zip pocket.
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With the padded laptop sleeve and buckle closure you’ve got practical features merged effortlessly with a modern, streamline design. Even the front pocket is subtle and doesn’t detract from the smooth finish of the bag, keeping the overall look of the bag neat and elegant. Perfect for work and statement, minimalist looks, this is a bag for someone who doesn’t want the standard, everyday backpack.

Floid Lifestyle Backpack Grey

Sometimes you need a bag that easily merges a strong, sturdy design with an elegant finish, perfect for work as well as the commute there. With their Floid Lifestyle backpack, Eastpak offers a bag that has a clean, streamline look, but is complete with sturdy buckles, hidden zip compartments, and both shoulders straps and a convenient top handle. An example of practicality and styles effortlessly woven together.


  • Padded laptop sleeve.
  • Side bottle holder.
  • Padded shoulder straps.
  • Front zip pockets.
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Muted, sleek and with unique sectioning, this backpack can easily double up as a hiking bag on top of a work one, with its practical features working in harmony with its all grey, formal finish. Subtle front pockets, secure buckles and comfortable shoulder straps all work together to make a bag that’s modern yet timeless, and efficient yet stylish.

Eastpak Shoulder Bag

Backpacks are great, but sometimes they can be a little too big for an everyday outing, when all you really need is your phone, wallet and keys. Eastpak messenger bags are a great alternative to the backpack, but they can still be a little too big for simple days out. A smaller shoulder bag can be just as convenient but will lack the heavy lugging and general awkwardness that can come with backpacks and messenger bags. There’s a lot of shoulder bags out there, but a good one from Eastpak will have the same practical features of their backpacks, as well as the timeless style, making them a great choice for everyday wear.

Authentic Rusher Bag Grey

If you’re looking for a casual bag to take you through the day, the last thing you want is something too bold that’s going to clash with your everyday look. Getting something in a neutral colour and classic, simplistic shape might not seem the most exciting choice at first, but in the end it’s going to match with pretty much anything you wear. This grey Rusher bag works in clean lines and a simple rectangular shape, keeping it versatile and neat, and ideal for casual and smart looks.


  • Adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Two zip front pockets.
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With an adjustable shoulder strap and two convenient zip pockets at the front, this is a simple design that still has everything you need for the everyday. Its clean grey finish and subtle Eastpak logo keeps things versatile and subtly stylish, providing a design that’s guaranteed to work with pretty much any outfit you pair it with.

Eastpak Luggage Bags

Holidays or work trips can be stressful to prepare for, and packing and getting all your precious belonging from here to there in one piece can be a big part of that. Whether you’re the type who has a separate bag for each of their toiletries, and their own special order to packing, or you prefer to just throw everything in last minute, a good luggage bag is important in keeping your belongings safe and secure.

Transverz S Authentic Original Burgundy

If you’ve ever waited anxiously at an airport baggage collection, nearly picking up someone else’s suitcase only to realise it just looks like your standard black suitcase, then a redesign might be in order. This burgundy Transverz bag features everything you’d possibly need from a suitcase, but also has a neat, sturdy finish in a rich burgundy colour, giving it a colourful edge.


  • Double deck compartments.
  • Wheel system.
  • Lockable zippers.

There’s not too many bells and whistles with this design, with Eastpak providing everything you need to keep your luggage in place, but not adding too many unnecessary additions. The overall look is clean and smooth, ensuring that even if the bags is full to bursting, it’s still compact and easy to maneuver through train doors and airport security.

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On That Note

Eastpak is one of those brands that really does offer the best of versatile, hardwearing bags. Bags go through a lot in their life, from getting stuck in train doors, to being left out on dusty or wet floors, and you need to have something that’s built to last.

With their army beginnings and clean, simple designs, Eastpak bags are effortlessly versatile and can easily be mixed into various looks and occasions. Whatever your style or event there’ll be something that will work for you, and you’ll always be safe in the knowledge that these bags are as hardwearing as they are versatile.


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With the seasons changing and bags always being an essential part of your wardrobe, freshen up your old pieces with some new Eastpak arrivals...
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