The 15 Hottest Drops from Supreme This SS17

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Love it or hate it, theres not doubt that Supreme is one of the most influential skate/streetwear brands of all time. Each season thousands of die hard fans line the streets of Soho, eagerly waiting for there time to step into the store and try and “cop” some of the most desirable streetwear on the market.

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Unfortunately for most of us, this never comes into fruition. Due to the sheer number of cult fans and savvy resellers, the demand for Supreme far outweighs the supply. You can try your luck with the online store for some of the more low-key pieces but ultimately you will be disappointed. Unless you are willing to pay way above the odds to online markets or have no job to go to on a Thursday morning (and the patience to wait in line for up to 8 hours for a regular drop) then the chances of you acquiring any hyped pieces is low, very low.

Fortunately for some, there are many low-key pieces that Supreme release every year that can fly under the radar. Plain flannel shirts and quirky embodied bomber jackets are key examples of this. Pieces not emblazoned with huge logos and instead carrying just the slyest of a red and white box can be some of the most chic choices on offer each week.

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Faux Fur Bomber Jacket

Even though this is a summer collection it is still jam packed with outerwear fit for all weather conditions. One of the first released of the season was the faux fur bomber. Arguably a winter coat, this was one of the standout pieces of the year. In either black or red this coat can do no wrong in my eyes. Its fun, its cool and most importantly it will keep you warm (when the temperature drops a bit).

Faux Fur Bomber Jacket

Cowboy Denim Work Jacket

Much like the bomber is the Cowboy denim jacket in its bold style. Modernised with a zip instead of buttons this is defiantly a feature piece to have in your wardrobe. Although most will shun away from such a bold graphic, if paired with the right neutral colour combination, this jacket will definitely turn heads.


Schott Leather Work Jacket

Teaming up with Schott once again, this leather variation of the work jacket comes in either black or silver. Due to Schotts heritage you know that it’s going to be the finest of quality. A piece that without the huge price tag could actually be worn to ‘work’ in.


Taped Seam Anorak

This English weather means a shower or 2 are always just over the horizon. Don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise. So to have you ready for when the inevitable happens, Supreme have you covered this summer with their Taped Seam Anorak. A lightweight iteration in a selection of 4 colours with minimal Supreme branding on the front pocket.



Faded Plaid Zip Up Flannel Shirt

Every man should have at least one plaid shirt in their wardrobe. The plaid flannel shirt is a piece that Supreme come back to season after season for one reason. It never goes out of fashion. This time round they have opted for a zip front instead of buttons which is quickly becoming more common.


Playboy Bowling Shirt

One of, if not my favourite piece was the Playboy bowling shirt. Bowling shirts are definitely in at the moment with everyone from Paul Smith to Fendi churning out their own versions. Supreme decided to team up with Playboy once again for theirs. A very clean and simple style with the Playboy logo spread across the back, the perfect light summer shirt.


Weave Knit Zip Up Polo

Carrying on the zip up trend is the weave knit polo. Available in 3 colours, one black and the other two in coral like tones. Another iteration of a trending garment, Supreme have definitely hit the nail on the head with this one. Two frame like patterns on the front give the polo a traditional feel and the full zip adds a touch of modernism.


Shadow Stripe Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Horizontal stripes are not for men of all sizes, however if you can pull them off they can become the focal point of an outfit. Keeping with the neutral colour schemes so heavily used this season and opting for a shadow stripe makes the lines less sharp and easier on the eye. Discreet branding makes this a fairly low key piece and definitely one iv had my eye on.



Cargo Pant

Cargo pants are one of the most functional options when it comes to covering your lower half and Supreme have definitely kept it traditional with their colour schemes this time. Black, olive and khaki just like your dad wore as well as two plaid orientations.


Split Logo Water Shorts

Each summer brings the task of finding a pair of pool ready swim trunks and if you want to stand out then Supreme has got you covered. One low-key black option is followed by 3 loud block colour versions. We particularly like the blue colour scheme.



Duffle Bag

Supreme wouldn’t be Supreme without a crazy selection of accessories accompanying each seasons offerings. The bags are always a winner. This seasons colour ways are a mix between two bright and two more subdued options. With the Supreme logo plastered along the top side, split in half by the zip, it is less loud than previous releases. A perfect option for anyone looking for a new gym bag or short trip travel bag.


Coleman CT200u Mini Bike

Arguably one of the most outrageous products Supreme have had the cheek to plaster their logo on is Coleman mini bike. I think its safe to say that no other brand has done this before. At almost £900 this is not an accessory you just pop in your basket at checkout however, of course, it sold out almost instantly. Its hard to see why it wouldn’t though considering it is arguably the funnest accessory on the market.

Palladium Sunglasses

Spring/Summer sees the release of the years sunglasses. My favourite was the Palladium model. A thick, rectangular framed silhouette with wide sides featuring the supreme logo on a silver placard.



Unlike the rest of pieces Supreme release, the collaborations are not showcased before the season starts. Instead fans are left waiting in anticipation of what brands and companies Supreme are going to lend their hand to this time around. Only revealing what this may be a few days before it is set to drop gives a small element of surprise. However, die hards will probably already find out through snooping the huge Supreme fanbase forums online.

Dr Martens Rousden Creeper

Our top picks start with the Dr Martens creeper. Supreme and Docs have teamed up almost every season since their first link up. Its a tried and tested formula. Dr Martens have a huge cult following without the co sign so every time a pair is released with Supremes quirky touches its a definite sell out.


One of the most anticipated releases was the collection with Lacoste. With two brands so well known for their logos (the Lacoste crocodile) you would have expected Supreme to play on this more. However the pieces are fairly low key deciding instead to take classic products such as the tracksuit and Harrington jacket and applying minimal branding.



Supreme was established in 1994, New York by James Jebbia. The first store was opened on Lafayette Street in downtown Manhattan. Designed with skaters in mind, the clothing was arranged around the perimeter of the store. This left enough floor space for skaters to roll in and dump there stuff in the middle without feeling uncomfortable. Originally stocking a selection of skateboarding brands as well as a small collection of Supremes own brand T-Shirts and hoodies.

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Unlike most brand which will release a collection of clothes each season, Supreme drops a small selection of garments each week on Thursday at 11am. This is the key to their success of keeping the brand (fairly) exclusive and always in high demand.

One of the things that has made Supreme so prolific in the fashion industry is that they are the master of the collaboration. Long before the likes of Vetements were churning out collaborations wherever they saw possible Supreme were linking up with likeminded brands and artists to combine cultures in a way that had not been done before. Collaboration drop days are some of the most frantic as they produce some of the rarest and ‘hyped’ products of the week.

Supreme have come along way since their birth and juvenile years of Louis Vuitton lawsuits to ironically now being asked to collaborate with the fashion powerhouse themselves. Earlier in the year Louis Vuitton displayed their Supreme collaboration to millions via social media. This moment marked a change in the fashion industry. High end fashion has now realised that to grasp the younger generations attention they need to be associated with street/skate wear, and who better to do this with than Supreme?

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The Hottest Drops From Supreme SS17

  • Faux Fur Bomber Jacket
  • Cowboy Denim Work Jacket
  • Schott Leather Work Jacket
  • Taped Seam Anorak
Faded Plaid Zip Up Flannel Shirt
  • Playboy Bowling Shirt
Weave Knit Zip Up Polo
  • Shadow Stripe Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Cargo Pant
  • Split Logo Water Shorts
Duffle Bag
Coleman CT200u Mini Bike
  • Palladium Sunglasses
Dr Martens Rousden Creeper
  • Lacoste Harrington Jacket

Supreme crew

On That Note

Supreme really is no longer a simple skate brand but a worldwide fashion powerhouse. And one not to be reckoned with. However, when you think back to the humble days at Lafayette street where the kids could skate into the store, you cant help but feel the original magic has been lost. These days you will struggle to step into a store let alone roll in. As the demand for Supreme grows the skaters are the people that are loosing out. While most kids can afford a £35 Tee, none can afford even the simplest of pieces from the LV ‘collab’. So who are the clothes really being made for? The fashion elite, of the scatty skaters? I think we both know the answer.


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