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It’s safe to say that Supreme is one of the biggest names in the world and its customers are second-to-none when it comes to ensuring the latest collections instantly sell out. While you can guarantee that all products are highly sought after, you can also guarantee that there are some items which cause more hype than others. Here we guide you through the best items to have been released by Supreme since day one in 1994. 

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Supreme now stands as one of the most popular brands in the world and its collections sell out instantly when they are dropped on Thursdays of each two ten week seasons that it operates. Over the years we have seen some stellar pieces from James Jebbia and his team, some of which have been part of collaborations with other brands such as with Timberland, Nike and The North Face.

Each season we see items that stand out more than others and so we have compiled a list of all of our favourites since 1994, from the brand’s famous box logo T-shirt to a Supreme and The North Face collaborative leopard print Nuptse jacket.

Supreme Box Logo T-shirt, 1994

Undoubtedly the brands most famous item, the box logo T-shirt has become synonymous with Supreme. Since its debut in 1994, we have seen many variations of the T-shirt, from bootleg riffs on the Louis Vuitton monogram and Burberry’s Novacheck pattern, to collaborations with the likes of Bape and Damien Hirst. Undoubtedly the greatest box logo T-shirt to date has to be the one that the brand originally put out back in 1994, with its simple and fuss free red and white design now becoming as iconic as the people that have sported them (Kate Moss for example). When the brand first opened its doors in April 1994, the future classic logo the word “Supreme” written in a white Futura Bold Oblique font inside a red rectanglefeatured on a short run of plain crewneck T-shirts. They are now some of the most sought after pieces, but getting your hands on one is near impossible. 

supreme box logo t shirts 1994
Supreme box logo T-shirt

Chinos , 1995

If there is one thing that sells out just as quickly as Supreme’s box logo T-shirts it’s the brand’s range of chinos. Introduced for the first time in 1995, they are loved by Supreme’s die hard fans. They come in a standard slim fit and have been consistently popular amongst Supreme fans since they were first introduced over 20 years ago.

supreme nyc chinos
Supreme chinos
PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest  

Box logo pullover hoodie, 1996

As iconic as the box logo T-shirt, the hooded sweatshirt featured the same design when it was released in 1996 and was greeted with the same amount of hype. The Box Logo T-shirt became a cult item for New York skaters and  the design was replicated on pullover hoodies and crewneck sweatshirts. The clothing put out by a lot of skate brands at the time was fairly poor quality and created with the mild climate of the West Coast in mind rather than the harsh seasons of the East Coast. James noted that the skaters were favouring heavyweight tops from Champion, Carhartt and Ralph Lauren so he worked with Brents Sportswear Inc to produce American-made quality garments

Now one of the most iconic pieces in Supreme’s vaults, the box logo hoodies and sweatshirts are released in alternate years across a variety of colours and have become one of the most hyped garments in the brand’s history.

Supreme Box Logo Hoodie Grey 1-min
Supreme Box Logo Hoodie

Barbara Kruger “I Shop Therefore I Am” T-shirt, 1997

Barbara Kruger is a legendary artist who is known for her large scale photographs which are typically emblazoned with truisms. In 1997 Supreme enlisted her as part of its ongoing artist series and the consequence was a line of T-shirts with truisms typical to Kruger.

BARBRA KRUGER t shirt supreme
Barbara Kruger T-shirt

Supreme Kieth Haring T-shirt, 1998

Probably one of the more iconic artist shirts, Supreme’s 1998 release of the Keith Haring T-shirt paid homage to work of the artist who had died in 1990. Many of Supreme’s fans probably weren’t accustomed to the late artists work, so the brand attracted a whole new demographic. The white boxy stick figures dancing on a black background was a far cry from the typical skate designs at the time, making it stand out more.

It was very early on in Supremes journey for the brand to have worked with such famous artists, but it shows the pull that the guys had from the very beginning. Supreme had started to make a name for themselves at this point and were well known in NYC by 1998.

supreme keith haring t-shirt
Supreme’s Keith Haring T-shirts are iconic

Arabic Script T-shirt, 1999

Back in 1999 Supreme began to experiment and started to use different languages on their T-shirts. They did this because Supreme’s original store on Lafayette Street was based in Soho, a cultural hub of NYC’s diversity. The Arabic script T-shirt was designed to turn heads on the streets of New York, home to more than an estimated 53,000 Arabic speakers.

ARABIC script t shirt supreme
Supreme Arabic script T-shirt


Supreme Gucci Box Logo T-shirt, 2000

Supreme has a history of bootlegging other brand’s designs – until it was met with some hefty lawsuits – but one of its best was its box logo T-shirt which saw it take Gucci’s classic colours.

supreme gucci t shirt
Supreme Gucci T-shirt

Supreme Downlow Sneakers, 2001

In 2001 Supreme produced its own trainers which were not part of a collaboration. The result was a sort of Nike Air Force One lookalike, which you can actually get now for around £100 if you look hard enough.

supreme downlow trainers 2001
Supreme Downlow trainers

Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low Sneakers, 2002

Nike SB and Supreme have worked together for many years, putting out trainers that have inevitably become instant hits. Below is one of the collaborative designs and it is one of the most popular pairs of shoes that the two have released. Nike SB rebooted in 2002 and Supreme teamed up with Nike in the same year. With the initial success of the Vans collaborations taking the skate world by storm, Nike had finally noticed Supreme and approached them to collaborate on a shoe. Although Nike is one of the biggest brands in the world, the early on failure of their SB range saw them set back in the skate community. This is when Supreme came along. It was an extremely popular skate store and they came up with their version of the Nike SB Dunk Low, which is below.

supreme nike dunk low trainers
Supreme x Nike Dunk Low

Exploited + Subhumans Logo Flip T-Shirts, 2003

Supreme and skatings affiliation with punk music has always been rooted deep within their respective worlds. The rebellious nature of both punk and skateboarding seems to go hand in hand and so it seemed only right then that Supreme should flip a classic punk bands logo and make it their own.

Using the logos of the classic punk bands The Exploited and Subhumans Supreme created a T-shirt paying respect to the world of skateboarding and punk. It was a graphic T-shirt that many of the brands core fans were extremely excited about.  

supreme exploited subhumans t shirt
Supreme x Exploited + Subhumans T-shirt

Supreme 10th Anniversary Kate Moss t-shirt, 2004

To celebrate 10 years of the brand, which at this point was fast approaching icon status, Supreme and James Jebbia enlisted another icon (perhaps without her consent, we aren’t sure) to feature on one of its T-shirts. The T-shirt featured Kate Moss in her underwear with the classic Supreme box logo covering her modesty.

supreme kate moss 10th anniversary t shirt
Supreme Kate Moss 10th Anniversary T-shirt

Supreme x Rammellzee backpack, 2005

Rammellzee was the one of the first artist collaborations that Supreme had ever done. Rammellzee was a staple of the New York underground and a cultural icon that really didn’t get the right amount of recognition that he actually deserved. In 1994 he worked with Supreme and his work stills stands in the Lafayette Street store in New York. The limited edition backpack the artist created for Supreme in 2005 is evidence of his unique style and epic skills. He used graffiti techniques to create one-of-a-kind bags which have become some of the rarest and hard-to-get items.

supreme rammellzee collaboration
Supreme x Rammellzee

Supreme x Nike SB Blazer trainers, 2005

Nike’s Blazer has always had it’s place in skateboarding history, even though it wasn’t actually originally intended as a skate shoe. Supreme chose the Blazer as it’s model of choice for a collaboration in 2006, continuing the work it had already been doing with Nike, and the result was favoured by sneakerheads, skaters and fashion conscious people around the globe. The trainer that was eventually released had a sense of luxury about it and caused quite the stir, featuring quilted leather uppers, gold lace tips and a Supreme branded ankle ring. It sold out quickly and has been a hit ever since, with pairs still popping up on the resell market from time to time, but at a high price.

supreme x nike blazer
PHOTO CREDIT: Supreme x Nike SB Blazer

Supreme Mike Tyson T-shirt, 2007

Back in 2007 Supreme decided to get the big guns (literally) on board. As a brand with a reputation of being pretty badass, James Jebbia wanted to get someone who was equally on this level. Who do you call when this is what you want? Mike Tyson of course. No one has been quite as prolific as him in boxing and so he was an appropriate choice. The T-shirt literally featured Mike Tyson wearing a Supreme box logo T-shirt.

supreme mike tyson t shirt
Supreme Mike Tyson T-shirt

Supreme x Everlast boxing gloves, 2008

Supreme has never been one to shy away from creating some unique pieces with brands you might not expect and probably never thought you’d ever see. After the huge success of the Mike Tyson T-shirt, Supreme decided to continue to ride the boxing wave and in 2008 the New York-based brand teamed up with Everlast. The result was an exclusive piece of Supreme merchandise, which while you may not actually use to box in, are definitely a collectors (or a hypebeast’s) dream. 

supreme everlast boxing gloves
Supreme x Everlast boxing gloves

Supreme x Disney hoodie, 2009

Again, this was one of those collaborations that you probably did not think you’d ever see. Alas, true to form, Supreme shocked again when they released a line of T-shirts and hoodies in 2009 with the mega brand. It came after a collaboration with Kermit the Frog became a huge hit, taking the world by storm. This time Supreme were back and this was set to be even bigger, given the widespread love for Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse and the Disney brand really needs no introduction, so the fact that Supreme managed to get Disney on board to work with them is a huge achievement, if not one of Supreme’s biggest. 

supreme disney hoodie
Supreme x Disney hooded sweatshirt
PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest 

Supreme x Vans Era bleached denim trainers, 2010

Supreme has a long history with Vans and it is a collaborative project that seems to be going from strength to strength. Carrying on with the tradition of the Vans collaborations, Supreme announced in the Spring of 2010 that they would be creating a bleached denim range, which as odd as it sounds, actually worked really well. Each pair of trainers was individually bleached and came with a classic tartan insole.  These were an instant hit, as you can probably imagine, as both Supreme and Vans are some of the biggest brands in the world. Today you can probably still try and get you hands on some of the trainers, but it’s highly unlikely that they will be easy to find. 

supreme vans new era trainers
Supreme x Vans Era trainers

Supreme x The North Face Leopard Print Nuptse Jacket, 2011

Like with Vans, Supreme has a long history with The North Face. After the huge success of previous Supreme x The North Face collaborations, it was about time that the Nuptse got the Supreme treatment, and boy was it impressive. The Leopard print versions of The North Face‘s classic jacket came in grey, green and yellow. Undoubtedly one of the most popular jackets Supreme has ever made, there is no hope trying to get your hands on one of these jackets and even if you do find one, chances are you will have to pay a sky high price for it be yours. 

supreme the north face leopard print nuptse
Supreme x The North Face leopard print nuptse

Supreme x Comme Des Garçons SHIRT Box Logo Hoodie, 2012

This is undoubtedly one of the most hyped pieces of clothing to have been created in the 2000s, and will most likely stand as one of Supreme’s greatest collaborations. Japanese streetwear powerhouse Comme des Garçons and Supreme came together for the first time in 2012. The classic box logo was given a touch of Comme des Garçons SHIRT goodness, simply reversed and given the polka dot treatment, but it completely transformed the whole look of the hoodie.

supreme comme des garcons shirt box logo hoodie
Supreme x Comme Des Garcons shirt box logo hoodie

Supreme Stash Bible, 2013

Supreme actually does have a strong relationship with religion, which might not be that obvious to some. Quite often the brand uses crosses and religious images in its work. The stash bible however is probably one of its most obvious, and sold out almost instantly when it released in 2013. Essentially being a hollow book to store cash, condoms or anything else you might want to hide, this stands as one of the most hyped Supreme pieces to date, and was definitely the best thing that the brand put out that year. If you want to store this on your bookshelf it will certainly set you back, as the hype caused it to be one of the more expensive items to try and get your hands on. 


supreme stash bible
Supreme stash Bible

Supreme 20th Anniversary Box Logo T-shirt, 2014

2014 marked Supreme’s 20th year in the streetwear and skate industry and it was finally becoming globally recognised on a fashion industry level. Now regarded one of the biggest brands in the world Supreme announced their 20th anniversary collection which featured classic pieces like the Travis Bickle T-shirt and a dedicated box logo deck. While these were great the reissue of the classic box logo saw fans rejoice, and with good reason. It was exactly as it had been when first created, but this time with an emblem on the back marking that it was a 20th anniversary piece. 



supreme box logo 20th anniversary
Supreme 20th anniversary box logo T-shirt

Supreme x Air Jordan V Trainers, 2015

When Michael Jordan was pictured in a T-shirt that had Supreme emblazoned across the Jumpman logo, Supreme fans really started to pay attention. The fact he was wearing a Supreme T-shirt caught the attention of every sneakerhead, Supreme fan and streetwear aficionado around the globe and people were expecting a collaboration to soon follow. The shoes came in three colours: white, black and the camo colourway, as well as being released with a Jordan Flight Suit, T-shirt, hoodie and hat.

supreme air jordan trainers
Supreme x Air jordan V trainers

Supreme x Alessandro Mendini skate deck, 2016

This is undoubtedly one of the more eye-catching skate decks to have been made. Alessandro Mendini is an Italian designer and architect who made a pair of decks with the brand. The unique design and the limited run that these had made them hard-to-get products, but nonetheless the hype was huge.

Supreme / Alessandro Mendini Skateboard Decks
Supreme x Alessandro Mendini skate deck

Supreme ‘Nasty Nas’ T-shirt, 2017

Supreme is a Nineties brand through and through and Nas is one of the biggest names and rappers of the Nineties. It was about time the two hooked up. This photo T-shirt is one of Supreme’s best, purely because of its simplicity in its message. A video of Nas sitting down and talking about “the culture” appeared on Supreme’s Instagram and grabbed the Supreme community’s attention. This is undoubtedly one of the best and most sought after streetwear releases of 2017.


supreme nasty nas t shirt 2017
Supreme Nasty Nas T-shirt

On That Note

Supreme has had some big hits over the years and they seem to be getting bigger and bigger. While you may not agree with some of our choices here, you can’t deny that some of these items are probably a few of the best ever put out by any brand. As Supreme grows in fan base and popularity, we look forward to see what the brand does next.


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