The 15 Greatest Supreme Stickers of All Time

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No doubt, you’ve all heard of the legendary streetwear brand Supreme. The brand releases stickers every week, and you may be surprised to find out that some of these from the past are worth near to £100. These aren’t just stickers, they’re highly valued and coveted collectibles. 

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Now, you may find it crazy that certain individuals will pay so much for a sticker – I know I certainly do. However you have to appreciate that these stickers are pieces of history, highly collectible and worth a lot to the right buyer. To some, Supreme is more than just a cool streetwear brand. Some people thrive off of Supreme and buy their latest releases, week on week without fail. The brand dates back to 1994, and has a vast back catalogue of releases.

Alongside everything they release, since the day they started, Supreme release multiple stickers. At first these stickers were simply gifted to customers upon the discretion of staff and weren’t available to purchase, however they can now be purchased in-store only for a small price. The beauty of these stickers is the same as anything that Supreme release – they’re released once, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Never to be released again, they join the expansive archive of the brand. There’s been thousands released over the years, however we’ve rounded up the best Supreme stickers of the bunch, so if you fancy trying your hand at collecting Supreme stickers, you know where to start.

1. Sean Cliver x Supreme Box Logo Stickers

supreme x sean cliver sticlers
Sean Cliver’s outlandish stickers are a favourite of Supreme fans

Sean Cliver is one of the most renowned artists involved in the skate scene. He’s been associated with Supreme since the early days, however he’s most recognised for his skate deck artwork for companies such as Blind and World Industries. Eventually, in 2008, Supreme teamed up with the legendary artist to create a set of box logo stickers. The result was controversial, yet excellent. These box logo stickers are now deemed some of the most valuable and desirable stickers that Supreme have ever released, and it’s not uncommon for collectors to pay way above £100 for the set.

2. Supreme Purple Box Logo Sticker

supreme purple box logo sticker
A real unicorn amongst sticker collectors

I’m almost certain you’ll have seen the rare Supreme purple box logo T-shirt somewhere along the line, but did you know that the brand also released matching stickers? However the stickers released in 2012 alongside the 3-6 mafia photo T-shirt. There’s just something about the deep purple colourway that really gets a lot of fans excited here. It’s also rare for Supreme to release a block colour box logo sticker outside of the traditional white on red colourway. Although these stickers still demand high prices, they’re not actually to hard to track down, seeing as they only released five years ago.

3. Supreme “Gucci” Box Logo Sticker

supreme gucci box logo sticker
Launching alongside the iconic box logo T-shirt, these are certainly valuable

Dating all the way back to 2001, this is one of the older stickers we’re including in our list. It released alongside the “Gucci” box logo T-shirts. These are by no means an official collaboration with the high-end brand, they’re simply a novelty rip-off. Way back then, Supreme thrived off of mocking such brands, and if you’d told anyone who was into Supreme back then that the brand would end up officially collaborating with Louis Vuitton, they probably would have laughed in your face. Two colourways of the Gucci box logo sticker released, the classic green/red, and a yellow/red counterpart. If you’re looking to pick one of these stickers up in the current market, you’re looking at a figure well over £100 – unless you strike lucky with a good deal.

4. Supreme “Jackson Pollock” Box Logo Sticker

supreme jackson pollock box logo sticker
Using the famous American artist’s designs for on a box logo makes this one to remember
PHOTO CREDIT: Highsnobiety

There seems to be a recurring pattern of box logo stickers releasing to accompany their T-shirt counterparts, are you getting the idea yet? Well, that’s exactly what happened when Supreme utilised artwork from the late and great NYC based artist Jackson Pollock. His artwork was abstract and expressionist, and kudos to whoever thought of creating a Supreme box logo using it, because it works better than anyone could ever imagine. The T-shirts and the stickers launched together in 1999, and are both pretty mythical to track down in this day and age, so if you fancy trying your chances – we wish you the best of luck.

5. Supreme “Last Supper” Box Logo Sticker

supreme last supper box logo sticker
Jesus on a box logo, what more could you want?

The Last Supper is one of the most famous works of art from the legendary Leonardo Da Vinci. It’s 15th century mural and is one of the world’s most iconic paintings. Supreme have used the artwork several times throughout their lifespan, most notably on this sticker, and on the back of a hoodie released in 2012. The sticker displays the whole of the painting, with Supreme’s logo embossed over the print, barely noticeable. Here at The Idle Man, this is one of our personal favourite Supreme stickers, everything about it is just visually pleasing.

6. Supreme “Arabic” Box Logo Sticker

arabic box logo sticker
The Arabic box logo is one of the most faked around so make sure you check their authenticity

The “Arabic logo” is another classic Supreme logo, and has been utilised by the brand several times. We’ve seen it as a box logo T-shirt, adorned onto hoodies, and printed on caps. However, many are unaware that the Arabic logo has also been made into a box logo sticker. Not just in red either, it also launched in green, and black. These stickers date back to 2012, just after the London store originally opened. Although they aren’t an extremely old release, they’re still harder than you’d anticipate to track down. It’s also worth noting that these are faked often, so make sure you confirm that the sticker you’re about to purchase is legit. This can be done via several reference websites, or by asking someone knowledgeable via Instagram or certain Facebook groups.

7. Supreme “Le Bain” Box Logo Sticker

supreme le bain box logo sticker
Supreme’s nod to Rennaisance art came through Le Bain in 2014
PHOTO CREDIT: Superbored

Once again, Supreme decided to use legendary historical artworks as crucial parts of their designs. This time around, French artist Manet’s “The Luncheon On the Grass” is the centre of attention. The box logo sticker released alongside one of Supreme’s classic all-over print hoodies in 2014. The hoodie featured the same artwork printed across the hoodie’s entirety, and a Supreme “classic logo” on the rear. If you’re just starting out collecting Supreme box logo stickers, the Le Bain sticker may be a good start – it only released three years ago and doesn’t demand mega money, whilst it still looks timeless.

8. Supreme “Lichenstein” Box Logo Sticker

supreme lichenstein sticker
It seems that pop art truly reigns supreme with his Lichtenstein sticker

Roy Lichenstein is one of the world’s most renowned pop artists, and in 2006 the artist teamed up with Supreme for a limited edition capsule collection. The box logo sticker from the collection is one of the brightest and boldest stickers Supreme have ever released. It features the artist’s famed “Sunrise print”, with Supreme’s logo embossed over the top, barely noticeable. If you want to try and get your hands on one of these, first of all – good luck with the search. Secondly, the last one of these we saw sell went for just under £90, so you better have your wallet ready if you want to grab one of these ultra-rare Supreme stickers.

9. Supreme “Fuck Bush” Box Logo Sticker

supreme fuck bush sticker
One of the more self explanatory stickers the brand has made

Supreme certainly isn’t a brand to shy away from their political opinion, and they couldn’t have made a more brazenly obvious statement than the one they made in 2005. Back then, the USA’s war on Iraq was in full swing, championed by none other than George W. Bush. Many Americans didn’t support Bush or the war, and Supreme certainly made their views clear with this “Fuck Bush” sticker. The brand released thousands of these stickers, and they ended up plastered all over NYC. “Fuck Bush” was everywhere, subway platforms, bus stops, taxi’s – the lot. It was a brave move on Supreme’s part, and definitely the most political statement they’ve ever made.

10. Supreme “Kermit the Frog” Box Logo Stickers

supreme kermit stickers
Because why wouldn’t you want Kermit on a box logo?

Kermit the Frog is a pretty iconic character, and when Supreme put the green frog in a box logo tee in 2008, they created one of the most iconic images in the brand’s history. Supreme photo T-shirts usually feature legendary rappers, artists or musicians, so Kermit wasn’t the most obvious choice. However, it was a huge success, and alongside the photo T-shirts released three box logo stickers, in blue, yellow, and red. These are some of the rarest box logo stickers that ever released, finding one, let alone a set won’t be easy, and even then you better have deep pockets to afford them – these certainly aren’t stickers for beginners.

11. Supreme “E.T.” Box Logo Sticker

supreme et sticker
A truly extra terrestrial design

Continuing to surprise fans with their collaborations, as part of their Fall/Winter 2015 collection, Supreme launched a whole line of apparel in collaboration with Steven Spielberg and his 1982 classic “E.T.”. Of course, accompanying the T-shirts, hoodies and long-sleeves was a classic box logo sticker. The sticker depicted E.T. himself, from an iconic scene in the movie, and Supreme’s logo was embossed over the top of the artwork, barely visible. These aren’t too hard to track down from various marketplaces, and shouldn’t cost you anything above £10, so if you’re looking for an interesting box logo sticker that won’t cost a fortune, maybe consider one of these.

12. Supreme “Power, Corruption, Lies” Box Logo Sticker

supreme pcl sticker
One of our favourite Supreme stickers

The artwork for New Order’s classic album “Power, Corruption, Lies” (by Peter Saville) was used by Supreme in their 2013 season on a multitude of items. We saw an all-over print hoodie, a skate deck, and even a whole Vans collaboration that utilised the print. Of course, the collection wouldn’t be complete without it’s very own box logo sticker. The “PCL” print is no doubt one of the most iconic prints used by Supreme in the past five years, and everything from the collection demands high prices on the resell market. Therefore this box logo sticker isn’t cheap either, however they do pop up fairly often, so if you see one at a good price, make the investment while you can.

13. Supreme Damien Hirst Box Logo Stickers

supreme damien hirst stickers
Damien Hirst’s abstract design certainly makes this sticker eye catching

If you have any existing knowledge concerning Supreme, I’m sure you’ve already heard of the decks created in collaboration with Damien Hirst, as they’re famed for demanding huge amounts of money when sold. You may not know however, that Damien Hirst also featured on his very own box logo sticker. Three separate colourways launched, all featuring an explosive tie-dye style print. These stickers are some of the rarest that Supreme have ever released, and you’ll certainly struggle trying to find one of them let alone a complete set.

14. Comme des Garçons x Supreme Box Logo Stickers

supreme cdg1 stickers
Two streetwear giants collaborate to create some of the most iconic stickers of all time
PHOTO CREDIT: Sturdy Clique

Supreme have teamed up with Comme des Garçons several times throughout their history, however the pair’s first team effort in 2012 is still by far the most iconic and most lusted after collaboration. It featured the iconic “polka dot” print that was also featured on a box logo hoodie. Three colourways of this sticker released – blue, black, and red. The whole collaboration also showcased the classic box logo, but reversed. It confused a lot of fans initially, but then went on to become a mainstay when it comes to Supreme x CDG collaborations.

15. Supreme Classic Box Logo Sticker

supreme box logo sticker
The original and still the best
PHOTO CREDIT: Magnolia Park

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of the classic red box logo sticker. It’s the original, the best, and the most iconic. When Supreme first opened it’s doors in the Soho district of NYC, the brand barely had a budget when it came to marketing strategies – instead, they printed thousands of these instantly recognisable stickers, and let them do the advertising. They could be found all over NYC, and of course on the deck’s of every skater from the area. Supreme staff famously covered black and white Calvin Klein billboards featuring Kate Moss with the contrasting red box logos, inspiring a later photo tee featuring the supermodel herself. Red box logo stickers are included in most online orders, and handed out for free with in-store purchases.

On That Note

There you have it, these are the greatest Supreme stickers of all time in our opinion. I’m sure many of you will still find it absurd how much certain people spend on sticky pieces of paper, but whatever floats your boat, right? Supreme as a whole is something that collectors adore just as much as streetwear fans do, due to its exclusivity and limited releases. If you’re interested in starting to collect Supreme stickers, hopefully, this list has given you the information that you need in regards of where to start and where to buy Supreme stickers.


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No doubt, you’ve all heard of the legendary streetwear brand Supreme. The brand releases stickers every week, and you may be surprised to find...
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