The History Of Basement Approved

basement approved facebook group
PHOTO CREDIT: The Basement

From just a few thousand members to being one of the biggest communities on the internet, The Basement has become the go-to place for streetwear fans hunting down the latest drops and showing off rare finds. So how has it become the home of the hardcore streetwear fan? We take a look at how The Basement came to be. 

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It goes without saying that these days the online sphere is home to an abundance of communities. Whether your a gamer geek, a serious fashionista, or just need to find out how to clean your trainers, there will be a group of people out there talking about it – and the world of streetwear is no exception.

Reseller sites aren’t uncommon these days, and while on the surface The Basement might just seem like another trading Facebook group, it’s actually become a lot more than that. Self-described as a “group focused on general discussion with a well groomed audience to buy, sell and trade all street wear labels”, their 65,000 members cover everything from ‘legit checks’ on their newest cops to seeking advice on relationship troubles – it’s all there. So how did it start and grow so impressively quick?

supreme jackets mens street style
Boys wearing Supreme to a Supreme collection drop

Basement Approved was founded by Liverpudlian Peter Mitchell, and is still categorised under Facebook’s Buy and Sell category, but it’s much more of a discussion forum, of course with the expected sprinkling of bids on coveted Supreme tees and rare collabs from the likes of Huf and The North Face. And it’s no surprise that the aforementioned streetwear giant is such a hot topic in the group, as Basement Approved first started as an offshoot of the Facebook group Supreme Talk UK/EU.

But where other streetwear reseller sites leave users largely anonymous, the social media element of the platform has allowed The Basement to grow into a proper community as well as being the one-stop destination for all things streetwear. Despite their huge numbers of members, people in the group have actually formed real friendships through their shared interests, and Basement Approved even recently hit the news after they went on a moral crusaded to return a hat to one of their members ‘stolen’ by Instagram fashion icon Ian Connor.

the basement founders mens street style
PHOTO CREDIT: The Snobette

The Basement group has branched out onto their own website, where they have a focus on more serious street style editorial coverage, but the heart of the so-called Basement Fam still remains on Facebook. Founder Peter Mitchell explains that the reach of the platform means he bumps into fellow members in the most unlikely of places, such as “riding down the street on a Boris bike and someone pulls up in a Porsche and shouts ‘Basement Fam’ because of the tee I was wearing at the time.”

the basement pop up store mens style
PHOTO CREDIT: Daily Street

Since then, Basement Approved’s clothing line has taken off big time, and includes the aforementioned t-shirt, as well as a Fight Club style soap – all of which can be found on their website. But The Basement have also branched away from the online sphere and become physical, holding regular pop-up store events in London. Here up-and-coming brands and artists can showcase their work, as well as a chance for members to meet up with their virtual cliques.

men wearing supreme x northface jackets street style
Men wearing Supreme x The North Face jackets in London

On That Note

Far from being just another Facebook sellers page, The Basement has fast become the online home of streetwear, with its 65,000 plus members fiercely passionate about all things style. But rather than it being all about the garms, the community aspect of the group is what sets it apart. Whether it’s educating others on the latest covetable brands or forking out for another members taxi home, The Basement’s Facebook group is definitely the place to be.


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