How to Winterise Your Summer Wardrobe

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Having a transitional wardrobe is key to a good one. Taking summer pieces and thrusting them into winter isn’t as difficult as you’d think.

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The idea of spending tonnes of money on new clothes just because the weather has decided to get a bit colder seems kind of stupid, especially if you’re happy with the stuff you have already. Luckily it’s not that hard to take what you have and make them work for the colder months. It’s just not possible with shorts. There has to be some casualties along the way.


Layering is a key element to having a winter wardrobe, by taking your summer clothes and simply adding more on really works for this season. Taking simple key pieces and either adding a jumper or a coat over the top and throwing on a pair of chunkier shoes to tackle the icy pavements.

If you’re going for a casual look, then wearing a plain t-shirt under your jumper will add a touch of detail. If you’re really feeling the cold this season, then layer over an overcoat in black to tie your look together and work with your undershirt. Wear a pair of casual black jeans and a pair brogue boots to smarten the look up and you’ll have transitional look ready for the biting winds.

How to winterise your wardrobe outfit collage.
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So those light weight chinos you got aren’t looking autumn appropriate, but it’s easy to make them fit in with grey chilly days with a simple change of shoes. Sandals and moccasins are out unless you want your feet to freeze, but brogues and lace up boots, such as these Timberland’s can transform the summery look of chinos, especially if you pick a darker material to bring down the lightness of the overall outfit.

How to winterise your wardrobe outfit collage.
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Like summer shirts, the advice for wearing lightweight jackets in the autumn and winter is the same. Layer up. Although it’s great to change from your summer coats to a winter one, sometimes a day will be unexpectently warm or you’ll just fancy a change of outfit.

Because your jacket will probably look summery (light coloured and thin), try pairing it with jumpers and shirts that look more wintery – chunky jumpers, darker colours, to add an interesting contrast as well as keeping you warm. Straight leg jeans are a good option to pair it with as they go with most winter footwear and are neutral enough that they’ll match with a summer denim jacket such as this Only & Sons number.

How to winterise your wardrobe outfit collage.
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As long as you get the contrast right a lightweight coat isn’t going to look out of place, and with the right layers you won’t be freezing on your morning commute.


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